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1890 1899

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U.S.S. Maine
"Civilization begins at home."
How the police facilitate traffic at the Broadway crossings
Coiffures inspirées de Tableaux du Temps créées pour Jane Hading dans Plus que Reine par Madame Carlier
To Am Meer from Canzonnetta. "Canzonetta" died Aug. 30th 1897, on verso.
Geyser Springs Ranch, Stanley, hound, Miss Rush (Lucy); Dolph Shattuck and his pony in the backyard of Downs' ranch, Dark Cañon Farm, Guadaloupe Mts., New Mex.; At the McLenathen's home, New Mex. Tom McL. on horse, Rob Love at head, Mrs. McLenathen on right, "Marie" on steps; At Geyser Springs - Miss Rush, Mrs. Rush, waterwheel, firing from hammock, New Mexico 1898.
High Bridge.
Oklahoma Ranch, the Barret's; Oklahoma; Group at the Oklahoma Ranch of Henry Frass; Oklahoma school, 1898, stove, two back rows, or more, with desk. Front, only benches.
Dar's a new coon wedding
Jack and the sea - love song
Katie and Tom, or, Love's helping hand - love song
Little Kittie Clancy - love song
Miss Dooley's dancing school
In May - love song
Sligo [or] Thy land's my land
Peggy Cline
The sweetest story ever told, (tell me, do you love me)
The Swiss lover's farewell
Sligo [or] Thy land's my land
Strolling with Norah
Pretty Katie Daly - love song
The sweetest story ever told, (tell me, do you love me)
What I found in baby's pocket!
Under the almond tree
Before the ball (social dancing) - love song
The sweetest story ever told, 'tell me, do you love me?'
I met her at the ball
The horse car fiend
I met her at the ball
Say au revoir but not goodbye
Say au revoir but not goodbye
Since Katie rides a wheel
Say au revoir but not goodbye
Two hearts that beat as one
When the cloud goes over the moon
When shall I see my sweetheart again
Who will marry me?
Just say goodbye again
Just say goodbye again
Farewell, Pauline
I'll send for thee
Katie Gray - love song
Katy Mahone - love song
Little Mary Lander - love song
Little Miss Molly
Life's pictures
Katy Mahone - love song
The old fashioned bonnet mother wore
Somebody's boy is homeless to-night
The old stage door
Take it home and give it to the baby
Private Tommy Atkins
She lost her popularity
Still his whiskers grew
Take back the engagement ring
The old stage door
The tin gee-gee
Only a Bowery boy
The tin gee-gee
The tin gee-gee
Summer girl
Then say good-bye!
Yes I'll be your sweetheart - love song
Under an oak
We may never meet again
When the swallows come again
Across the Brooklyn Bridge, or, The night of the New York ball
College Cuts cigarettes
By the sad sea waves
I will give you the keys of heaven
Honey does you love your man
An Irish lad's wooing
A home for two
Denny Murphy's daughter Nell
Dennie Murphy's daughter Nell
Games we used to play
Honey does you love your man
Just in the same old way
Dear old wife and I
Dora Dean
The old brewery at the Five Points, N.Y.
My little sweetheart, Jess
My little sweetheart, May
La Pas Ma La
The old church bell
Only an east side girl
Ould plaid shawl
On the docks around New York
Strolling on the beach - love song
The story of Jack and Jill
You don't have to marry the girl
The toy duet
A hot time in the old town
The boy's brigade
Elsie from Chelsea - love song

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