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Schema huius praemissae divisionis sphaerarum [page 5]
Salon d'Hercule. Cheminée; Salon de l'abondance. Porte.
Chapelle; orgue; entre-colonnement de la tribune.
Chapelle; vue d'ensemble de la sacristie. Détail; de chambranle en bois.
A prospect of the inside of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster, from the Quire to the East End, with the furniture thereof, as it apeared before the Grand Proceeding entred; shewing the position of the altar, theatre, thrones, chairs, pulpit, benches, seats and galleries.
The ground plot of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster with two profiles relating thereunto...23 Apr. 1685.
The Idle 'Prentice at Play in the Church Yard, during Divine Service [plate 3]
Giovanni Battista Piranesi - Veduta interna della Basilica di S. Pietro in Vaticano.
Veduta della Basilica di S.ta Maria Maggiore con le due fabbriche laterali di detta basilica.
Spaccato interno della Basilica di S. Paolo fuori delle Mura.
Giovanni Battista Piranesi - Veduta della Basilica di S. Giovanni Laterano.
A Thanksgiving sermon: preached January 1, 1808 in St. Thomas's, or the African Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, on account of the abolition of the African slave trade on that day, by the Congress of the U.S. [Microform]
No.1,2,3. Plan and section of the tombs of the kings of Thebes; [4] Plan of a Greek church in the Island of Gulloe, S.C. Nubia; [5]Cassar el Haron; [6] Column from the ruins of Antinoe; [7] Temple of Ibsambul [Abu Sunbul]; [8] Temple of Berenice [Baranis]
Roman priests; Church of St. Lorenzo [?], 1410; St. Maria del Popolo, 1400.
A señorita walking to church in the daytime.
A group of church plate by Skidmore of Coventry.
Trinity Church, Lafayette Ave., from our "cottage."
Rev. Samuel Osgood, D.D. Pastor of the Church of the Messiah. (Unitarian). New York City
. . . . Oakhill, the north end of Falls Church, Va.
The history of the Negro church; By Carter G. Woodson, Ph.D.; Editor of the Journal of Negro History, author of A Century of Negro Migration, and The Education of the Negro Prior to 1861. [Title page]
A rebel treed. Arrest of rebel officer Lt. H. J. Segal of the insurgent army near Falls Church by Lt. Col. Winslow and Capt. Shattuck of the N.Y. 37th regiment
Mount Serbal, the "Sinai" of the early Christian Church
Church of the Holy Sepulchre : a. window in the south face of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre; b. entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
View within the city : a. ruins near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on the east side; b. ruins near the Church of the Holy Sepulchre on the east
Church of the Holy Sepulchre.  West entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (built up)
Views in the city : a. ancient fountain in the street El-Wad; b. Church of St. Anne with north face of the Pool of Bethesda
El sagrario de México = Paroisse principale = Principal parish church.
No. 18. Old Mission Church, Zuni pueblo, N. M.
Via Dolorosa from the w.? Left - Church of the Flagellation, right - orphan asylum and barracks, Jerusalem
Church of the Nativity at Bethlehem, Palestine
St. Stephen's Church, Ootacamund.
Kasauli. Christ Church
Looking north on Broadway, towards Grace Church ?
Broadway, West Side. Trinity Church to Liberty St.
School of Pollajuolo, [sic] Christ church, Oxford, 1948. [Man wearing drapery holding a book.]
Looking up Broadway from Trinity Church - showing working platform and gas mains temporarily supported overhead.
Bouck White: Preacher, Church of the Social Revolution. . . .
Donnevaux : Ambulance Company dressing station ; wrecked building, prison-camp barb-wire fence in foreground ; Heart of villiage [i.e. village] ; Ruined church.
Interior of church at Saulx, showing the interior barricade of machine gun nest ; Exterior view of ruined church ; Outside view of machine gun nest ; German machine gun pillbox, built to sweep the main street.
Dressing station post at Dommartin, buildings on the side of the hill have enormous bomb-proof dugouts back of them built by the Germans ; View of the valley ; Church at Dommartin, struck by a shell, while being used as an Ambulance dressing station ; An unexploded German bomb.
Church and cemetery view at Donnevaux.
Church at Sivry.
Montfaucon : Destroyed entrance to tunnel used by the German crown prince to reach the tower of the church ; View thru porthole of machine gun nest, shown in centre of picture four ; Ruins of church used as observation post ; Machine gun nest upper centre of picture.
Officers' quarters in Forges woods ; Church used by Germans as prison camp ; Monument erected by Germans in Forges woods ; Concrete dug-out overlooking Drillencourt, used as observation post by American officers.
The body of Lieutenant Jimmy Europe who died suddenly this week is here seen being carried from St. Mark's Church.
This is the wreath presented by the Ford-Darney Orchestra in memory of Lieutenant Jimmy Europe, leader of the famous Jazz band which won its laurels with 369th Infantry in France; His funeral took place from St. Mark's Church in West 53rd St.
W. W. Browne, Founder of the True Reformers.
Rufus L. Perry.
John Gloucester; [The founder of the first African Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia in 1807.]
M. C. B. Mason; A pulpit orator in the Methodist Church.
Library of Livingstone College.
W. H. Miles.
J. W. Loguen; [A bishop of the Zionites and an abolitionist.]
Sampson White.
Samuel R. Ward.
R. A. Carter.
Henry Highland Garnet.
John Woolman, Quaker friend of thee Negro.
Daniel A. Payne; [Preachers of versatile genius.]
James Poindexter; Pioneer Baptist preacher in Ohio.
Walter H. Brooks.
Noah Davis; [Minister of the Saratoga Street Baptist Church.]
Peter Williams; [The first Negro to be ordained as a priest in the Episcopal Church, served as its rector until 1849.]
L. H. Holsey.
Alexander Crummell.
John Jasper; A conservative Virginia preacher.
R. H. Cain.
George W. Williams; A Union soldier, Baptist Minister and historian.
M. C. Clayton; [Negro Baptist Church in Baltimore.]
Shorter Hall, Wilberforce University.
B. F. Lee.
Hiram Revels.
W. R. Pettiford; A business-like Minister in Alabama.
The first African Baptist Church in America.
J. W. C. Pennington.
William J. Simmons.
James Varick; [The first bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in 1822.]
Lemuel Haynes; [Pioneer Negro preachers].
W. N. DeBerry; [Pastor of a Congregational Church in Springfield, Massachusetts.]
H. M. Turner.
Christopher Rush; [A man who had figured in the organization of the Zion Church in New York in 1796.]
Paine College, Augusta, Ga.
W. B. Derrick.
Richard Allen; Founder of the A. M. E. Church.
C. H. Phillips.
J. C. Price; An orator and educator in the church.
Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York City.
Isaac Lane.
Andrew Bryan.
St. James Presbyterian Church, New York City.
Directing the Wanderer in the Right Way.
Library of Gammon Theological Seminary.
E. K. Love; A popular minister in Savannah, Georgia.
J. W. Hood.
Exterior of Abyssinian Baptist Church, in Harlem, New York City, May 1936.
Church service in the Negro church, Woodville, Greene County, Georgia, October 1941.
Théatre; avant-scène; ensemble du foyer.
The Idle 'Prentice at Play in the Church Yard, during Divine Service [plate 3]
The Idle 'Prentice at Play in the Church Yard, during Divine Service [plate 3]

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