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A new and correct map of North America with the West India Islands : divided according to the last treaty of peace, concluded at Paris, 10th Feby. 1763 ; wherein are particularly distinguished, the several provinces and colonies, which compose the British Empire
Pennsylvania - Paoli, Chester Co
Carte du theatre de la guerre entre les Anglais et les Américains ; dressée d'aprés les cartes anglaises les plus modernes
A New and accurate map of the present seat of war in North America : comprehending New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pensylvania, New-York, &c.
A map of Philadelphia and parts adjacent
A plan of the city and environs of Philadelphia
A map of the provinces of New-York and New Jersey : with a part of Pennsylvania and the Province of Quebec
An exact map of New Jersey, Pensylvania, New York, Maryland & Virginia, from the latest surveys
Carte du theatre de la guerre presente en Amerique
Carte du theatre de la guerre presente en Amerique
A new and accurate map of the province of Virginia in North America.
A New and accurate map of the province of Pennsylvania in North America, from the best authorities.
A map of the country in which the army under Lt. General Burgoyne acted in the campaign of 1777 : shewing the marches of the army & the places of the principal actions
A map and chart of those parts of the Bay of Chesapeak, York and James rivers which are at present the seat of war
A map of the seat of war in the southern part of Virginia, North Carolina, and the northern part of South Carolina
Plan du siege N'York et de Gloucester par les Armées Alliées, en Septembre et Octobre 1781
Revolutionary War [Request for compensation to be paid to Nathaniel Seely for his slave, Amos Seely, who was killed in the Revolutionary War, 1783. Top reads "pay-table office, July 30th, 1783..."]
Carte generale des colonies angloises dans l'Amerique Septentrionale pour l'intelligence de la guerre presente
Carte des Etats-Unis de l'Amerique suivant le Traité de Paix de 1783
A plan of part of the provinces of Pennsylvania, and East & West New Jersey : showing the operations of the Royal Army under the command of their Excellencies Sir Willm. Howe, & Sir Henry Clinton, Kts. B. from the landing at Elk River in 1777, to the embarkation at Navisink in 1778
Lafayette, James Armistead [Facsimile of the Marquis de Lafayette's original certificate commending James Armistead Lafayette for his revolutionary war service with portrait after John B. Martin.]
Ètats-Unis de l'Amérique septentrionale avec les Isles Royale, de Terre Neuve, de St. Jean, l'Acadie &c.
Alexander Hamilton plan of a constitution for America
Chart of the coast of America : From Cape Henry to Albermarle Sound.
Révolte générale des Nègres. Massacre des Blancs, title page
The injustice and impolicy of the slave trade and of the slavery of the Africans, title page
Letter to the President and Directors of the Bank of the United States
A map of the state of Pennsylvania
A map of the state of Pennsylvania
Plan der stad Washington : bestemd tot de hoofdstad van America, en ter bestendige verblijfplaats van het Congres, naa het jaar 1800.
Plan of the city of Washington : now building for the metropolis of America, and established as the permanent residence of Congress after the year 1800
A new and general map of the middle dominions belonging to the United States of America : viz. Virginia, Maryland, the Delaware-counties, Pennsylvania, New Jersey &c. with the addition of New York, & of the greatest part of New England &c as also of the bordering parts of the British possessions in Canada.
To Thomas Mifflin, governor and commander in chief of the state of Pennsylvania, this plan of the city and suburbs of Philadelphia is respectfully inscribed by the editor, 1794
Gilbert Stuart - George Washington (The Constable-Hamilton portrait)
Plan of the city of Philadelphia.
Six songs; for the harpsichord or piano forte, composed by Mrs. Pownall and J. Hewitt; to which are added and selected Rossetti's celebrated La chasse, and a duet for two voices. Price two dollars.
James Gillray - The Death of the Great Wolf.
Plan of the city of Washington.
Carte des Etats-unis : provinces méridionales.
A chorographical map of the country round Philadelphia = Carte particuliere des environs de Philadelphie
Palladino valse par V. S. de Dobrowolski
To the Honorable Thomas Penn and Richard Penn, Esquires, true and absolute proprietaries and Governors of the Province of Pennsylvania and the territories thereunto belonging and to the Honorable John Penn, Esquire, Lieutenant-Governor of the same, this map, of the Province of Pennsylvania is humbly dedicated by their most obedient servt. W. Scull
United States of Nth. America = Carte des Etats-unis de l'Amérique septentrionale
Map of the northern parts of the United States of America
Caty Ann Birth Certificate
A new map of part of the United States of North America : containing those of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusets, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia from the latest authorities
A map of those parts of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia which were the scenes of the most important operations of the southern armies
Plan of the investment and attack of York in Virginia
Begins "I certify that negro named Jenny is at liberty to hire herself for an honest livelihood..."
A plan of the northern part of New Jersey : shewing the positions of the American and British armies after crossing the North River in 1776
Letter begins, "We William Bryan Anderson Rice and Matthew Rice being first sworn..." Lists slaves, animals, etc and values for each.
Begins "I John Gassaway register of wills..."
A plan of the city of Philadelphia and environs
A Thanksgiving sermon: preached January 1, 1808 in St. Thomas's, or the African Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, on account of the abolition of the African slave trade on that day, by the Congress of the U.S. [Microform]
An oration commemorative of the abolition of the slave trade in the United States, delivered before the Wilberforce Philanthropic Association, in the City of New York on the second of January, 1809
Negroes just landed from a Slave Ship.
Fanny Elssler in the favourite dance La cachucha. Designed by N. Sarony.
To the citizens of Philadelphia, this new plan of the city and its environs, taken from actual survey is respectfully dedicated by their humble servt. John A. Paxton
Francis Stanfell papers
Certificate from County of NY of manumission for John Moore, dated April 28, 1813.
Letter stating that $500 was paid for the purchase of Joseph Boswell, signed by Langhorne.
Certificate by City and County of New York for Peter Seaman, dated April 23,1814.
The Star Spangled Banner.
A new map of the seat of war
Attack on Fort Oswego.
Map of the United States with the contiguous British & Spanish possessions
Aprais [Appraisal]; Bill of the Estate of John Epperson.
Laurus Sassafras. (Sassafras tree).
A New improved map of the seat of war
Aprais [Appraisal]; Bill of the Estate of John Epperson.
Northern provinces of the United States
Map of Dauphin & Lebanon counties: constructed by virtue of an act of the Legislature of Pennsylvania passed 19th March 1816
State's conveyance of $500 to Edmund Bacon for slave, Maria.
Georgia Estate Appraisal
A map of the roads leading to the town of Britania in the British settlement, Susquehanna County, Penna.
Ballroom dancing on British and American 19th-century music covers
Chart of the entrance to Chesapeake Bay nautical chart
Nautical chart of Little Egg Harbour, New Jersey nautical chart
Mrs. Parker in a Scotch dance
Earl of Carnarvon's Speech before the House of Peers [Dec. 23, 1678]. Holograph copy, unsigned, undated.
A new and accurate chart (from Captain Holland's surveys) of the North American Coast, for the navigation between Philadelphia and the Missisipi.
Bill, holograph, from Emerson to Samuel C. Hunt, for the instruction of his brother, Benjamin Peter Hunt. Dec. 31, 1825. Receipted by RWE.
[Unidentified ballet]
Map of the state of Virginia
[Unidentified ballet]
Map of the country between Washington & Pittsburg refering to the contemplated Chesapeake & Ohio Canal and its general route and profile, October 1826
A map of the state of Virginia reduced from the nine sheet map of the state, in conformity to law
Line of the Morris Canal, New Jersey, 1827
Plan of the city of Philadelphia and adjoining districts
Invoices: 1828-1845
Symphonies, no. 1; arr.
"Thine eyes still shined for me..." Holograph poem, unsigned, undated.
Western states
Plan of the city of Philadelphia
Middle States : Maryland & Virginia.
Principal seats of the war of 1812-13-14
The travellers pocket map of Virginia : with its canals, rail-roads & distances from place to place along the stage roads

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