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Population of Albany County & Indians 1689 - 1698.
Comparative table of populations in the Province of New York, 1703-1712.
An account of the families of Germans settled on Hudson's River in the Province of New York, 1718.
An account of the number of people in the Province of New York, A.D. 1723.
Relation d'une conspiration tramée par les nègres : dans l'îsle de S. Domingue
Appraisal of Property -- Samuel Turner Estate. [Appraisal of slaves from the estate of Samuel Turner, listing names of slaves and their values, 1772]
Statistics of the population of the Province of New York, 1647-1774. [Cover page]
Revolutionary War [Request for compensation to be paid to Nathaniel Seely for his slave, Amos Seely, who was killed in the Revolutionary War, 1783. Top reads "pay-table office, July 30th, 1783..."]
Lafayette, James Armistead [Facsimile of the Marquis de Lafayette's original certificate commending James Armistead Lafayette for his revolutionary war service with portrait after John B. Martin.]
Mary Wollstonecraft - A vindication of the rights of woman, P. 435
A vindication of the rights of woman, Pp. 414-415, Ch. 13
Begins "I certify that negro named Jenny is at liberty to hire herself for an honest livelihood..."
Letter begins, "We William Bryan Anderson Rice and Matthew Rice being first sworn..." Lists slaves, animals, etc and values for each.
Begins "I John Gassaway register of wills..."
Freedom paper for Noah Powers.
Certificate from County of NY of manumission for John Moore, dated April 28, 1813.
Letter stating that $500 was paid for the purchase of Joseph Boswell, signed by Langhorne.
Certificate by City and County of New York for Peter Seaman, dated April 23,1814.
Aprais [Appraisal]; Bill of the Estate of John Epperson.
Aprais [Appraisal]; Bill of the Estate of John Epperson.
State's conveyance of $500 to Edmund Bacon for slave, Maria.
[Manumission certificate for William Steward, mariner granted citizenship. Ship and dock scene at top.]
Official Decree Issued in Mendoza, Argentina
[Will and testament of Daniel Juzan.]
[Will and testament of Daniel Juzan.]
Black Society of the Tauza Nation, Argentina
Fletcher, Elizabeth [Affadavit certifying that Elizabeth Fletcher is a free woman. Top reads "District of Columbia, Washington County..."]
List of estate items, including slaves. Top reads 'And appraisement Bill of the estate of Lucy Bryan...'
[Letter from abolitionist soliciting for Cradle of Liberty distributors. Top says "Boston, March 25, 1839, Dear Friends..." signed Maria Chapman.]
[Letter from abolitionist soliciting for Cradle of Liberty distributors. Top says "Boston, March 25, 1839, Dear Friends..." signed Maria Chapman.]
Schematic drawing of an English slave ship, possibly the Brookes, showing the layout of the cargo hold areas for transporting African slaves
Bill of sale of slaves to settle estate debt. Top of letter says "Coleman Fund(?)".
Street seller of bird's nests
The street dog-seller
The Groundsel Man "Click-we[o?]d and Grun sell!"
Poster warning Blacks in Boston - kidnappers.
Receipt for $12,500 for slave purchase. Top reads 'Received December 19th, 1854, of D.W. Goodman...'
Slave traders branding an African woman at the Rio Pongo (in Guinea, West Africa). Taken from "Captain Canot, Twenty Years of an African Slaver," published 1854
View of chained African slaves in cargo hold of slave ship, measuring three feet and three inches high
Manumission certificate for Nathan Johnson from "State of Maryland, Baltimore City, Sct".
Slavery tax receipts for State of Virginia : 1860 and 1862. For Peter S. Roller.
Davidson, F. L., [Note from Davidson of Water Valley, offering his slave blacksmith for hire. Top reads "Water Valley August 23, 1861..."]
Bill of sale for 3 slaves sold to Jacob Adler in Jonesboro for $4500.
Owner's proof on claim for slave lost in public service, December 4, 1863.
Certification of witnesses that Laurens was worth $2,000; April 6, 1863.
Doctor's certificate on death of slave Laurens while in the service of Confederate States building fortifications on James Island, S. C., March 26, 1863.
Petition for compensation for slave impressed into military service ; Civil War.
Original receipt for $2,000 compensation obtained by L. Warren Nelson; Columbia, South Carolina, 15 October, 1864.
[A valuation on Larens, a slave, by a witness who knew him; December 4, 1864.]
Thompson, Alfred. [Application of Eliza Mercer of Howard County, Maryland, for compensation for the war service of her slave, Alfred Thompson, an enlistee in the 39th Regiment, U.S. Colored Troops, Company D., 1865.]
The street girl's end
Cissereitta [Sisseretta] Jones; [Black Patti.]
Toussaint L'Ouverture.
Black Mammy.  Tempsie Staton, North Carolina.
Map showing comparison between the Jewish population of New York and that of the countries of Western Europe, South America, Canada and Palestine
Population - 1647; Gov. Stuyvesant to the States General; An account of the number of inhabitants in ye Several Counties of New Yorke taken by the High Sheriffs and Justices of the Peace in each respective county; as p order of His Excell. the Earl of Bellomont Governr &c. anno 1698.
eceipt for $1235.00 for sale of Albert to S.O. Wood, Receipt for $1,310.00 for purchase of slave Susan
Bill of sale for mulatto man for $1000. Top reads 'The state of South Carolina...signed Henry Trescot.'
List of estate items with slaves at bottom of second page. Top reads "Inventory of the estate of John Ivan (?)'
List of estate items with slaves at bottom of second page. Top reads "Inventory of the estate of John Ivan (?)'
Amount of the value of the imports and exports from and to New York, for three years from 1717, to 1720.
An abstract of the whole amount of duties of the several commodities hereunder mentioned, from 5th June 1721, until the 5th day of June 1725 inclusive; [From Journals of the General Assembly.]
Number of Negroes imported from 1701 - 1726; An acco't of what Negro slaves have been imported into his Majesties Province of New York as taken from the Custom House Books between the year 1701 & this present year 1726.
An account of the annual amount of the imports and exports from and to New York, from Christmas, 1723 to Christmas 1728.
Nancy - A woman of colour or negro
Auction and Brokerage Business Opening
An account of number of inhabitants of the province of New York taken 4 June 1746, by order of His Excellency Governor Clinton.
A Specimen of Accompts in the Sugar Colonies
An account of the number of inhabitants in the Province of New York, taken 10th May 1749, by the order of His Excellency the Honorable Governour Clinton.
General list of inhabitants in the Province of New York, extracted from the returns of the sheriffs of the several counties, in pursuance of warrants to them, dated 16th February, 1756.
Statistics of revenue, imports, exports, etc. 1691 - 1768.
List of inhabitants in the several counties in the Province of New York, taken in the year 1771.
Act for the gradual Abolition of Slavery from the General Assembly of the Governor and Company of the state of Rhode Island, February 1784.
Resolution of the Savannah City Council to prevent Blacks from entering the city following the Haitian Revolution.
Inventory of Property - Thomas Jansen Estate
Bill of Sale: James
Betty (enslaved) Birth Certificate
Repayment for Loss of Property
Farley Vale Estate Inventory.
Indenture of Jemima, Amity Hall Estate
Inventory of slaves on Jamaican plantation.
Punishment record books of Friendship Plantation
Indenture of Rachel Trusty
The Child Louisa
[An inventory and appraisement of the estate of Daniel McWilliams.]
[An inventory and appraisement of the estate of Daniel McWilliams.]
Manifest of slaves intended to be transported on board the Knoxville.
Nathan Johnson Manumitted by Harriett Johnson
Recruitment brochure and ad from the Supervisory Committee on Colored Enlistments, Philadelphia, June 27, 1863.
Receipt for $2000 compensation obtained by Warren L. Nelson for slave Laurens, lost in military service to South Carolina.
Promissory note for hire of slave Cely and two children.
Regulation regarding the housing and employment of Blacks issued by the Headquarters Post of Montgomery, Alabama.
Petersburg, VA, January 2,1865; We promise to pay W. Howlett...for slave...
Marriage rules, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida, S. C., August 11, 1865.
An account of his mat'ys revenue in the Province of New York, from ye 8th of June 1698 to ye 24th of June 1700.
Afro-American Realty Company brochure
Negroes in bunkhouse in strawberry fields near Hammond, Louisiana; Note crude bunks, straw mattresses, and crowded conditions, April 1939.
Negro family living in crowded quarters, Chicago, Illinois, April 1941.
Kitchen of apartment occupied by Negroes, South Side of Chicago, Illinois, April 1941.
Catilda Downs; Barbados passport 2

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