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An island or isle is any piece of subcontinental land that is surrounded by water. Very small islands such as emergent land features on atolls can be called islets, skerries, cays or keys. An island in a river or a lake island may be called an eyot or ait, and a small island off the coast may be called a holm. Sedimentary islands in the Ganges delta are called chars. A grouping of geographically or geologically related islands, such as the Philippines, is referred to as an archipelago.

An island may be described as such, despite the presence of an artificial land bridge; examples are Singapore and its causeway, and the various Dutch delta islands, such as IJsselmonde. Some places may even retain "island" in their names for historical reasons after being connected to a larger landmass by a land bridge or landfill, such as Coney Island and Coronado Island, though these are, strictly speaking, tied islands. Conversely, when a piece of land is separated from the mainland by a man-made canal, for example the Peloponnese by the Corinth Canal, more or less the entirety of Fennoscandia by the White Sea Canal, or Marble Hill in northern Manhattan during the time between the building of the United States Ship Canal and the filling-in of the Harlem River which surrounded the area, it is generally not considered an island.

There are two main types of islands in the sea: continental and oceanic. There are also artificial islands, which are man-made.

Island Media

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A map of that part of Pensylvania now the principal seat of war in America : wherein may be seen the situation of Philadelphia, Red Bank, Mud Island, & Germantown
Thomas Jefferson: Letter to the Governor of Rhode Island. Thomas Jefferson Papers
An inquiry into the causes of the insurrection of the Negroes in the island of St. Domingo : to which are added, observations of M. Garran-Coulon on the same subject, read in his absence by M. Guadet, before the National Assembly, 29th Feb. 1792
Commissioners' plan of Manhattan Island
No.1,2,3. Plan and section of the tombs of the kings of Thebes; [4] Plan of a Greek church in the Island of Gulloe, S.C. Nubia; [5]Cassar el Haron; [6] Column from the ruins of Antinoe; [7] Temple of Ibsambul [Abu Sunbul]; [8] Temple of Berenice [Baranis]
Gap of the Highlands from the Old Fort, Constitution Island.
Crow's Nest and the Point of Constitution Island opposite West Point.
View of St. Iago de Cuba from Powder house island.
Victress leaving Hog Island Light.
Lucy making Tortugas island bearing E dist 15 miles.
Island of jewels quadrilles by J.H. Tully
Slaves building Confederate Army fortifications at James Island, Charleston, South Carolina, in 1863.
Firing of a flag of truce from the Craney Island battery near Norfolk (Adriatic of Phila.)
The Rhode Island camp. Washington--Virginia, with camps
Pharaoh's Bed, Island of Philæ
Doctor's certificate on death of slave Laurens while in the service of Confederate States building fortifications on James Island, S. C., March 26, 1863.
Portrait of Sea Island School teacher Miss Harriet W. Murray, with students Elsie and Puss, Feb. 1866.
Plate 35: City Island, Pelham Township, Westchester Co. N.Y.
Views : A Row of Houses, an Island, Harbor and Mt. Fuji
Views : A Row of Houses, an Island, and Torii (Sacrid Arches)
New and correct map of the Great Rock Island route, Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway : the passengers favorite route between Chicago and Council Bluffs, Kansas City, Leavenworth, Atchison, Minneapolis, St. Paul and all points east, west, south-west, and north-west
Another view of Ellis Island from the harbor, but showing a front view of the Immigration Station.
View of garden and greenhouse on Ellis Island.
The pens at Ellis Island, Registry Room (or Great Hall). These people have passed the first mental inspection.
Ferry, the Laura, at Ellis Island pier; part of the Immigration Station is visible at right.
View of garden with greenhouse and arched trellises adjoining Ellis Island structure.
View of fountain in garden adjoining Ellis Island building.
Ellis Island, May, 1902 : a view of the grounds adjoining one of the buildings, stewn with rubble, debris and building materials.
View of garden with trellises adjoining Ellis Island building.
View of Ellis Island buildings.
Immigrants seated on long benches, Main Hall, U.S. Immigration Station.
Dining hall on Ellis Island.
View of one wing of the Immigration Station, Ellis Island, showing New York skyline in the distance.
Ellis Island, May, 1902.
A view of the front facade, Immigration Station, Ellis Island.
View of harbor from Ellis Island.
Passed and waiting to be taken off Ellis Island.
Uncle Sam, host. Immigrants being served a free meal at Ellis Island.
A derby-topped gentleman observing the harbor form the observation roof on one wing of the Immigration Station. The gentleman is possibly William Williams, Commissioner of Immigration at Ellis Island form 1902-5 and 1909-13, from whose estate these photographs came. The New York skyline, showing the nearly-completed Woolworth Building tower, is at the left.
Immigrants undergoing medical examination.
Buildings near Ellis Island pier; immigrants can be seen with trunks and luggage.
View of a long corridor within one of the Ellis Island buildings; a booth marked post office stands on the left.
View of Ellis Island lawn, with New York skyline in distance.
View of Ellis Island buildings.
View of Ellis Island buildings and two ferries at pier; apparently taken from atop the Immigration Station building.
Ivy-covered exterior of Ellis Island building.
View of one wing of the Immigration Station, Ellis Island.
Detail of front entrance, U.S. Immigration Station, Ellis Island.
View of Ellis Island grounds with plantings; buildings to rear.
A view of Ellis Island taken from the harbor. At the center is the Immigration Station; one of the boats in the pier is the John E. Moore.
Plaque showing beaver at Astor Place Station; Express Station at 14th Street, showing island and mezzanine platforms and stairs connecting them.
Photographs of troops, barracks, water tanks, and American and Red Cross flags, Camp Upton, Long Island, N.Y.
Photographs depicting nurses in uniform, in civilian dress, at Camp Upton, Long Island, New York.
A chart of EEMS ELVE, Wefer, Eyder and Hever. With the Holy Island
The coast of DENMARCK and Sweden from Falsterbon to Schanckenes and Coast of Pomeren from Island of Rugen to Rygshead
A description of the coast FLANDERS from the Island Walcheren to Calice
A large chart of the Island ANTEGUA nautical chart
the Island of Keduyn; the River of Kola in the Great Besteck; the coast of Lapland from the River Kola to ye the Island of Swetnoes.
The Iland of Babados ; Island of Bermuda. nautical chart
A new mapp of the Island of St. Christophers, being an actuall survey taken by Mr. Andrew Norwood, survey.r Gen.ll ; A new mapp of the Island of Guardalupa ; A New mapp of the Island Martineca.
A new chart of the sea coast of SCOTLAND with the Island thereof
Habit of a young lady of Argentiera and island in the Archipelago in 1700. Fille de l'Argentiere Isle de l'Archipel.
Habit of a young lady of St. John de Patmos, and island in the Archipelago in 1700. Fille de l'Isle de St. Jean de Patmos.
Habit of a lady of Ischia, an island in the Gulf of Naples. Fille de l'Isle d'Ischia le Golfe de Naples.
Habit of a Grecian woman of the Island of Metylene in 1581. Grecque de l'Isle de Metelin.
Habit of a young lady of Tine, an island in the archipelago, in 1700. Fille de l'Isle de Tine.
Habit of a lady of Paros, an island in the Archipelago, 1568. Fille de l'Isle de Paros.
Albany from Van-Unsselaens Island.
Island Expenses – Lataste Estate, 1839, Grenada plantation records
Abstract of the Island Expenses of Lataste Estate for December 31, 1841
Oddie & Lumley - Copy Account of Mr. Whorwood as island manager of Lataste Estate, 1842
Ancient building, Island of Mugeres.
The north eastern coast of North America : from New York to Cape Canso, including Sable Island
Siege works on Bogue Island, for the reduction of Fort Macon, N.C. April 11, 1862
Blowing up of the U.S. Gunboat Westfield, aground on Pelican Island, Galveston Harbor
Hospital on Roanoke Island. Febr. 8, 1862
Siege of Island no. 10. Bombardment at night, mortars, Kentucky shore
The war on the Mississippi. Bombardment of the rebel fortifications at Island no.10. March 16, 1862
Company of "Rebprison" on the island opposite Bridgeport, the night of Nov. 30, 1863
Alaska Ter. - Sitka from Japanese Island.
United States Statistics, etc., 1870. - Post Offices, Rail Road Stations, &., on Long Island.
Middle Village. Tn. of Newtown, Queens Co.  - Part of Astoria. Long Island City, Queens Co. L.I.
Atlas of Long Island, New York. From recent and actual surveys and records.
Astoria. Part of Long Island City, Town of Newtown, Queens Co. L.I.
Ravenswood. Part of Long Island City. Queens Co. L.I.
Map of Long Island.
Flatbush, Kings Co. L.I. - East Astoria, part of Long Island City, Queens Co.
Hunters Point. Part of Long Island City.
Ainos, Island of Yezo
Vancouver Island type.
Immigrants At Ellis Island, N.Y.
Yaqûb ibn Ishaq tells of a Turk who visited Jazîrat Bahânâs and aided the very small inhabitants of that island in their battle against their enemy   [top]; Four dog-faced men of the Island of the Dogs (Jazîrat Sagsâr) menace three men [bottom], f. 90v
There is a minaret on the Island of Manârah made of stone from which is suspended an effigy of a hanging man  made of gold [top];  Nine of the 130 species of birds that inhabit the island of Bilîs as described by Abû Hâmîd Andalusî [bottom], f. 93
Two naked inhabitants of the island of Bunân (Jazîrat Bunân), seated in a tree [top]; A black monster eating a human on the island of Atvâr (Atvarân), Jazîrat Atvâr [bottom], f. 76v
A new map of ancient Italy, together with the adjoyning islands of Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica, shewing their principal divisions, cities, towns, rivers, mountains &c.
A large draught of New England, New York and Long Island ; Boston Harbour.
Rhode Island, Boston Committee of Correspondence Records

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