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Man plowing field with two oxen, four small buildings in the background
4 men and 2 oxen working in the fields
Mappa geral dos escravos que entrario na Cidade de S. Luis do Maranhao…1783.
Mappa comparativo das produccoens da Ribeira do Itapucuru…1801 a 1805
Mappa dos effeitos que se exportarao desta Cidade de S. Luis do Maranhao…1760 a 1771
Chase of the hippopotamus. The chasseur is accompanied by his children, an attendant throws a noose over the wounded animal.
Supposed appearance of the court where Apis was exhibited in public.
Painted capitals of columns, and piece of coloured glass.
Patterns of Egyptian ceilings.
Title page, vol. 1
Arrival of some foreigners in Egypt. From Beni Hassan [Beni Hasan].
Egyptian villa. From the sculptures. Alabastron [Tell el-Amarna].
Chiefs of four nations bringing tributes to the Egyptian king, Thothmes III.
Plan of the ruins of the city of Alabastron, near Tel el-Amarna [Tell el-Amarna].
Remeses III returning with his prisoners.
Bruce's harpers, Tomb of the Kings, Thebes.
An Egyptian party from a tomb at Thebes.
Title page, vol. 2.
Fig. 1. Elevation of an Egyptian house, from the sculptures; Fig. 2. The supposed ground plan of the same.
Title page, Ser. 2, vol. 2. (A second series of the Manners and customs of the Ancient Egyptians.)
Pantheon. Re, or Ra.
Pantheon. Neith.
Pthah., Egypt
Great triad of Thebes: Amun, Maut & Khonso.
Pantheon. A form of Pthah; Toré; Frog headed God; Frog headed Goddess.
Pantheon. Athor.
Pantheon. The gods instructing the king in the use of the bow.
Neph, Kneph, Cnouphis; Saté.
Pantheon. Netpé.
Ordinary hieroclyphic & hieratic numbers.
Pantheon. Isis.
Pantheon. Aroeris, ot the Elder Horus; Horus.
Title page, Ser. 2, vol. 1. (A second series of the Manners and customs of the Ancient Egyptians.)
Pantheon. Pasht; Maut.
Pantheon. Isis; Nepthys [Nephthys].
Pantheon. Pasht; The cow of Athor, at Dendera, which the Sepoys are said to have worshiped; Triad of Isis, Horus & Nepthys [Nephthys]; Isis, nursing Horus.
Pantheon. Athor.
Pantheon. Hor-Hat; Obte or Ombte [Seth].
Pantheon. The Phoenix.
Sections to illustrate Sir G. Wilkinson's paper on the levels of Egypt.
Pantheon. Ehôou, the Day; Horus, or Harpocrates.
Pantheon. Atinre. The king & queen with their children praying to the sun; Alabastron.
Threshing Rice
Carrying rice-bales to market.
The Farmer Planting the Rice Spronts
Migratory laborers cutting celery, Belle Glade, Florida, January 1941.
Funeral passing over the sacred Lake of the Dead, and its arrival at the tomb on the other side. Thebes.
Pantheon. 1. [The goddess of] the Lower country; 2. The West Bank; 3. Xemi, Egypt?
Pantheon. The god Nilus binding up the throne of the king with water plants, emblematic of his dominion over Upper & Lower Egypt.
Pantheon. 1. Bai?; 2. Hoh?; 3. The Year?; 4. Amunta or Tamun.
Pantheon. Anepo, Anubis; Macedo?
Investiture to the office of fan bearer. Thebes. "And Pharoah arrayed him in vestures of fine linen and put a gold chain about his neck."
A procession, in which palm branches are strewed in the way.
Pantheon. Sofh? [Seshat]
Pantheon. 1. Malouli; 2. Savak [Sobek].
Pantheon. 1,2. Group of Pthah-Sokar-Osiris, with Isis & Nepthys [Nephthyd] & Athor? ; 3. Perhaps the god of the solar disc ... ; 4. Singular instance of a dog with the figure of a deceased person between its paws. Found by me [i.e. Wilkinson] in a tomb at Thebes.
Pantheon. 1. Haké; 2. Pnêb-to; 3. Hor-pi-ré; 4. Hor-sened-to; 5. T-son-t-nofre; 6. An unknown deity.
Pantheon. 2. Totouon? 3. Neboo?
Various offerings presented to the gods.
Birds, reptiles, &c.
Pantheon. The Four Genii of Amenti.
A subject representing several deities. (Probably of late date.)
Great funeral procession of a royal scribe at Thebes.
Pantheon. Ranpo, the god of War.
Pantheon. 1. Hermes Trismegistus; 2. Io? Ao? or Mout?; 3. Khonso.
Pantheon. Atmoo.
Pantheon. 1. Probably three characters of the goddess Toses; 2. Hoh?3. (Another god).
Pantheon. 1. Isis, the defender of her brother Osiris; 2. Cerberus.
Pantheon. 4. Rato?
Pantheon. 1. Neb?; 2. Ehe; 3. The Hour; 4. The spirits?
Pantheon. Aphophis [Apophis].
[A king slaying the enemies of Egypt.]
The ceremony performed at the coronation of a king (from the sculptures of Remeses [Ramesses] 3rd at Medeenet Haboo [Medinet Habu], Thebes.
Pantheon. Typho? [Taweret]
Pantheon. 1. Thebes; 2. Tentyris; 3. Kahi?; 4. Ranno?
Pantheon. 1. Thmei? [Maat] Goddess of Truth or Justice; 2. Mandoo [Montu].
Pantheon. Thoth.
Pantheon.  The god Nilus.
Pantheon. The 42 assessors.
Pantheon. 1. A character of Isis?; 2. (A god); 3. Nehimeou?
Pantheon. 1. Anta? Goddess of War; 4. Makt?
Judgment., Egypt
A wicked soul returning to Earth in the body of a pig.
A funeral procession to a tomb beneath the western mountain of Thebes.
The Gods placing the double crown on the head of Remeses [Ramesses] the Great.
Pantheon. 1. Selk [Selket, Selkis]; 2. Asclepius; 3. The Heavens, (Tpe) [Nut].
1. Hor Hat & Thoth, pouring emblems of life & purity over king Amunoph 3rd; 2. A king, anointing the god Khem.
Pantheon. 1. Tafne [Tefnut]; 2. Hakte, Hecate?; 3. Menhai [Sekhmet]; 4. A form of Buto or Pasht?
Markets, fruits and vegetables, apple gathering
Thèbes. Bybân el-Molouk [Bîbân al-Mulûk]. 1. Tableau peint sur le fond de la salle des harpes dans le 5-e tombeau des rois à l'est; 2-4. Peintures de l'une des salles du même tombeau.
Dynastie IV. Pyramiden von Giseh [Jîzah], Grab 75.  Ostwand.
Rice plantation.
Altes Reich. Dynastie IV. ff.  Pyramiden von Saqara [.Saqqârah], Grab 1.
The official life of Paheri: inspection of agriculture and corn, registration of cattle.
Banana Tree. Sterescope Cards NYPL Collection.
California orange tree. Sterescope Cards NYPL Collection.
Picking oranges. Sterescope Cards NYPL Collection.
A hot house scene in California.

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