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American(s) may refer to:

  • American, something of, from, or related to the United States of America, commonly known as the United States
    • Americans, nationals and citizens of the United States of America
    • American ancestry, people who self-identify their ancestry as "American"
    • American English, the set of varieties of the English language native to the United States
    • Native Americans in the United States, indigenous peoples of the United States
  • American, something of, from, or related to the Americas
    • Indigenous peoples of the Americas
  • American (word), for analysis and history of the meanings in various contexts

American Media

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Friedrich von Germann - An American Officier
Gilbert Stuart - George Washington (The Constable-Hamilton portrait)
A plan of the northern part of New Jersey : shewing the positions of the American and British armies after crossing the North River in 1776
A map of the country from Rariton River in East Jersey to Elk Head in Maryland : shewing the several operations of the American and British armies, in 1776 & 1777
Oyster Cove [Virginia].
Lynnhaven Bay [Virginia].
Norfolk, from Gosport, Virginia.
Bolling's Dam, near Peterburgh, Virginia.
View on the Wisahiccon, Pennsylvania.
Title page, vignette.
Jones' Falls near Baltimore.
Title page, vignette.
View of the spot where Gen. Ross fell near Baltimore.
View by moonlight, near Fayetteville.
View near the Falls of Schuylkill.
Title page, vignette.
Passaic River, below the falls.
Title page, vignette.
Falls of St. Anthony on the Mississippi.
Burning of Savannah.
Ballroom dancing on British and American 19th-century music covers
A new and accurate chart (from Captain Holland's surveys) of the North American Coast, for the navigation between Philadelphia and the Missisipi.
Chart of the Atlantic Ocean : with an illustration of the character and rout[e] of a storm which occurred on the American coast in August 1830
Lucy off Cuba [Ship at sea flying American flag.]
Journal, used as printer's copy for Passages from the American Notebooks. Copied in Sophia Hawthorne's hand. [Sept. 1, 1842] - Sept. 18, [1842].
Mitchell's national map of the American Republic : or United States of North America, together with maps of the vicinities of thirty-two of the principal cities and towns in the union
The favourite American polka as danced by Mlle Pauline Desjardins and Mons. Gabriel de Corponay.
Sketch of the skirmish at Petersburg : between the Royal Army under the command of Major Gel. Phillips and the American army commandd [sic] by Major Genl. Steuben in which the latter were defeated April 25, 1781
American railway guide, and pocket companion, for the United States. June 1856
Live Oak polka
Locket with portrait of his father worn by Edwin Booth when he performed Hamlet.
Maison du Curé, à Mitla, exterieur.
Pyramide artificielle, A Mitla; anciennement surmontée d'un temple.
Grand Palais, à Mitla; façade principale.
Grand Palais, à Mitla, façade orientale.
Maison du Curé, à Mitla, interieur.
Calendrier Aztec, à Mexico
The Civil War in America : General Stuart (Confederate) with his cavalry scouting in the neighbourhood of Culpepper courthouse
North American Indian huntress, Madame Celeste, Green bushes.
Our American cousin: A comedy in three acts
Connie Mack, Manager, Philadelphia American League.
Go and see Hardy Gillard's great American educational panorama, Over the Pacific Railway to California : bird's eye view of the country from New York to San Francisco, 3,500 miles.
American Industries. May 19, 1894; Henry George has won his right to be placed among the tariff reformers...
The American Brook Trout, Salvelinus fontinalis.
Edwin Booth
Thomas Alva Edison on cover of Scientific American.
The Putnam cupboard of English oak and cedar. Presented to the Essex Institute, Salem, by Miss Harriet Putnam Fowler. Carved settle of American Oak. Found in a stable at Barrington, Massachusetts. Now in Bulkeley collection.
Consenvoy, bridges built by American engineers : Emergency bridge and corduroy road ; Bridge over canal stream ; Toot-sweet corner ; Middle bridge over the Meuse.
“American troops marching across a bridge"
Captured pictures : Heavily shelled trench ; Transporting dead by rail ; Taken by a German showing American soldier going over the top ; Kaiser reviewing his troops.
Rare type of German trench mortar ; On Le Mort Homme or Dead Man's Hill ; Ask any Doughboy ; Direct hit by American artillery.
German car load of 77's hit by our artillery.
Battery of American gas mortars ; Tube, foundation, gas container and propelling charge ; Bursted gas container.
“American soldiers advancing up the slopes of Hill 240…”
Officers' quarters in Forges woods ; Church used by Germans as prison camp ; Monument erected by Germans in Forges woods ; Concrete dug-out overlooking Drillencourt, used as observation post by American officers.
Hannonville showing twenty-one American graves along the road ; Panorama of St. Maurice ; Wash day in Hannonville.
Photographs of troops, barracks, water tanks, and American and Red Cross flags, Camp Upton, Long Island, N.Y.
Guarding the flag; The flag of the old 15th (decorated by the French) and Old Glory.
A religious meeting on the field; American, British, French, Belgian and Portuguese troops are represented in this gathering of defenders of Liberty listening  to a sermon on the western front.
Wounded American soldiers entertaining themselves.
Lieutenant Robert S. Campbell, U.S. Army; The first man in the 92nd American Division (Negroes) to receive the distinguished service cross for bravery in the fighting in the Argonne; He was member of Co. I. 368th Infantry.
Prisoners in Germany; These prisoners of war are from America and other countries; It is stated in the history of the photographs that the two men shooting crap are American Negroes.
Colored soldiers building roads "Over There"; Colored soldiers in the trenches "Over There".
First Colored Battalion, District of Columbia, National Guard; On Pensylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.; Parading the National Guard before going to France.
The Web: A Revelation of Patriotism. The Story of the American Protective League. How 250,000 American Business Men Became Detectives to Help Win the War
Entertaining convalescent American soldiers at Autheil; Lieutenant Europe's noted colored band; The band in Labourboule, France.
The fighting U.S.A. Marine Brigade in Belleau wood; The soldier applying the bayonet is an American Negro.
Sergt. Henry Johnson, of Albany N.Y., the outstanding hero; Single-handed he routed 36 Huns, killing 4 of them and wounding the remainder; Sergt. Johnson of the 369th Colored Infantry (old 15th of N.Y.), was the first man in his regiment to win the French War Cross.
United States colored labor troops boarding a transport; An American Negro battalion entering a pier ready to board a transport.
Hotel Booker T. Washington "Over There"; Colored soldiers leaving an American port for "Over There".
Imagination is allowed full play at the American Laboratory Theatre. In "The straw hat" (above) and "Much ado about nothing" (below) the costumes and scenes, designed and created in the workshop, won favorable comment from leading critics
Murray Hill Hotel, 112 Park Avenue, Manhattan.
Murray Hill Hotel, Manhattan.
George Washington Carver
The Tea-Tax Tempest, or the Anglo American Revolution.
[Lowell, James Russell], ALS to. [May? 1843]. Mentions Edgar Allan Poe.
Arch used by the ancient American builders.
Palais Des Nonnes, à Chichen-Itza, alle droite.
Quatrieme Palais, à Mitla, façade orientale.
Troisieme Palais, à Mitla, façade
Pierre de la Croix, à Palenque.
Place et Seconde Pyramide, a Izamal.
Palais, à Palenque; façade.
Bas-Relief colossal, à Palenque; cote droit de la cour du Palais.
Grand Palais, à Mitla, façade occidentale.
Grand Palais, à Mitla
Figure gigantesque, à Izamal; au bas de la seconde pyramide (Lithograph).
Grand Palais, à Mitla, façade occidentale.
Grande Pyramide, à Izamal.
Camp of Arizona. Sterecope Card. NYPL Collection.
The great American cactus, Arizona. Sterecope Card. NYPL Collection.
Linguistic stocks of American Indians north of Mexico.
The "Dora Bluhm" at the Port of St. Michaels, Alaska.
The "City of Seattle," at Skaguay [Skagway] wharf, Alaska.
Review of 33 Division by Gen. Pershing at Ettelbruck.
Burning sausage, or observation balloon ; Hand grenade exploding in shallow water ; American advancing thru German wire ; A scene from the clouds.

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