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the people of india

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The people of India : A series of photographic illustrations, with descriptive letterpress ... [Title page, V. 1]
The People of India. [Illustrated cover]
Sonthal, aboriginal, Bhagulpore Hills. [2 men, one sitting and one standing]
Pahari, supposed aboriginal, Bhaugulpore Hills.
Dosadh, low caste hindoo, Behar. {Also known as Dusadh, Dhari, Dharhi
Mullicks, Soonee mahomedans, Behar.
Rujwar, low caste hindoo, Behar.
Musahar, low caste hindoo, Behar.
Dosadhs, low caste hindoos, Behar. [Also known as Dusadh, Dhari, Dharhi]
Dome, hindoo outcaste, Behar.
Rajbansi, aboriginal, now hindoos, Behar. [Also known as Rajbanshi, or Rajbunsi, Rajbungsi]
Rajbansi, aboriginal, now hindoos, Behar. [2 men in their native costumes]
Aheer, hindoo, Shahabad.
Oraon Cole female, aboriginal, Chota Nagpoor.
Cheroo, aboriginal (hindoo), Palamow. [Also known as 'Chundrobun' or the children of the Moon]
Cole national dance, Chota Nagpoor.
Rajpoot christian, from Rajpootana, Chota Nagpoor.
Moonda female aboriginal, Chota Nagpoor.
Korewah group, aboriginal, Chota Nagpoor. [Men carrying bows and arrows]
Lurka Cole, aboriginal ('Fighting cole'), Chota Nagpoor.
Korewah, aboriginal, Chota Nagpoor.
Rajpoot, Hindoo from Marwar, Chota Nagpoor.
Singhpo, warlike frontier tribe (Laos), Southern frontier of Assam.
Meeree, hill tribe, Assam.
Bhogta, aboriginal, Chota Nagpoor.
Sonai, Assam.
Chuttro rajah, Hindoo rajpoot, Chota Nagpoor.
Mishmi, hill tribe, Assam.
Lama (Buddhist priest), Tibetan, Pemianchi, in Tibet.
The people of India : A series of photographic illustrations, with descriptive letterpress ... [Title page, V. 2]
Magar or Muggur, military tribe, Nipal.
Limboo group, aboriginal, trans-Himalayan, Nipal. [3 men standing and 2 sitting with sticks]
Goorung group, military tribe, Nipal.
Lepcha water carriers, aboriginal, Sikhim.
Goorung soldiers, military tribe, Nipal. [men in uniform and weapons]
Limboo group, aboriginal, trans-HImalayan, Nipal. [2 men and one woman sitting]
Sunwar family, (sub-Himalayan origin), Nipal.
Meech group, (trans-Himalayan origin), Darjeeling. [2 men sitting on a rock]
Sunwar, (sub-Himalayan origin), Nipal. [Male]
Limboo, aboriginal, trans-Himalayan, Nipal.
Bhotia, Buddhist, Tibet.
Limboo female, aboriginal, trans-Himalayan, Nipal.
Meech, (Trans-Himalayan origin), Darjeeling.
Magar group, military tribe, Nipal. [5 men standing and 3 men sitting, all with weapons]
Kesarah Nutni, low caste Hindoo, Allahabad.
Moormi group, Tibetans, Nipal.
Shah Abdullah Subzposh, Mahomedan landholder, Goruckpoor.
Ushruf Ali Khan, Shiah Mahomedan, of Afghan descent, Allahabad.
Khas or Kus group, Goorkha, dominant tribe, Nipal.
Moormi group, Tibetans, Nipal. [2 men with plowing tools, one standing and one sitting]
Deena and nephew Hoseinee, snake charmers, Soonee Mahomedans, Allahabad.
Rajkoomars, Rajpoot tribe, Hindoos, Oude.
Chohans, Rajpoot tribe, Hindoos, Oude.
Bais, Rajpoot tribe, Hindoos, Oude.
Bhali sooltans, mostly mahomedans, Oude.
Dureeahon, Hindoo from Bundelcund, Allahabad.
Dundee, Hindoo devotee, Benares.
Gungapootree, Hindoo worshipper of Ganges, Benares.
Ram Persad, Hindoo tradesman, Allahabad.
Bhur, aboriginal tribe, Benares District.
Newar group, slave population, supposed aboriginal, Nipal. [men selling vegetables]
Pathans, mahomedan, Oude.
Banras, subdivision of Newars, Nipal.
Maharajah of Benares, Hindoo, Benares.
Newar or Niwar, slave population, supposed abopriginal, Nipal.
Teehurs, supposed aboriginal, Oude.
Gurgbunsees, Rajpoot tribe, Hindoos, Oude.
Zahore Begum, Mahomedan, Allahabad.
Syuds, descendants of Mahaomed, Oude.
Tun Sookh Doss Bairagi, Hindoo religious mendicant, Allahabad.
Bujgotees, Rajpoot tribe, Hindoos, Oude.
Aghoree, Hindoo mendicant, Benares.
Mirzapore hillman, supposed aboriginal, Mirzapore.
Khate Bishnoi, Hindoo mechanic, Moradabad.
Moormis, Tibetans, Nipal.
Ghauteea, Hindoo friar, Benares.
Sook Narain Pundit, Hindoo, Misser brahmin, Allahabad.
Gunga Ram Bohra, Hindoo, Allyghur.
Pathans, Mahomedans, Shahjehanpore.
Aruks, Hindoos of low caste, Shahjehanpore.
Bhat, wandering minstrel, Mahomedan, Moradabad.
Khunjurs, Hindoo peasants, Shajehanpore.
Jat cultivator, Hindoo, Meerut.
Rajpoot, Hindoo, Bareilly.
Shair Ullee Syud, Shiah Mahomedan, descendant of Mahomed, Allyghur.
Pathan, Mahomedan of Afghan descent, Bareilly.
Hotee Loll, Hindoo banker of Hattrass, Allyghur.
Ruttun Gyr Gosaen, Hindoo devotee, Allyghur.
Sheikh Zeaoollah, Soonee Mahomedan, Sheikh caste, Allyghur.
Fakirs, Hindoo, disciple of Nanuk, Bareilly.
The people of India : A series of photographic illustrations, with descriptive letterpress ... [Title page, V. 3]
Surongie, Hindoo follower of Parusnath, Meerut.
Syud Meer Khan, Shiah Mahomedan of Cabool,  Syud, Meerut.
Kwajeh Torab Ali, Mahomedan Moulvee or lawyer, Allyghur.
Dhokul Sing, Hindoo Jat, Meerut.
Runneea Jatnee, girl of Jat tribe, Allyghur.
Thakoor Tej Sing, Hindoo landholder, Jät, Allyghur.
Mirasees, Mahomedan minstrels, Moradabad.
Izzut Ullee Khan, Soonee Mahomedan, from Coel, Allyghur.
Naorung, Hindoo, Goojur tribe, Meerut.

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