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a new general collection of voyages and travels consisting of the most esteemed relations which have been hitherto published in any language comprehending everything remarkable in its kind in europe asia africa and america

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Bûmey Haman Seaka, King of Barsalli; Plan of Yamyamakunda, factory in the Gambra.
[First voyages of the Portugueze to the East Indies, 1418-1546.  First voyages of the English to Guinea, and the East  Indies, 1552-1598.  First voyages of the English to the East Indies, set forth by the company of merchants, 1600-1620. Voyages to Africa and the islands adjacent, 1455-1721; Volume I; Title page.]
[Europe, Asia, Africa and America; Frontispiece.]
Plan of the fort of Mozambik from de Faria; Prospect of Mozambik from Herbert; Coast of Mozambik; Bay of Mozambik.
The King of Kochin riding on an elephant, attended by his Nayros; Small Indian vessels used on the Coast of Malabar.
Island of Harmûz or Ormus.
City of Diu. Thomas Astley, 1759, publisher
Sea weeds; Sargasso; Trombas; flying fish chase.
The flying fish and its enemies of the air and water; a frigot or fork taile; a straw taile; flying fishes; an albicore; a dorado; a dolphin; alcatras; a bonito to the south of the line.
View of the pike of Teneriffe, 34 leagues distant to the north west; View of the pike over west side of Gomera, at 15 leagues distant.
Island of Teneriffe; View of the town & road of Santa-Cruz.
Island of Madera; The dragon tree.
View of the town and road of Fonchal, the capital of Madera.
Harbour of Praya in St. Jago; Island Mayo; Island St. Jago.
Man & woman of St. John's in their best habits; Man and woman of the Island of St. John.
A plan of Porto Grande Bay on the west side of the Isle of St. Vincent, in sight of the Island of St. Anthony.
View of the Island of Fuego; Puerto Grande or Harbour of St. Vincent.
A map or chart of the Cape de Verde Islands.
A chart of the Western Coast of Africa, from the Straits of Gibraltar to eleven degrees of north latitude; including the Canary & Cape Verde Islands.
A chart of the western coast of Africa, from the twelfth degree of north latitude to the eleventh degree south, with the adjacent islands.
A chart of the western coast of Africa, from the eleventh degree of south latitude, to the Cape of Good Hope.
A chart of eastern coast of Africa, from the Cape of Good Hope, to Cape del Gada.
A chart of all the known islands off the coast of Zenjibar & Madagascar lying in the way to India.
A chart of the eastern coast of Africa, from the thirteenth degree of South, to the 16th degree of north latitude.
A chart of the coast of Arabia, the Red Sea & Persian Gulf.
A chart of the Coast of Persia, Guzarat & Malabar.
[Voyages and  travels along the western coast of Africa, 1637-1735. Voyages and travels to Guinea and Benin, 1666-1726. Description of Guinea; Volume II; Frontispiece.]
A map or chart of the western coast of Africa, from Cape Blanco, to Tanit.
Plan of the fort of Arguin.
A map or chart of the western coast  of Africa, from Tanit, to the mouth of the River Sanaga.
Plan of Portendic, called also Portu d'addi or Penia
Plan of fort St. Louis on the Isle of Sanaga.
Prospect of fort St. Louis on the east side.
View of the road of the Isle of Goree; [Goods proper for importation.] chain for the foot; a collar of mortaudes; a horn; a spade; a makaton; a boatswain's whistle.
Plan of the Island of Gorée; [Fort St. Michael; Fort St. Francis] ; [Two views of Cape de Verde off at sea].
A map of the countries bordering on the rivers Sanaga and Gambra.
A general map of the River Sanaga, from the falls of Govina to the ocean; Plan of Fort St. Joseph; Country about Fort St. Joseph in Galam; Map of the entrance of the Sanaga; Island of Sanaga or St. Louis.
A particular map of the River Sanaga, from its mouth to the defart; exhibiting its several branches, and the islands formed by them within that space.
A particular map of the River Sanaga, from the defart to the Isle of Morfil of Ivory, including Lake of Pania Fuli.
[The Kola fruit; The Kûrbari fruit; The guava or goyava fruit; The kalabash tree.]
A map of the coast and islands between Cape Roxo and the Isle of Tassagan.
A north prospect of the Town & Fort of Kachao; Negroes of Kachao & Bissao preparing the Maniok root
The crown bird or Guinea peacock; The spatula bird.
Arabs & Moors riding on their camels, oxen & horses with their Gum Arabic & other goods to sell at Sanaga River; Habit of the Cape de Verde Negroes.
The bomba or capivard at the foot of a banana tree; A Cape de Verde camel
The ostrich, according to the Paris Academy of Science; Nest [or village as the Negroes call it] of the kubalot, or fisher bird.
A map of the rivers Faleme & Sanaga, with the countries of Bambûk & Tamba Awra.
A rare bird about the Gambra, called by some monoceros; The bird with four wings.
A map of the River Gambra from its mouth to Eropina.
A map of the River Gambra from Eropina to Barrakunda; [Insects found on the River Gambra.]
An accurate map of the coast of Cape de Verde.
View of Fûlî town & plantations about it.
Women of Kazegut in different dresses; Negroes climbing the palm tree; A Negro playing on the Ballard or Balafo; Hut of the Negroes.
Circumcision of the Negroes . Thomas Astley, 1759, publisher
A map of the coast and country about Sierra Lione and Sherbro [or Serbera] River; Map of the River Sierra Lione.
Bay of Sierra  Lione; View of the road in Sierra Lione Bay.
Prospect of Bense Island and fort; Bense Island; Negro house at Sierra Leona.
View of the mountains called Sierra Leone; Houses at Sierra Leone.
Fish at Sierra Leona; Bekune; Monk; Pilchar; Trezhar or Thresher; Banana.
Lyons of Africa. Thomas Astley, 1759, publisher
Several wild beasts; Antelope or gazella; Ounce; Bezoar  goat; Cat tigre; Elephant; Civet cat.
A buffalo. Thomas Astley, 1759, publisher
Birds and fowl; Pelican; Aygert; Bird of Paradise.
Birds and fowl; Damsel of Numidia; The alcatrazi or mad bird.
Birds and fowl; The pintado or Guinea hen, according to the Paris Academy of Science; African swan called also stalker, or stork of the Gambra.
The fish in these parts; A sea monster; A Guinea porpoise or marsouin; The beccass or sea woodcock.
The fish in these parts; A bourse; Panapana or hammer-fish; Susset or Remora.
Fish taken at Sierra Leona; The parrot; La vieille or the old wife; A korango; Kind of bource.
The cramp-fish, torpedo or num-fish.
A young crocodile; The sea toad; An ancornet or scuttle fish.
A young alligator; The cat fish of Cape Verde; The requien or shark.
View of Cape de Verde; View of the Negro town at Rusisco.
Fish of Cape Mesurado; A strange fish; The devil ray.
South prospect of the English & Dutch forts at Kommendo; Plan of the English fort at Kommendo; An exact map of the River Sherbro.
Plan [and prospect] of Cape Mesurado & the river's mouth.
Negro house of Cape Mesurado.
Map of part of the windward coast of Guinea, and of the Malaghetta, or Grain Cost; Map of Sestro River.
Bridge in the Quoja's country; Coco trees; Porcupine; Jackal; Tiger trap.
A map of the Gold Coast, from Issini to Alampi by M. D'Anville.
Fort St. Anthony at Axim; View of the coast near Rio San Andero, or St. Andrew, the Cape A at N.N.E.
Great Fredericksburgh, Danish fort at Pokqueso.
South prospect and a plan of Dickscove Fort; S. W. prospect of the English & Dutch Forts at Sakkundi.
Fort Badenstein at Boutri; Fort St. Sebastian at Shama.
Prospect of the coast from El Mina to Mowri; Negro canoes carrying slaves at Mansrow; Prospect of St. Georges castle at El Mina.
Prospect of Cape Corse, or Coast Castle.
English castle at Anamabou; Fort Nassan at Mowri.
Dutch fort of Amsterdam at Kormentin; Fort Royal at Mansro.
South West prospect of Winneba or Wimba Fort; South prospect of Tantumquerri Fort.
North prospect of the English & Dutch Forts at Akkra; [Beasts and insects on the coast of Guinea]; lizard; scorpion of natural size; snake; quoggelo; guano; scorpion of natural bigness; worms of different kinds.
Gold trinckets worn as spells [and utensils].
Gold Coast Music; snappers or castagnets; brass bason; musical tongs; sort of cittern; blowing horns or trumpets; hand bells; flutes; drums.
Weapons used by the Gold Coast Negroes.
Gold Cost animals. Thomas Astley, 1759, publisher
Guinea birds. Thomas Astley, 1759, publisher
More birds found on the Guinea coast.
[Fish found on the Guinea coast.]
[More fish found on the Guinea coast.]
[Voyages and travels to Guinea, Benin, Kongo and Angola. Description of Loango, Kongo, Angola, Benguela, and adjacent  countries. Description of the countries along the eastern coast of Africa, from Cape of Good Hope to Cape Guarda Fuy. Voyages and of Africa, from Cape of Good Hope to Cape Guarda Fuy. Voyages and travels in China, 1655-1722; Volume III; Frontispiece.]
A map of the Kingdoms of Koto, Popo, Fida, or, Whidah, and Ardra.
A map of the Kingdom of Whidah.

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