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african american students

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Portrait of Sea Island School teacher Miss Harriet W. Murray, with students Elsie and Puss, Feb. 1866.
Great Barrington High School, Class of 1884
Neighborhood service by a student.
Class in Domestic Science, Summer High School, St. Louis, Missouri
Mark Hopkins University; Penn School, St. Helena Island, S.C.
Tuskegee in the making; Nothing delighted Mr. Washington more than to see his students doing the actual work of erecting the Tuskegee Institute buildings; A group of students raising the roof on one of the buildings.
Art in common things.
Simple manual training.
Students at University of London.
Our St. Paul's School in New Orleans, La., 1926.
The West Broad Street public school for Negroes.
Student social workers in a Washington Alley.
Pastor Dorpat and his pupils at Meherrin.
Practice teaching; Prospective teachers "Learn to do by doing."
Boy and girl in their garden getting instructions from teacher.
Inspection tour of defense schools in Baltimore; Lt. Harrison addressing a group of students in Defense School # 453
Macon county rural schools; Teacher and pupils preparing a meal at Sweet Gum school.
Harvesting the school crop.
Poultry raising at the school.
Carpentry students at work at Hoffman-Saint Mary's School; Keeling, Tennessee.
Starting a new building
Clean-up day at the school.
Industrial school of Mrs. Ida E. Gladden, Greenville, S.C.
Girls gardening
Girls learning to do repair work.
Every part of this wagon was made by the students of the Gaudet School; [New Orleans, Louisiana.]
Our St. Louis Mission School; Forty-one of these pupils were baptized by Reverend Kroenk, in 1926.
Learning to sew at the Gaudet School; [New Orleans, Louisiana.]
Caning chairs at the Gaudet School New Orleans, La.
The rising generation; A group of intellectual students comprising the senior class, 1913, Tuskegee Institute.
Class in chemistry, Atlanta Baptist Seminary
Accuracy of mind and hands; Drafting class of young men receiving a course in mechanical drawing, qualifying them for making working plans of machinery, vehicles, buildings, etc., Hampton Institute.
Industrial training for women; Developing talent and taste in the art of millinery, an industry for women; a class at Spellmans Seminary, Atlanta, Ga.
Middle class, 1899 ; Gammon Theological Seminary
Students of Spelman Seminary, Atlanta, Ga.
Atlanta Baptist Seminary
Class in mechanical drawing, Rust University, Holly Springs, Miss.
Noon at the Primary school (top) and Primary school for Freedmen, in charge of Mrs. Green, at Vicksburg, Mississippi (bottom).
Zion school for Colored children, Charleston, South Carolina.
Colored school--object teaching
Co-educational drill; The march to dinner on Anniversary Day of students at the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute; The boys are lined up and the girls march through between the ranks.
Educational progress; Commencement Day Exercises, 1912, Howard University, Washington, D.C.
The boys in uniform; A splendid company of cadets who show in their appearance and deportment the careful training received at Tuskegee Institute.
Results of military training; Company G, Tuskegee Institute, showing a group of well disciplined young men who have received military training as part of their education.
A group of colored children in front of a portable school building in a northern city.
The students of one school.
Road-building by Tuskegee students
Playing games at recess at the Pole Road School, Henrico.
Interior of school on Mileston Plantation; School begins very late in the year and attendance is poor until December because the children pick cotton, Mileston, Mississippi Delta, Mississippi, November, 1939.
A cooking class at the Henrico County Industrial School.
In the machine-shop
A sewing lesson in the Oak Grove School, Brunswick County.
Ruby and Ruth Banks - prize winners for the best kept garden in Caroline County.
Caroline County Garden-Club members.
Chesterfield Canning Club exhibit; This Club put up 1700 jars.
Students framing the roof of a large building
Class in language