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The baby Rustam in swaddling clothes is suckled by one of his ten wet nurses.
Kieft, Willem - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Stuyvesant, Peter - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Nicolls, Richard. Fort James
Will of Hendrick Kip, 1671, with 1680 codecil
Lovelace, Francis [N.Y.?] - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Colve, Anthony . Fort William Hendrick
Andross, Edmund (Sir) - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Leisler, Jacob. New York
Anthony Brockholls. New York. To Wm. Penn
Dongan, Thomas. New York. To William Penn
A map of ye English Empire in ye continent of America : viz Virginia, Maryland, Carolina, New York, New Iarsey, New England, Pennsilvania
Population of Albany County & Indians 1689 - 1698.
Providencia de Dios con Ysrael
Libro compuesto ... , [Title page]
A new map of New England, New York, New Iarsey, Pensilvania, Maryland, and Virginia
Leisler, Jacob. [N.Y.?] To constables of Harlem and Bouwery
Sloughter, Henry. Fort William Henry. To Matthew Clarkson
Ingoldsby, Richard. Fort William Henry
Leisler, Jacob. New York. Letter from N.N. to a friend in Amsterdam, relating to the execution of Leisler and his son-in-law
Leisler, Jacob. New York
Ingoldsby, Richard. [N.Y.?] - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Fletcher, Benjamin. Fort William Henry. To Col. Wm. Markham
Nicholson, Francis. Annapolis, Md. To [Benjamin Fletcher?]
Coote, Richard, Earl of Bellomont. Albany
Smids Ludolph - Nieu Amsterdam at New York
[Peasants dancing]
Schuyler, Peter. New York
Van Dam, Rip. New York
Nanfan, John. To Mr. Cossens
Hyde, Edward, Viscount Cornbury. New York
Clarke, George. N.Y. To Mr. [Thomas] Cardale
Handwritten Bible record of Johannis Tiebout and Marya Van Deventer, m. 1717; Nicholas Vechte and Cornelia Van Duyn, m. 1726: with information in English and Dutch on births, marriages and deaths, ca. 1704-ca. 1822
Hyde, Edward, Viscount Cornbury. [N.Y.?]
The Ambassadors introduction into the audience hall.
Lovelace, John. N. Y
Hunter, Robert. N.Y - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Comparative table of populations in the Province of New York, 1703-1712.
Hunter, Robert. N.Y - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
An account of the families of Germans settled on Hudson's River in the Province of New York, 1718.
Schuyler, Peter. N.Y - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Burnet, William. New York
An account of the number of people in the Province of New York, A.D. 1723.
Montgomerie, Edward. [N.Y.] - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Colden, Cadwallader. N.Y. To [John Montgomerie]
The decree in the case of Solomon De Medina, [Title page]
Montgomerie, John. N.Y - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Van Dam, Rip. N.Y. To Hansen
New England, New York, New Jersey and Pensilvania
New England, New York, New Jersey and Pensilvania
Cosby, William. [New York]
A chart of the sea coast of New Foundland, New Scotland, New England, New York, New Jersey, with Virginia and Maryland.
Clarke, George. New York. To Lieut. Gov. George Thomas of Pennsylvania
Clinton, George. New York
Clinton, George. New York. To the [Council of the Colony of N.Y.]
Osborne, Sir Danvers. New York
Southwest view of Fort George with the City of New York.
William Smith, 1697-1769, Justice of the Supreme Court of the Province of New York.
A view of Niagara Fort, taken by Sir William Johnson, on the 25th of July 1759, drawn on the spot in 1758.
Hardy, Sir Charles. Hudson River 8 miles from Albany. To James Alexander and members of His Majesty's Council at New York
Old New York; or, Reminiscences of the past sixty years. In the original manuscript. As delivered Nov. 17, 1857
De Lancey, James. New York
Colden, Cadwallader. Fort George, New York. Petition to Colden
De Lancey, James. New York. To Sir William Johnson
Carte de la Nouvelle Angleterre : New York, Pensilvanie et Nouveau Jersay suivant les cartes angloises.
Colden, Cadwallader. New York. To [Sir William Johnson]
Moore, Sir Henry. New York
The provinces of New York, and New Jersey : with part of Pensilvania, and the governments of Trois Rivieres, and Montreal
Colden, Cadwallader. New York. To Sir William Johnson
Advertisement. Rich Kip Junr., Upholsterer, at the State Bed New York
Low, Isaac. New York. To Jellis Fonda
Dunmore, John Murray, Earl of Williamsburg, Virginia. To Sir William Johnson
Statistics of the population of the Province of New York, 1647-1774. [Cover page]
Part of North America : comprehending the course of Ohio, New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Carolina & Georgia.
A plan of New York Island, with part of Long Island, Staten Island & east New Jersey : with a particular description of the engagement on the woody heights of Long Island, between Flatbush and Brooklyn, on the 27th of August 1776 between His Majesty's forces commanded by General Howe and the Americans under Major General Putnam, shewing also the landing of the British Army on New-York Island, and the taking of the city of New-York &c. on the 15th of September following, with the subsequent disposition of both the armies
A Map of the country round Philadelphia : including part of New Jersey, New York, Staten Island, & Long Island.
Monckton, Robert. To the Mayor of Berwick
A New and accurate map of the present seat of war in North America : comprehending New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pensylvania, New-York, &c.
A map of Philadelphia and parts adjacent
Province de New-York : en 4 feuilles
A map of the provinces of New-York and New Jersey : with a part of Pennsylvania and the Province of Quebec
An exact map of New Jersey, Pensylvania, New York, Maryland & Virginia, from the latest surveys
Various plans and draughts of cities, towns, harbours &c.
A chart of Delaware Bay and River
A chorographical map of the province of New-York in North America, divided into counties, manors, patents and townships : exhibiting likewise all the private grants of land made and located in that Province
Carte réduite des côtes orientales de l'Amérique septentrionale : contenant celles des provinces de New-York et de la Nouvelle Angleterre, celles de l'Acadie ou Nouvelle Ecosse, de l'Île Royale de l'Île St. Jean, avec l'intérieur du pays dressée au Dépôt général des cartes, plans et journaux de la marine, pour le service des vaisseaux du roi, par ordre de M. de Sartine, conseiller d'Etat, ministre et secretaire d'Etat ayant le département de la marine
An Accurate map of New York in North America, from a late survey.
Document appointing Alexander Hamilton as Receiver of Continental Taxes in the State of New York
New York Mayor’s Court plea
Lewis Ogden letterbook
Thomas Jefferson: Letter to the Governor of New York. Thomas Jefferson Papers
A New and correct map of the British colonies in North America comprehending eastern Canada with the province of Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Government of Newfoundland : with the adjacent states of New England, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.
A new and general map of the middle dominions belonging to the United States of America : viz. Virginia, Maryland, the Delaware-counties, Pennsylvania, New Jersey &c. with the addition of New York, & of the greatest part of New England &c as also of the bordering parts of the British possessions in Canada.
New York Supreme Court plea
Mr. Théleur dans son ballet de Figaro au village
Henry Timmerman and his wife Elizabeth to James Ludlow for tracts of land in Rochester, Ulster Co., N.Y.
Map of the state of New York
Birth Certificate for child named Charity, born to Nanny, signed by Elizabeth Maunsell, Harlem, New York
Birth Certificate for child named Jane, born to Maria, signed by Roger Parmele, City of New York
A new map of part of the United States of North America : containing those of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusets, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia from the latest authorities

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