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A ground plott of Westminster Hall, shewing the position and dimensions of the severall tables, seats, cupboards, galleries &c on the day of their Majesties coronation. 23 Apr. 1685.
A prospect of the inside of Westminster Hall, shewing how the King and Queen, with the nobility and others, did sit at dinner on the day of the coronation, 23 Apr. 1685, with the manner of serving up the first course of hot meat to their Majesties table.
The inthronization of their Majesties King James the second and Queen Mary.
The Queens Majestic; the Bishop of London; the Bishop of Winchester; the Dutchess of Norfork; four earls daughters; sixteen barons of the Qnaue ports; a lady of the Bed chamber; two of her majesties women; gentlemen pensioners.
A perspective of Westminster-Abby from the high-altar to the west end, shewing the manner of His Majesties crowning.
Number of Negroes imported from 1701 - 1726; An acco't of what Negro slaves have been imported into his Majesties Province of New York as taken from the Custom House Books between the year 1701 & this present year 1726.
The Honble. John Byron, Vice Admiral and Commander in Chief of his Majesties [sic] naval forces in North America.
The honourable Augustus Keppel, Admiral of the Blue Squadron of his Majesties fleet.
A gentleman of the Bedchamber; two gromes of the Bedchamber; lieutenant of the yeomen of the guard; ensign of the yeomen of the guard;yeoman of his Majesties guard of his body in number one hundred.
A representation of the fire-works upon the River of Thames, over against Whitehall, at their Majesties coronation Apr. 1685.