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clothing dress

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Grand' Dame Turque
Gentille-femme Turcque estant dans leur maison ou Sarail
Femme vestue à la Surienne.
Other patterns for powder boxes; other patterns for patch boxes.
Cloth brushes; combe brushes; a pincushing trunks for pendents necklace rings & jewells. [sic]
A pagod worshipp in ye Indies; another. [sic]
For a standish for pen inks & paper wch; allso may sarve for a comb box[sic] [...]
For drawers for cabbinets to be placed according to yor fancy. [sic]
The topp of a 12 inch frame for a looking glass for jappan worke; the bottom of ye said frame[sic]; [...]
Drawing of a woman seated at a table, cutting cloth.
Habit of the chief of the black eunuchs in 1749. Chef des eunuques noirs.
Habit of the iman of the great mosque in 1749. Iman de la grande mosquee.
Habit of the Tchorbadgi or captain of the Janesaries, in 1700. Captaine des Janissaires.
Habit of a crim Tartare, in 1700. Tartare de Crimee.
Habit of an ambassador from China, in 1749. Ambassadeur Chinois.
Habit of a commander of a body of 100 men, who act as tipstaves to the courts of justice. Le chiaoro bachi ou chef des huissiers 1749.
Emperor of China in his robes, in 1700. L'empereur de la Chine.
Habit of the grand seignior in 1749. Le grand seignior.
Habit of the Janesary aga, or chief commandant of the Janesaries. L'Aga des Janifsaires.
Habit of the grand seignior or emperor of the Turks in 1700. Le grand seignior.
Habit of an ambassador from Siam in 1749. Ambassadeur de Siam.
Summer habit of a Chinese mandarin in 1700. Habillement d'ete de'un mandarin Chinois.
Habit of the black sultaness in 1749. Sultane noire.
Habit of the commander in chief of the Spahis, in 1749. Chef des Spahis.
Habit of the Greek sultaness in 1749. Sultane Greque.
Habit of the ambassador from Persia to the Port. Ambassadeur de perse.
Habit of a Tartarian princess, in 1700. Princess Tartare.
Habit of the sultaness queen in 1749. La sultane reine.
Habit of the aga of the Janesaries in 1749. L'aga des Janissaires.
Habit of a lady of China in 1700. Dame Chinoise.
Habit of the sultaness, or empress of the Turks in 1700. La sultane Asseki ou Sultane reine.
Habit of the Turkish lady of the grand seigniors seraglio, in 1568. Dame de condition Turque, dans le serail.
Habit of the sultaness of Transilvania in 1749. Sultane de Transilvanie.
Habit of a lady of China in 1700. Autre dame Chinoise.
Habit of the emperor of China, in 1667. L'empereur de la Chine.
Habit of a lady in Chinese Tartary 1700. Dame de la Tartarie Chinoise.
Habit of the white sultaness in 1749. Sultane blanche.
Habit of the mufti, or chief priest of the Turks, in 1749. Le moufti.
Habit of the grand seignor's body guard, in 1749. Garde du grand seigneur.
Habit of an ambassador from the great Mogul. Ambassadeur du Mogol.
Habit of the grand vizier in 1749. Le grand vizir.
Habit of a bashaw of three tails, in 1749. Bacha a trois queiis.
Winter habit of a Chinese Mandarin in 1700.
Habit of the chief of the black eunuchs in 1749. Chef des eunuques noirs.
Habit of a white eunuch in 1749. Eunuque blanc.
James Gillray - The Fashionable Mamma;  or The Convenience of Modern Dress.
Period about 1800.
Costumes des Indiens, pour représenter l'Inca et sa femme.
Ferre guerrière de la tribu d'Yurimagua.
Tauréador; champion du combat du taureau.
Femme de Lima, de la classe moyenne.
Indien et Indienne, en habit de fête.
Gurrier Indien, appartenant à une tribu savage.
Vierge du soleil.
Indienne, représentant Minerve Péruvienne.
Servante quarteronne de Lima.
Period about 1810.
Paris, Helen and Cassandra
Paris in the quadriga
Egyptian female
Egyptian costume from Denon
Greek tumbling
Roman youth and children
Roman lady on a couch
Grecian lady and servant
Shoe black.
Chimney sweepers.
Water cresses.
Fortune teller.
Billy Waters.
Apple boy.
[Illustrated title page.]
Fish woman.
Milk girl.
[Title page.]
May Day.
Famille d'un chef Camacan se préparant pour une fête.
Femmes Gouaranis civilisées allant à la messe le Dimanche.
Famille de Botocoudos en marche.
Chef de la Gouaycourous partant pour commercer avec le européens.
Eene, naar de markt graande: Chilena.
Die Dame am Putztische.
Man seated, back view.
The duke of Urbino, 1400
Man in hat, tunic, and tights.
A priest vested for mass; A deacon vested.
Man wearing hat, doublet and breeches.
Young man with dog; Young woman with older woman.
Two seated women, one holding a baby.
Guillaume Berard, 1200.
1500, Cimabue.
Tuscan huntsmen, MCCL.
Boy wearing tunic with terra cotta bowl in his lap.

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