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The driver's whip unfolds its torturing coil. "She only sulks go lash her to her toil."
Sais (Palefrenier), Sais (A Groom of Stable)
Whipping a restrained slave
Down came the brutal lash
'Mind yerself, or yer'll cotch it!'"
'Here, you nigger!' raising his riding-whip."
The 'Chicote' or whip made of hippo hide which figures so much in Congo history. It is not unlike the kurbash of the Sudan, but this particular form of whip and its name - chicote - was invented by the Portuguese slave-traders of the eighteenth century.
The Resurrectionist Receives One Hundred Lashes At The Hands Of His Deliverers And Judges.
The brownies' ride.
Building the temple of Warka, time of Urukh
Ein zaghafter Gladiator in den Kampf getrieben
Four times 11 are 44.
Three jovial huntsmen stop for a pig.
Slave coffle
Circus and chariot - Wonders of the Ancient World
He applied the lash not only to make them eat but to make them sing.
Slave chains and whip.
En Slavehandlers Værktøj.