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Block house no. 3 near Fort Corcoran, Arlington Heights, Va.
Hispania and Audubon Halls, block front - Broadway, 156th to 157th Street; Plan of first floor; Plan of upper floors.
Ashokan Reservoir.  Placing first concrete block on down-stream face of Olive Bridge dam. Note grouting machine at work in middle ground. Contract 3. October 18, 1908.
Gateway and court in the block designed as a unit by Stanford White before the Negroes moved to Harlem: A block which has few rivals in the city for distinction of line and mass and its air of quiet dignity.
Block printed table cover by Evans & co. of London.
1,500 K. W. rotary converter; motor-generator set supplying alternating current for block signals and motor-generator starting set.
Switchboard for alternating current block signal circuits - in sub-station.
Main line, piping and wiring for block and interlocking system, showing junction box on column.
Front view of block signal post, showing lights, indicatiors and track stop.
Washington Court,  block front, Broadway, 143rd Street to 144th Street.
The Paterno. Riverside Drive, West One Hundred and Sixteenth Street and Claremont Avenue (Block Front).
St. Agnes Apartments. Block Front, Convent Avenue, 129th Street to 130th Street.
Man stands against metal support, exhibiting injured right leg; his arched foot rests on block
Block front (Fantana, Huldana, Helena, Sigfried) , Amsterdam Avenue between 111th and 112th Streets.
Altes Reich.  a. Felsentafel von Wadi Maghâra;  b. c. aus Gräbern von Giseh [Jîzah];  d. e. Steine von Saqâra [.Saqqârah]; f. Block von Kummeh [Kumma]; g. h. Wanderzeichnungen aus Benihassan [Banî .Hasan Site]. [b -f jetzt im K. Museum zu Berlin.]
The middle Block House, Cascades, Columbia River.
The Upper Cascades, Columbia River, from the Block House.
The Pantheon Apartments, Amsterdam Avenue block front 114th to 115th Streets; Plan of first floor; Plan of upper floors.
Ptolemaeer. Ptol. IV. Philopator I.  Theben [Thebes]: a-d.  Karnak. [a] Thor in der Umwallung vom Tempel A, [b.c.] Monolithes Tempelchen [Plan 12], [d] Tempel C. Raum D. e. Luqsor. Verbauter Block ; f.g. Dêr el Medînet [Dayr el-Madînah]. Tempel CC. Cella.
Neues Reich. Dyn. XXII.  a-c. Theben [Thebes]. Karnak. Grosser Tempel: [a.b.]Vorhof, Winkel C; [c] Einzelner Block; d. Ziegel von San ; e-h. Alabastervasen im Besitz des Herrn Champion zu Kahira; i. Theben. Karnak. Grosser Tempel, Architrav.
Aethiopen. Begerauîeh [Begrawiya]. Pyramidengruppe A. Pyr. 10: a. Ostwand; b. Einzelner Block.
Aethiopen. Begerauîeh [Begrawiya]. Pyramidengruppe A: a.  Pyr. 31. Südwand; b. Pyr. 32. Nordwand; c. Pyr. 35. Einzelner Block; d. Pyr. 38. Westwand. [d. zum Theil im K. Museum zu Berlin.]
Workman towing a boat containing an obelisk or a block of stone. (Kouyunjik) [Quyunjik].
Chip of the Old Block, Original Big Tree.
Section of Hercules, Block cut out.
Chip of the Old Block, Original Big Tree.
Chip of the old Block original big Tree.
Chip of the Old Block, Calaveras Grove, Cal.
The Block House, circumference 92 ft., Calaveras Grove, Cal.
Two men with a block of marble on a cart.
Manuscript maps of block bounded by Grand Street, Sheriff Street, Broome Street and Columbia Street, and part of adjoining block to the north in Manhattan, New York.
Block bounded by 2nd Ave., 99th St., 1st Ave. and 98th St.
Main Street north from Temple Block, Los Angeles, Cal.
Birdsall Block, Whitney's Point, Broome Co., N.Y. ; Residence of M.B. Eldridge & E.D.F. Hyde. Whitney's Point, Broome Co., N.Y.; Whitney's Point Academy and Union School.
D.R. Grant, City Steam Bakery. Binghamton, N.Y.; T.W. Whitney, Watches, Fine Jewelry & Corner Court & Washington Streets, Binghamton, N.Y.; The First National Bank Building, Corner Court & Washington Sts, Binghamton, N.Y. ; Boss & Payfair, Billards. Boss Pale Ale Drawn From Wood.; The Bennett Block., Washington Street.
Temple's Block, Main Street, Los Angeles.
Brewer Block, Westfield, Chautauqua County, New York.
Stevenson Block and Nevada Bank, Montgomery Street, S.F.
Res. of B. Gage Berry, Norwich, N.Y.; Telegraph Block; Hughson Block
Res. of J. Mulock Greenville Orange Co., N.Y. ; Drake's Block - West Main St - Goshen New York. ; Res. of Theodore J. Denton, Denton Wawayanda Town of Orange Co. N.Y.
St. Marys Church ; City of Troy [cont.]; Vails Block.
The Tabor Block, Denver, Col. - Sterescope Card, Colorado
"Learned's" Block, corner Lawrence & 20th St.
[A business block with stores and offices.]
Street Index: Reservoir Avenue - Yonkers Avenue. Block Index: 2520-3428.
Block 2528 (contd.) - Section 10: Block 2549.
Sections 9 & 10. Block 2260 to Block 2272.
Block 2466 - Block 2497.
Block 2515 (contd.) - Block 2527.
Block 2717 (contd.) - Block 2731.
Block 2549 (contd.) - Block 2562.
Block 2419 (contd.) - Block 2441.
Block 2498 - Block 2515.
Block 2383 - Block 2396.
Block 2731 (contd.) - Block 2752.
Block 2562 (contd.) - Block 2576.
Block 2648 (contd.) - Block 2658.
Block 2359- Block 2372.
Block 2280 (contd.) - Block 2286.
Block 2691 (contd.) - Block 2700.
Block 2616 (contd.) - Block 2624.
Block 2600 (contd.) - Block 2616.
Block 2321 (contd.) - Block 2330.
Block 2410 (contd.) - Block 2419.
Block 2625 (contd.) - Block 2637.
Block 2292 (contd.) - Block 2301.
Block 2372 (contd.) - Block 2382.
Block 2331 - Block 2340.
Block 2396 (contd.) - Block 2410.
Block 2701 (contd.) - Block 2716.
Block 2286 (contd.) - Block 2292.
Block 2577 (contd.) - Block 2600.
Block 2637 (contd.) - Block 2648.
Block 2340 (contd.) - Block 2358.
J.C.L. Engle's Block, Jacksonville, Fla. Florida Sterescope Cards Collection, NYPL.
Block Index, Volume One
Block Index
Block Index. Volume Two
Block Index. Volume One
Block Index. Volume One
Block Index. Volume Two
Block Index [Front]
Block Index. [Front]
Index to Streets and Block Index. [Front]
Index to Streets and Block Index. [Front]
[A Business block.] Savannah, GA. Stereoscope Card.
Block Index. [Front]
Block Index. [Front]
Bonaventure: Lawton Block. Savannah, GA. Stereoscope Card.
Block Index [Front]
Block Index. [Front]
[Block No. 574 Map bounded by 90th Street, 5th Avenue, 89th Street, 6th Avenue]
[Block No. 576 Map bounded by 92th Street, 5th Avenue, 91th Street, 6th Avenue]
[Block No. 675 Map bounded by 89th Street, 6th Avenue, 88th Street, 7th Avenue]
[Block No. 678 Map bounded by 92nd Street, 6th Avenue, 91st Street, 7th Avenue]
[Block No. 681 Map bounded by 95th Street, 6th Avenue, 94th Street, 7th Avenue]
[Block No. 579 Map bounded by 95th Street, 5th Avenue, 94th Street, 6th Avenue]
[Block No. 572 Map bounded by 88th Street, 5th Avenue, 87th Street, 6th Avenue]
[Block No. 578 Map bounded by 94th Street, 5th Avenue, 93th Street, 6th Avenue]

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