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A ground plott of Westminster Hall, shewing the position and dimensions of the severall tables, seats, cupboards, galleries &c on the day of their Majesties coronation. 23 Apr. 1685.
Window ornament from Tunis.
Church of the Holy Sepulchre : a. window in the south face of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre; b. entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Casa del Emperador Iturbide, hoy hotel de las diligencias generales = Maison de l'Empereur Iturbide, aujourd'hui hôtel des diligences générales = Emperor Iturbide's house, now general stages hotel.
Ferry, the Laura, at Ellis Island pier; part of the Immigration Station is visible at right.
"An Operatic Season Window" and "Boating Window", p. 3
Red and gilt lacquer double chest of drawers. Property of Viscountess Wolseley.
Plate 1000 1/2-A bathroom, Regent
Superstructures. Wallkill Gaging chamber, located south of Wallkill pressure tunnel, in Ulster county, N. Y.  Contract 117. July 6, 1916.
Rondout pressure tunnel.  Concrete chamber walls at top of Drainage shaft. ... Contract 12. December 21, 1911.
40th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenue, looking southwest from 42nd Street, Manhattan.
Exterior of Abyssinian Baptist Church, in Harlem, New York City, May 1936.
Appartements de Madame du Barry; 1. Lambris de la galerie; 2. Porte de la salle a manger; 3. Dessus de porte du cabinet des bains.
Carved satinwood barback settee, late eighteenth century. Property of R. W. Hudson, Esq., Park Lane. Painted and gilt table, ca. 1800. In the National Collection.
Monument et convoi funèbres de l'impératrice Léopoldine à Rio de Janeiro.
Cabinet in oak with brass panels designed by Pugin and executed by Crace of London.
Machine made lace by Heyman & Alexander and by Birken of Nottingham.
Kinkakuji Garden, at Kioto
Ten-noji Temple at Osaka
F.l. portrait of woman with back to viewer, at window
Peking.  Hall of classics.  Confucius-Temple.
Dr. Rand and pups, at Higgins, Texas. Saloon in distance with cowboy and pony; Angoras, Schermayer and goats "at home"; Mexican hut at R.R. station on Tampico branch, Mexican Central; From car window, New Mexico. The International R.R.
Austro-Hungarian peasant furniture. A living room of today furnished with traditional patterns of (at least) eighteenth-century antiquity.
Late eighteenth-century decorative furniture. In the drawing-room of R. W. Hudson, Esq., Park Lane, W. Satinwood and mahogany inlaid pianoforte, with Wedgwood plaques, ormolu mounts, panel and stars, presented by Manuel Godoy to the Queen of Spain in 1796. Painted satinwood chairs and shaped cabinet.
Inlaid mahogany cylinder-fall china and book case. Formerly in the Parnham collection, ca. 1790. "D"-shaped satinwood drawing and writing table. Property of Dr. Burghard. Work table, by Sheraton. Banner screens, late eighteenth century. Property of W. H. Spottiswoode, Esq.
Psyché and bed of Napoleon the First. French: style of the first empire, Chateau de Compiègne, France.
Washington Square North, nos. 121-125, Manhattan.
Old brown stonehouses now occupied by Negroes in Chicago, Illinois, April 1941.
Street scene in Chinese City.
Negro slum area between D and C Streets off 1st Street, SW, Washington, D.C.; Most houses have five small rooms renting for $20.50 a month, with rear wood kitchen shed, cold water, outdoor privy.
The Montebello. No. 548 Riverside Drive.
Then the blue star in the window was replaced by one of gold
Harlem Street: II. 422-424 Lenox Avenue, Manhattan.
Vista from West Street, 115-119 West Street, Manhattan.
Res. of Caesar Rodney, Poplar Grove, near Dover, Delaware.
Whole view of Yokohama no. 1.
Wife of tractor driver on the Aldridge Plantation. [Near Leland,] Mississippi.
Felix Bracquemond - [Papillons et poissons.]
Luigi Mayer - Bridge over The Brook Kedron
Mrs. Gardner Cassatt and her baby seated near a window.
K St Sacramento. Sterescope Cards NYPL Collection.
Residence of M. Stampfler, Prospect St., Binghamton, N.Y.; Exchange Hotel, Binghamton, N.Y.; Binghamton Republican.; C.W. Sears, Dealer in Books, Stationery, Wall Paper, Window Shades, Fancy Goods & c., Binghamton, N.Y.
Benjamin Franklin's residence in London, in 1760.
Res. of The Late Dean Richmond, Batavia, N.Y. ; Richmond Mausoleum.
Every night there's a light. Or, The light in the window pane
Bridge in the Shoemakers' Bazaar, Damascus.  A camel and a little group of people can be seen through the grated window, passing over the bridge. In the foreground there is a pleasantly situated café.
Street Views No. 2 Wall Street
View from the north-eastern galleries. Showing the lofty chamber of the south corner, A monk at a lower window is striking a piece of suspended iron with a hammer, to call the fraternity to prayers in one of the numerous chapels.
The De Peyster mansion in Queen Street.
Jupiter Inlet light station. Florida Sterescope Cards Collection, NYPL.
Carpenter's Hall, the place of the first Congress
The Five Points in 1859, view taken from the corner of Worth and Little Water St.
Front of Drury Lane Theatre.
[Chicago buildings.] Chicago Stereoscope Card Collection
Chamber of Commerce. Chicago Stereoscope Card Collection
Teatro de Drury Lane.
Washington's headquarters. April, 1776. 180 Pearl St., opposite Center. 1852. The arched window to the right indicates the center of the original building.
[Parlor in Upton, looking toward shuttered bay window, chairs, table, and statuette visible.]
[View of an unidentified street from an upper window.]
[View of unidentified street from an upper window.]
Harvard square. Cambridge Massachusetts. Stereoscope Card.
Daniel Webster place. Marshfield MA. 19th century stereoscopic card.
View in Main St., wreck of engine house.
View at Skinnersville. Sawmill River MA. Stereoscopic card.
Court House. 19th Century Sterescope card. Plymouth, MA.
[Interior view of a parlor with a woman sitting near a window.]
Military uniforms: Great Britain, modern (2)
Brick tenements, typical of Market section on Court Street. Cincinnati, Ohio.
Negro shack. New Jersey.
Negro home. New Jersey.
Old house inhabited by family to be resettled on Cumberland Farms [i.e. Skyline Farms?], Ala. 1935.
Chateau Frontenac Quebec
Glass Works, So. Lyndeborough, Hillsborough, N.H.
Miner's home. Pennsylvania
Church turned into a movie house, Woodville, Mississippi
Negro child in front of badly rundown house, Natchez, Mississippi
New Orleans, Louisiana
Drugstore window, Newark, Ohio
Project family in new wagon, Flint River Farms, Georgia
Ruins of 3rd Presbyterian Church, Trenton, N.J. Burned July 4th, 1879.
St. Michael's Hospital. Newark NJ. Stereoscope card.
Santa Fe, New Mexico. 19th century stereoscopic views of New Mexico.
Schuyler Mansion, Schuylerville, N.Y. New York Sterecope Card.
The gulf, or view from under the stone arch, Glens Falls, N.Y.
Presbyterian Church. New York Sterecope Card.
Cooper Union [or Institute]. New York Sterecope Card.
Academy of Music, N.Y. City. New York Sterecope Card.
Ice Chamber, through window, Portage Aqueduct.
North Park Row, Erie, Pa. New York Sterecope Card.
Dexter Asylum. Rhode Island. 19th century stereoscope card.
North from St. Michael's. Stereoscope card of Charleston SC.
Window. Mission San Jose de Aguayo.
Washington Square North, nos. 121-125, Manhattan.
Negro houses. South end of town. Vicksburg, Mississippi
Then the blue star in the window was replaced by one of gold
Negro church. South Carolina
Vicksburg Negroes and shop front. Mississippi
Provincetown Playhouse, 133 MacDougal Street, Manhattan.
Main street architecture. Selma, Alabama
Pico House Los Angeles. Sterescope Cards NYPL Collection.

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