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The Bowery
Truly, truly!
A typical tune of Zanzibar : ditty from "El capitan"/ words by Charles Klein ; music by John Philip Sousa.
La belle parisienne
They all follow me
When we are married : duet - love song
Anti cigarette society
The shade of the palm tree
Tell me pretty maiden
Sel ection from La La Lucille
Always leave them laughing when you say good-bye
Barney O'Flynn
Beatrice Barefacts
Before and after
The fringe of society
Go to sleep, slumber deep! : lullaby
I can't do the sum
I'm a poor unhappy maid
The Montenegrian patrol : song
0n the boulevard
Ramona : Alessandro's love song to Ramona
Give my regards to Broadway
The streets of New York
Vilia : song
Dear, I love you so
Don't go in the water daughter
The duchess of the table d'hote
Give us a fleet : act III
In my old home : (in Dixie land)
I've lost my teddy bear
The right church but the wrong pew
The sheath gown in Darktown
A song of the navy
Come on play ball with me dearie
Falling in love
Falling star
Heaven will protect the working girl : (a burlesque ballad)
I'm after Madame Tetrazzini's job
I've got rings on my fingers, or, Mumbo jumbo jijjiboo J. O'Shea
I wo nder who's kissing her now
The letter song
My hero
Never was there such a lover
That would be lovely : kiss song
What can we do without a man
Ah! Sweet mystery of life : the dream melody
I'm falling in love with some one
I'm falling in love with someone
Mother Machree
Put your arms around me, honey (I never knew any girl like you)
Neath the southern moon
That minor strain
Cake walk from the Follies of 1911
Bumble bee
The Spaniard that blighted my life
Whippoorwill : (never again for me)
The Argentine (tango) : duet:-Delia and Lord Bicester
Beautiful girl
Black berryin' to-day
Borrow from me
Down in dear old New Orleans
Fraidy cat
Giannina mia
I'm crazy 'bout somebody : (and that somebody is you)
Love is like a firefly
Row, row, row
St ring a ring of roses 'round your Rosie
That Broadway glide
At Mammy's fireside
Down old harmony way
Give me the Hudson shore
Good-bye boys
Good-bye my tango : (New York what's the matter with you)
I love her Oh! Oh! Oh!
If a table at Rector's could talk
Isle d'amour : (isle of love)
Just you and I and the moon
The moving man
The music of love : valse-song
My raggyadore
My yellow jacket girl
On the honeymoon express
Sympathy : waltz-song from the comedy-opera The firefly
There was a time
When the honeymoon stops shining
You made me love you (I didn't want to do it )
Alice in wonderland
At our tango tea last week
At the ball, that's all
Come to the land of the Argentine
Futurist girl
Gilbert, the filbert
The girl in the clogs and shawl
The land of "Let's pretend"
A medley of interpolated songs from The girl from Utah
The minstrel parade

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