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A perspective view of the Royal Hospital now building for the reception of the sick and wounded seamen, at Gofport in Hants
Southwest view of Fort George with the City of New York.
A north view of Fort Johnson drawn on the spot by Mr. Guy Johnson, Sir Wm. Johnson's son.
A north view of Fort Frederic or Crown Point.
A view on the Mohawk River.
A view of Niagara Fort, taken by Sir William Johnson, on the 25th of July 1759, drawn on the spot in 1758.
A south view of Oswego, on Lake Ontario, in North America.
A view of the entrance of St. John's Newfoundland.
View on the Wisahiccon, Pennsylvania.
View of the spot where Gen. Ross fell near Baltimore.
View by moonlight, near Fayetteville.
View near the Falls of Schuylkill.
View of the ruins of Ombos [Kom Ombo] and adjacent country.
View of the interior of the temple at Ybsambul [Abu Sumbul] in Nubia. Opened by G. Belzoni, 1818.
General view of the ruins of the Great Temple at Carnac [Karnak].
View of Ibrim (Pl. 27)[left]; Eleithia [el-Kab](Pl. 41)[right].
View of the interior of the temple in the Isle of Philoe [Philae].
Exterior view of the two temples at Ybsambul [Abu Sunbul].
View near Jessups Landing.
View of the great chain of the Andes.
North view of Providence.
View of New York from taken from Weahawk
General View of the Military School West Point
View in Albany House of the First Dutch Governors
General view of Niagara from the Canada side.
View of the Hudson and the Catskill Mountains
General view of the Hudson at Adley's
View of Boston and the south Boston Bridge.
West Point from the North.
View of St. Iago de Cuba from Powder house island.
View of the fort at Xibara.
Man seated, back view.
Back view of a man in breeches and doublet, with horn and knife in a sheath; detail of leg and foot.
View from the Nuns.
View of chained African slaves in cargo hold of slave ship, measuring three feet and three inches high
View of Durango from the santuario.
View down from Front St., Dawson City, Alaska.
View of the Long Bridge over the Potomac; Alexandria Road On Virginia side. The Long Bridge from the Washington shore. The Long Bridge from the Virginia shore. The Virginia shore from the Long Bridge
View of Chambersburg Turnpike from Gettysburg, showing a portion of the first day’s fighting-ground, including Oak Ridge, occupied by Rebel batteries on the second and third.  The small stone house, near the summit of the hill, was occupied [sic] by Gen. Lee as his headquarters.
View from Mount Pleasant, Arlington Heights, Va.
View Down the Valley, Yosemite.
View from the top of Pilot Knob. The advance of the army. . .
Mirror View, Yosemite, North Dome.
Howard ambulance, rear view, tailgate partially lowered, rollers that support cushioned litters are visible. Background masked.
Mirror View - El Capitan, Yosemite.
Howard ambulance parked in front of warehouse, front view, another ambulance behind it.
Birds eye view of Damascus, with part of Mount Lebanon
View at Hebron
View over Jerusaslem & site of the temple, from Mount Zion
View in the wilderness of Sinai
View within the wall of Jerusalem on the (north west side)
Distant view of the cedars of Lebanon
View within the city : a. ruins near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on the east side; b. ruins near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on the east
Cross secional view of proposed patented system of elevated railway, at the intersection of Broadway and Chambers street.
Perspective view on exact scale of proposed patent elevated railway, when erected in front of A. T. Stewart's brock on Broadway, between Chambers and Reade Streets, New York.
Birds eye view of the city of San Francisco
New York Arcade Railway. (view up Broadway, from Pine Street), original plan, including sidewalks, 1868.
La villa de Tacubaya, tomada á ojo de pájaro sobre el camino de Toluca = La ville de Tacubaya, vue prise à vue d'oiseau sur le chemin de Toluca = The town of Tacubaya, taken from a bird's-eye view from the road of Toluca.
No. 3. View on Apache Lake, Sierra Blanca Range, Arizona : two Apache scouts in the foreground.
No. 6. Distant view of Camp Apache, Arizona.
Panoramic view of Manhattan, showing Brooklyn Bridge under construction
View of Grand Hotel, Yokohama
View of Yumoto
View of Tokio Castle Wall & Lotus Flower
View of Oyama
View of Watarase River, at Omama
View of English Hatoba at Yokohama
View of Sacred Bridge, at Nikko
View of Yenoshima
View of Tomioka
View of Stone-Steps from Iyeyasu Tomb in  Nikko
View of Bund, Yokohama
View of Tonosawa
View of Ikao Street
Go and see Hardy Gillard's great American educational panorama, Over the Pacific Railway to California : bird's eye view of the country from New York to San Francisco, 3,500 miles.
View of Imaichi, at Nikko Road
View of the workshop, with models of the Statue of Liberty in the background.
The Taj at Agra, view from the river.
A view in the govt. gardens at Ootacamund.
Distant view of soldiers, carriages, horses, buildings and a tent in a valley.
Matsushima, Inland Sea (Three View in Japan) Part 1
Matsushima, Inland Sea (Three View in Japan) Part 1
Matsushima Inland Sea (Three View)
North from Canal St.
North from Ann St.
Cabin on Milton McCloskey's ranch. Up Animas Valley, Durango, Colo. Sept. 1892, F.E.D.M.; Animas City, 1892, "Up the Valley from Durango"; Milton's Bachelor's Hall at Animas City (before the R.R. built Durango and ruined Animas); Mountain cabin, a few miles from Durango, vacation view, Mabel McCloskey, Downs hidden by armful of flowers, Fan Barbour, Reese McCloskey.
Dress designed by Worth for Mrs. Brown-Potter as "Cleopatra"; Same dress - back view
View in the Plaza, Cienfuegos [Cuba.]
General view of Temple area
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Dutch Harbor, taken from old Russian military cemetery looking north to two settlements, one back of hills.  Large flat-bottomed boat being built for Yukon River; Dutch Harbor; Dutch Harbor. Olympia and other ships taking water and supplies. Olympia could not get through ice 600 miles north and had to put back here for water; Dutch Harbor (?) view.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Reflections in mud, Front St.; Nome street, Front; Temporary barracks; Another view of barracks.
View of Lenox Avenue, Harlem, at 135th Street, showing businesses, pedestrians and shoe-shine stand, March 23, 1939.
Birdseye view of bridges, Foochow.
Another view of Ellis Island from the harbor, but showing a front view of the Immigration Station.
View of garden and greenhouse on Ellis Island.
View of garden with greenhouse and arched trellises adjoining Ellis Island structure.
View of fountain in garden adjoining Ellis Island building.
Ellis Island, May, 1902 : a view of the grounds adjoining one of the buildings, stewn with rubble, debris and building materials.
View of garden with trellises adjoining Ellis Island building.
View of Ellis Island buildings.

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