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shanghai china

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Harbour of Shanghai.
Opium hulks in Shanghai Harbour.
Native city in Shanghai.
English Bund, Shanghai.
Nantao, Shanghai.
Shanghai.  English Settlement.
Barber in the street, Shanghai., Qing Dynasty
Seward Road, Shanghai.
Market Road, Shanghai.
Honkew market, Shanghai.
Coolies resting, Shanghai.
Foochow Road, Shanghai.
Hongkew Market, Shanghai.
Yang-King-Pang, Shanghai.
Shanghai, Nanking Road.
Shanghai.  A Buddhist temple in the old city.
Shanghai.  A Chinese funeral.
Shanghai.  Hongkew Market.
Shanghai.  View and harbour life.
Travelling on wheel barrow in Shanghai.
Shanghai tea shops.
North Sze Chuen Road, corner of Range Road, Shanghai.
Street scene in Chinese City.
Old city, Shanghai.
The Bund, Shanghai.
Mingkow Road, Shanghai.
Chan-su-ho Garden Shanghai.
Shanghai.  Water works Yangtzefoo Road.
Seward Road, Shanghai.
Nanking Road, Shanghai.
The Bund, Shanghai.
Shanghai.  The Bund with Chinese Custom House and tower.
Shanghai.  City Tea House.
Kitchen shop, Shanghai.
Shanghai street barber.
A map of the foreign settlements at Shanghai
Soochow Creek, Shanghai.
Chinese bankers guild in North Honan Road, Shanghai.
Cheking Road bridge, Shanghai.
China merchant wharf in Shanghai.
Soochow Creek, Shanghai.
Nanking Road, near Kiangse Road, Shanghai.
Bubbling Well Road, Shanghai.
Chinese junk, Shanghai.
Whampao Road, Shanghai.
Shanghai.  French consulate.
Bridge to Szechnen Road, Shanghai.
Broadway with Astor House, Shanghai.
Nanking Road, near Shanse Road, Shanghai.
Bunb [i.e., Bund] of France town in Shanghai.
A map of the foreign settlements at Shanghai
A map of the foreign settlements at Shanghai
A map of the foreign settlements at Shanghai