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Abraham Ortelius his epitome of the theater of the worlde ... [Title page]
Poictov., Abraham Ortelius
America., Abraham Ortelius
Hispania., Abraham Ortelius
Britannia., Abraham Ortelius
Hibernia., Abraham Ortelius
Valentiæ Regnum.
Guasconiæ descriptio.
Scotia., Abraham Ortelius
Abraham Ortelius his epitome of the theater of the worlde ... [Title page verso]
Portugallia., Abraham Ortelius
Anglia., Abraham Ortelius
Gades., Abraham Ortelius
The generall historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer isles: with the names of the adventurers, planters, and governours from their first beginning ano: 1584. to this present 1626. With the proceedings of those severall colonies and the accidents that befell them in all their journyes and discoveries. Also the maps and descriptions of all those countryes, their commodities, people, government, customes, and religion yet knowne. Divided into sixe bookes. By Captaine Iohn Smith sometymes governour in those countryes & admirall of New England.
America: or An exact description of the West-Indies [Title page].
A map of ye English Empire in ye continent of America : viz Virginia, Maryland, Carolina, New York, New Iarsey, New England, Pennsilvania
Nouvelle carte de la Pensylvanie, Maryland, Virginie, et Nouvelle Iarsey.
Nova Svecia
Handwritten Bible record of Johannis Tiebout and Marya Van Deventer, m. 1717; Nicholas Vechte and Cornelia Van Duyn, m. 1726: with information in English and Dutch on births, marriages and deaths, ca. 1704-ca. 1822
A new generall chart for the West Indies of E. Wright's projection vul. Mercators chart
D'Engelze volkplanting in Virginie
North America : corrected from the observations communicated to the Royal Society at London and the Royal Academy at Paris
A draught of Virginia from the Capes to York in York River ....
A new generall chart for the West Indies....
A generall chart of the Western Ocean.
Virginia, Maryland, Pennsilvania, east & west New Jarsey
A new map of Virginia from the best authorities
Sr. William Johnson, bart. major general of the English forces in North America.
Sir William Johnson, major general of the English forces in America.
A new projection of the Western Hemisphere of the Earth on a plane : (showing the proportions of its several parts nearly as on a globe)
A Map of the country round Philadelphia : including part of New Jersey, New York, Staten Island, & Long Island.
Carte de la Pensylvanie et du Nouveau Jersey.
Carte de la Nouvelle York : y-compris les terres cédées du N. Hamp-Shire, sous le nom d'etat de Vermont.
Plan de la ville de Washington en Amèrique
State of New-York for Spafford's gazetteer
Chelsea pensioner. Alexander William, British
Bishop. Alexander William, British
A lady in Summer dress.
Watchman. Alexander William, British
A Billinsgate fish-woman.
Match-girl. Alexander William, British
Dragoon. Alexander William, British
Market-woman. Alexander William, British
Yeoman of the guard.
Milk-maid. Alexander William, British
Baron. Alexander William, British
Butcher's boy. Alexander William, British
Baker. Alexander William, British
Serjeant trumpeter. Alexander William, British
Female shrimper. Alexander William, British
Waterman to a coach-stand.
Picturesque representations of the dress and manners of the English....(Title page)
Dustman. Alexander William, British
Blue-coat boy. Alexander William, British
Farmer's boy. Alexander William, British
Highland shepherd. Alexander William, British
Barrow-woman. Alexander William, British
Alderman. Alexander William, British
General Alexander William, British
Officer of horse artillery.
Fireman. Alexander William, British
Hastings fisherman. Alexander William, British
Hussar. Alexander William, British
Postman. Alexander William, British
Peer in his robes.
Admiral. Alexander William, British
Knight of the Garter.
Private of the 42nd Regiment.
A judge. Alexander William, British
Chimney-sweeper on the first of May.
Drover. Alexander William, British
A greenwich pensioner. Alexander William, British
Lord-Mayor. Alexander William, British
Newsman. Alexander William, British
Schematic drawing of an English slave ship, possibly the Brookes, showing the layout of the cargo hold areas for transporting African slaves
A deacon Cloisters Leige [sic], 1460; Roman deacon, c. 1450; English priest, 1480.
Receipt to Ticknor and Fields, for $168, MS on printed form, signed, dated Aug. 21st 1863. For copyright on Essays, 2nd Series; Conduct of Life; English Traits.
Anquétil-DuPerron, Abraham Hyacinthe. Preface to his Latin translation of the Upanishads. Translated into English by RWE, holograph.
View of English Hatoba at Yokohama
An early Virginian colonist's parlour. Oak "drawinge" table, in the possession of the Pickering family, Salem, U. S. A., from 1636. Oak bible box, Connecticut Historical Society, U.S.A. Elder Brewster's chair, Pilgrims' Hall, Plymouth, Mass., U.S.A.
The Putnam cupboard of English oak and cedar. Presented to the Essex Institute, Salem, by Miss Harriet Putnam Fowler. Carved settle of American Oak. Found in a stable at Barrington, Massachusetts. Now in Bulkeley collection.
Mynheer Van Funk, a Dutch Skipper, Peter Terrible Wingbeard, a Virginia Planter, Hogan-Mogan Long-pipe a Dutch Indian Governor
Saxonia, Thuringia, Misnia., Abraham Ortelius
Romanum Teritorium., Abraham Ortelius
Marca Anconitana.
Siena., Abraham Ortelius
Zara, & Sebenic., Abraham Ortelius
Forumiulii., Abraham Ortelius
Provincia., Abraham Ortelius
Austria., Abraham Ortelius
Aegyptus., Egypt, Abraham Ortelius
Burgundiae Duc., Abraham Ortelius
Leodiensis Episcopatus., Abraham Ortelius
Oropitum., Abraham Ortelius
Lutzenburg., Abraham Ortelius
Silesiae Typus.
Aniov., Abraham Ortelius
Bohemia., Abraham Ortelius
Presbiteri Iohannis sive Abissinorum Imperium., Abraham Ortelius

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