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Turdus musicus. Thrush.
Queens, Vol. 2, Double Page Plate No. 20; Part of Ward Two Maspeth; [Map bounded by Maurice Ave., Jay Ave., Nielson St., Buerman PL., Hull Ave., Prospect Ave., Linden St., Elm St., Fulton St.; Including Franklin St., Fisk Ave., Calamus Road, Jefferson Ave., Grand St., Maspeth Ave., Astoria Ave.]; Sub Plan; [Map bounded by Calamus Road, Grand St., Jefferson Ave., Kolyer Ave., Lark St.; Including Finch St., Robin St., Thrush St., Wren St., Backs Ave.]
Mocking Thrush.
80. The Hermit Thrush (Merula solitaria). 81. The Northern Butcher-bird (Lanius septentrionalis).
82. The Brown Thrush (Orpheus rufus). 83. The American Robin (Merula migratoria).
84. The Mocking-bird (Orpheus polyglottus). 85. The Cat-bird (Orpheus carolinensis). 86. The Wood Thrush (Merula mustelina).
Turdus atrogularis. Balck-throated Thrush.
104. The Red-poll Warbler (Sylvicola rubricapilla). 105. The Tennessee Warbler (Vermivora peregrina). 106. The New York Water Thrush (Seiurus noveboracensis).
Oreocincla aurea.  White's Thrush.
Cichloselys sibiricus. Siberian Thrush.
American Robin, or Migratory Thrush . 1. Males. 2. Female. 3. Young. (Chesnut Oak. Quercus prinus.)
Varied Thrush . 1. Male. 2. Female. (American Mistletoe, Viscum verticillatum.)
Wood Thrush . 1. Male. 2. Female. (Common Dogwood.)
Tawny Thrush . Male. (Habenaria Lacera - Cornus Canadensis.)
Hermit Thrush . 1. Male. 2. Female. (Plant: Robin Wood.)
Dwarf Thrush . Male. (Plant: Porcelia Triloba)
Golden-Crowned Wagtail (Thrush). 1. Male. 2. Female.  (Plant: Woody Nightshade)