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Illuminated pages - Arabic illuminated manuscript

Illuminated pages - Arabic illuminated manuscript

Life of the Prophet Muhammad written at the order of the Mamluk sultan al-Mansûr 'Alâ' al-Dîn 'Alî (d. 778/1376). The work was first illustrated during the reign of the Ottoman sultan Murâd III.

Abû Jahl, Muhammad's most prominent opponent in Mecca, is angered at people of his tribe who will not listen to him.

Abû Jahl, Muhammad's most prominent opponent in Mecca, is angered at p...

Life of the Prophet Muhammad written at the order of the Mamluk sultan al-Mansûr 'Alâ' al-Dîn 'Alî (d. 778/1376). The work was first illustrated during the reign of the Ottoman sultan Murâd III.

Jibrîl (Gabriel) invites Hazrat Muhammad for his night journey (the Mi'râj).

Jibrîl (Gabriel) invites Hazrat Muhammad for his night journey (the Mi...

Life of the Prophet Muhammad written at the order of the Mamluk sultan al-Mansûr 'Alâ' al-Dîn 'Alî (d. 778/1376). The work was first illustrated during the reign of the Ottoman sultan Murâd III.

Rustam kills Alkûs. - Persian manuscript
Garshâsp hits a lion with his mace.
Karta Rossii Dzhenkinsona 1562g. Tekst str.10.
Mu dan ting huan hun ji p. 10
1. - Porte des grands appartements; 2. - crochets des fenêtres des grands appartements; 3. - pilastre de la chapelle; 4. - lavabo de la sacristie.
A ground plott of Westminster Hall, shewing the position and dimensions of the severall tables, seats, cupboards, galleries &c on the day of their Majesties coronation. 23 Apr. 1685.
Gentlemen of the privy chamber, in number twenty seven; Judges, in number 9; the Lord chief justice of the Kings bench; the Lord chief Baron of the exchequer.
Commedia dell'arte - Harlequin
[Theatrical hornpipe?]
Ertinger Franz - Armide
The Embassadors audience of leave of the Emperor.
Joseph Hawley correspondence and documents
Habit of the ambassador from Persia to the Port. Ambassadeur de perse.
Document, Thomas Addis Emmet collection
Habit of the mufti, or chief priest of the Turks, in 1749. Le moufti.
André Jacob Roubo - Vue intérieure de la boutique d'un menuisier.
Letter to Gen. [Sir William] Johnson
A map of Philadelphia and parts adjacent
The antiquities, natural history, ruins, and other curiosities of Egypt, Nubia and Thebes. Exemplified in near two hundred drawings taken on  the spot. By Frederic Lewis Norden.
Alexander Hamilton correspondence: Letter to Marquis de Barbé-Marbois
Lafayette, James Armistead [Facsimile of the Marquis de Lafayette's original certificate commending James Armistead Lafayette for his revolutionary war service with portrait after John B. Martin.]
Thomas Jefferson: Letter to unknown correspondent. Thomas Jefferson Papers
Estimate for expense of a steam ferry boat for one year, signed by Robert Fulton
Juan de Torquemada.
Tatarskie narody: Shamanka v Krasnoiarskom uezde.
To the Honorable Thomas Penn and Richard Penn, Esquires, true and absolute proprietaries and Governors of the Province of Pennsylvania and the territories thereunto belonging and to the Honorable John Penn, Esquire, Lieutenant-Governor of the same, this map, of the Province of Pennsylvania is humbly dedicated by their most obedient servt. W. Scull
Carte générale de l'atlas Suisse.
Certificate of William Rogers for one share in trust relative to the estate of Alexander Hamilton
[Ordnance Survey of England and Wales, old series, one inch to one mile map] [cartographic material].
Erment [Armant] et environs (Hermonthis). 1-4. Bas-reliefs du temple d'Erment; 5-7. Vue, plan et détail d'un édifice bâti des débris du temple; 8.9. Plan général des ruines et d'un bassin antique; 10. Plan des restes d'un édifice à Tôd.
The methods of carrying the Nobility and Comonality of Congo.
A New improved map of the seat of war
[Contredanses] L'anglaise
Ballroom dancing on British and American 19th-century music covers
Mr. Mazurier dans le rôle de Polichinel vampire, Théâtre de la porte St. Martin
Pooh, ou Piioh [Khonsu] Hiéracocéphale. (Le Dieu-Lune a tête d'épervier.)
Le disque ailé et l'épervier, emblêmes de Thoth Trismégiste, ou le I-er Hermès.
Nef, Noub, Noum. (Cnèph, Cnouphis, Cnoubis, Chnoumis, Agathodaemon.)
Hr. Rozier und Dlle. Brugnoli im Ballete die Fee und der Ritter
Amon-ra [Amon]. (L'esprit des quatre éléments, l'ame du monde matériel.)
View of the Hudson and the Catskill Mountains
Principal seats of the war of 1812-13-14
Costumes de Signor Camprubi et de la Signora Dolores, pas de la Cachucha, Th. de la Gaité
Die Herren Lawrence und Redisha: erste Mimiker des Covent-Garden Theaters in London, in ihren Vorstellungen auf dem Theater an der Wien
Scene aus dem Kobold. Feenballet in zwei Abtheilungen und fünf Tableaux von Hrn. J. Perrot.
Coupe de la salle du tombeau de la Mosquée Hassan
Flore et Zéphire
Marie Taglioni als Sylphide
Parallèle des minarets des principales mosquées
La Cerrito. [Lithograph] F. Sorrieu. Lith. Magnier
Les polonaises. Mazurkas
Ordinary hieroclyphic & hieratic numbers.
El jaleo de Xeres or La gitana as danced by Fanny Elssler. Lith. of G. W. Lewis, 136 Nassau St.
Plan of Uxmal.
FMB an Rebecka Lejeune Dirichlet, 30 June 1843.
BREAKFAST MENU [held by] ASTOR HOUSE [at] LADIES' ORDINARY on Friday, August 25, 1843
Map of Yucatan.
Madlle. Fleury, Myrtha in Giselle.
Souvenirs de Fanny Cerrito, trois airs de danse pour le piano-forte. avec le violon ou le flûte ad libitum, dansé par Mll Cerrito pendant l'automne de l'année 1843 à Rome
Galla Females, highlands of Ethiopia
The Palace Court at Angollala, highlands of Ethiopia
Tha Wady Killulloo, highlands of Ethiopia
polka as danced by Madlle. Grisi, & Monsr. Perrot. Arranged by B. Tolbecque for the piano forte. A. Ashley delt. J. Bingley sc.
Cathedral of St. Michael, highlands of Ethiopia
The Great Salt Lake, highlands of Ethiopia
Triumphal entry into Angollala, highlands of Ethiopia
Melle Richard dans Trilby. Imp. J. Rigo et Cie.
Basse Égypte. 1-3. Monolithe d'Abou-Seyfeh; 4,5. Monolithe d'Abou-Keycheyd.
Map of the first and second anthracite coal fields in Pennsylvania : embracing Schuylkill County and parts of Carbon, Luzerne, Columbia, Northumberland, Dauphin & Lebanon counties
Revue comique de la semaine, par Cham Page [3]
Soulouque et sa cour, par Cham. Page [3]
Julius Steegall.
Lola Montez, Countess of Mansfeldt.
White-wood cabinet, by Michel L. Wettli of Berne.
Madame Celeste as Miami in Mr. Buckstone's drama of The green bushes.
Specimens of painted lacquer work from Lahore.
Bedouins from the vicinity of Suez
Salvatore Viganò
Le lutin de la vallée Mme Guy-Stéphan. [Lithograph by A. Faivre].
View of chained African slaves in cargo hold of slave ship, measuring three feet and three inches high
Manumission certificate for Nathan Johnson from "State of Maryland, Baltimore City, Sct".
Der Kibitser. In a farkishftn krayz. Der zinger fun zayn troyer. Der valser. Der oksn kamf.
Karnak, allée des sphinx et le pylône d'Eugertes II.
Route des pyramides de Gîzeh.
Slavery tax receipts for State of Virginia : 1860 and 1862. For Peter S. Roller.
View of Chambersburg Turnpike from Gettysburg, showing a portion of the first day’s fighting-ground, including Oak Ridge, occupied by Rebel batteries on the second and third.  The small stone house, near the summit of the hill, was occupied [sic] by Gen. Lee as his headquarters.
Map of the city of St. Louis, Mo., 1861.
Slaves building Confederate Army fortifications at James Island, Charleston, South Carolina, in 1863.
Northern portion of Gettysburg, with General Hospital in the Distance, from a position near the Seminary.
The history of the Negro church; By Carter G. Woodson, Ph.D.; Editor of the Journal of Negro History, author of A Century of Negro Migration, and The Education of the Negro Prior to 1861. [Title page]
U.S. Christian Commission, at the General Hospital, Gettysburg, Pa.
Davidson, F. L., [Note from Davidson of Water Valley, offering his slave blacksmith for hire. Top reads "Water Valley August 23, 1861..."]
The Entomological Society of Philadelphia has elected Mrs. Lucy Say of Newburgh, N.Y. a Corresponding Member of the Association
Original receipt for $2,000 compensation obtained by L. Warren Nelson; Columbia, South Carolina, 15 October, 1864.

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