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land surveys

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Hospital, Broadway and Church Street
Plate 18: [Bounded by Flushing Avenue, Bremen Street, Bushwick Avenue, Willoughby Avenue, Broadway, Hart Street, Stuyvesant Avenue, Lafayette Avenue and Nostrand Avenue.]
Plate 11: [Bounded by Noble St., Manhattan Ave., Calyer St., Diamond St., Norman Ave., Newell St., Driggs Ave., Graham Ave., Bayard St., Union Ave., Roebling Ave., N. Eleventh St., Driggs Ave., N. Ninth St., Bedford Ave., N. Seventh St., Berry St., N. Fifth St., Wythe Ave., N. Third St., Kent Ave. (East River Piers), Franklin St., Quay St. and West St.]
Hospital, Broadway and Church Street
Hospital, Broadway and Church Street
Hospital, Broadway and Church Street
Abbington and Fitzroy Roads
Lots on the north east side of Anne Street
Anne Street
Four lots near North Church
Francis Johnson dispute with Warner - Anne Street
Lots near Amity Street, Broadway, Herring, Elbert, and Margaret Streets
Webber and Van Arden
1801 December 21
1801 December 21
Map of Little Bloomingdale
List of farm names on New York Island
Farms on this island
Bloomingdale Road to the Commons
Bloomingdale - four mile stone
Bloomingdale Road
Lot on Bloomingdale Road
Thomas Cadle's land at Bloomingdale
Richard Cunningham's ground at Bloomingdale
Plan of twelve acres on the easterly side of Bloomingdale Road
Plot of farm bounded by N. River, the commons, and Cozine and Webber lands
Division of the John Hopper estate
Hopper Farm, showing divisions
The late John Hopper's farm at Little Bloomingdale
Homestead at Bloomingdale
Two tracts of land at Bloomingdale
Mr. Somerendyke's at Bloomingdale
Two lots on Bloomingdale Road
John Hopper's at Bloomingdale
John Wilkes's five acre lot at Hopper's at Bloomingdale
Phillip Webber's land between the road and common at Little Bloomingdale
Phillip Webber's two tracts of land on the east side of the Bloomingdale Road
N. De Peyster's four lots of land at Bloomingdale
Bloomingdale Road
Map of part of the late Jacob Van Arden's farm
Van Arden, Warner and John Kelly land
Eight acres at Bloomingdale
Phillip Webber to Isaac Gomez at Bloomingdale
Bloomingdale Road
Two tracts of land at Little Bloomingdale
Survey of the two pieces of land at Little Bloomingdale
Anthony Street
Isaac DePeyster's lot in Bowery
circa 1780-1785
circa 1780-1785
Plot on Bowery lane
Bowery Lane and King's Bridge Road
Potters field
Lots along Prince, Bowery and Elizabeth Streets
Lots on the Bowery and Mott Street
Lot near Jewish burying ground
Plan of Bowery lands
Lots on Bowery Lane
The mansion of Captain De Lancey and the next square
Ground on the east side of Bowery Lane next to Bebout's at the stone fence
Bowery Lane
Ground lying on the east side of Bowery Lane
Bowery Lane
Bowery Lane between Stanton and North Street
Parcel of land in the Bowery
Brevoort, Smith and Dawson's land west side of Bowery Lane
Mathew Buys land in five equal parts, on Bowery Lane
Bowery Lane
Bowery Lane
Description in the deed to Mr. Dawson as summarized by F.M
Loose paper with some calculations
Bowery Lane
Bowery Lane
Bowery Lane
North of two-mile stone Bowery west side
Bowery Lane
Alderman Dykeman's land between Bowery Lane and Great George Street
Land survey
Andrew Elliot's seat in Bowery Lane
Bowery Lane
West side of Bowery Lane
Bowery Lane
First sketch of James De Lancey ground
Summary of bill
Captain De Lancey's ground
Bowery Lane
Sketch for making estimate of De Lancey's ground
Memoranda of James De Lancey's ground
Captain De Lancey - lot let to Mr. Arden
Six lots of ground on Captain De Lancey's ground
Field work of James De Lancey's land
Captain De Lancey's ground - different plan
Measurement of De Lancey's ground at the Bowery
Quantity of lots in the unequal blocks in Captain De Lancey's ground on the North Side etc
Numbers of squares and lots in James De Lancey's ground
Plan of Mr. Mott and Mr. Sawyer's lots on Captain De Lancey's ground with the alteration
Draft of square B of James De Lancey's ground

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