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narrative of the life and adventures of henry bibb an american slave written by himself

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Narrative of the life and adventures of Henry Bibb, Front Cover
Henry Bibb.
Narrative of the life and adventures of Henry Bibb, title page
Slave coffle
"The Sabbath among slaves."
Can a mother forget her suckling child? ; The tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.
Never mind the money
Squire's office.
Slave state, Free state
"My heart is almost broken"
Slave trader and fugitive slave
Slave being whipped with paddle, Female slave on her knees pleading
A slave on bended knee with hands in shackles
Female slave tied to a tree and being whipped by overseer, Female slave being beaten by her mistress
Female slave working in the plantation while being whipped by overseer
A man standing in front of a woman and child fighting off dogs
Fugitive slaves fleeing from slave catchers on horseback
Slaves being whipped with paddle and whip
Runaway slaves being shot at by slave catchers
Oh! How shall I give my husband the parting hand never to meet again."
Slave auction