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The village assembly
Mr. Théleur dans son ballet de Figaro au village
A Hottentot Village & c.
L'Adonis du village.
Lake George and the village of Caldwell
Saw Mill at the village of Gleens
Hudson Fall at village of Gleens
Village à l' anse de l' Astrolabe. (Nouvelle Zélande.).
Village of Fishkill N. York form the old stone bridge on the Albany Road.
Inscription; Sculpture en creux; Village (aldea) de soldats indiens civilisés.
Fête de village
Street in the village of Nohcacab.
Haute Égypte. village de Hamameh.
Kasa-an [Kasaan] village. 19th Century Alaska Sterescope Card.
Village of Hampton, Va. sketched on the day of the occupation by the 3rd and 4th Mass. Regiments
Foola Village., african travels
General Hospital, near Gettysburg, Pa.  This hospital was established by the Government soon after the battle, and furnished accommodation for about three thousand wounded soldiers.
The Village of Siloam & Valley of the Brook Kidron
Plate 23: Yonkers, Westchester Co. N.Y. (Village.)
Kasa-an [Kasaan] village, Alaska. Indians of North America. Sterescope Card.
Kasa-an [Kasaan] village, 6 totem poles and Indian homes.
L'entrée du village de Maféteng.
Matsieng, village du chef Letsié. (D'après une photographie du Dr. G. Casalis.)
Market place, Bethlehem
The village carpenter
Kasa-an [Kasaan] village, Indians and canoes, Alaska.
Kasa An [Kasaan] village, Alaska. Indians of North America. Sterescope Card.
Sheik of a peasant village, Palestine
Village scene--Fiji.
Donnevaux : Ambulance Company dressing station ; wrecked building, prison-camp barb-wire fence in foreground ; Heart of villiage [i.e. village] ; Ruined church.
Ruined villiage [i.e. village] of Saulx ; Pillbox at Saulx ; Chalkpit at Braybant ; Ambulance Co. dressing station, near Braybant.
Ashokan Reservoir. View of village of Shokan. This lies within limits of the West basin of Ashokan reservoir. December 5, 1906.
Photographed in a village in Germany; A member of the 369th (the old 15th N.Y.) brought this picture with him.
From Kapirkate overlooking the Khargati Ridge. The battle ground of 11th May 1919. Bagh Springs + village in the distance and remains of old Bhuddist Stapa [?] on extreme left. Ghurkha sentry in foreground.
The first African Baptist Church in America.
Village Vamp
The three great men of the village cannot do as they like.
Nouvelle-Guinée. Abri des naturels de la nouvelle Irlande. 5 p. de haut., Maison des naturels du hâvre Dorey. 10 p. de haut., Maison sacrée du village de Dorey. 18 p. haut.
La corvette l' Astrolabe. embossée devant le village de Mafanga.
Vue de Kahouwéra. Village  fortifié à la baie des iles. (Nouvelle Zélande.).
Village de Korora-Rêka. (Nouvelle Zélande.).
Vue du village de Dorey. (Nouvelle Guinée.)
Vue du village d' Aïambo. sur les hauteus j. de Derey. (Nouvelle Guinée.).
Ancient mound, Village of Silan.
Village of Yalahao.
Nubie. Village et Temple de l"Ile de Béghé.
Old Dutch Church, Sleepy Hollow, erected 1699 - Residence of A.B. Baylis Esqr., Bedford Village, N.Y. - 'Sunny Side' Former Residenceof Washington Irving.
Middle Village. Tn. of Newtown, Queens Co.  - Part of Astoria. Long Island City, Queens Co. L.I.
Jamaica Village. Queens Co. L.I. [From Highland Avenue to Atlantic Avenue, and from Myrtle Avenue to Franklin Avenue.]
Part of Whitestone Village. Town of Flushing, Queens Co. L.I. [Covers from 3rd Avenue to 14th Avenue, and from 16th Street to 1st Street.]
Valley Stream, Town of Hempstead, Queens Co. - Jerusalem Village, Town of Hempstead, Queens Co. - Seaford, Town of Hempstead, Queens Co.
Un village dans les montagnes.
Un coin du village de l'ile de Robben.
Indian village of Klinkwan - modern natives, and totem poles of old Hydahs, Alaska.
Native village.
Bergen County, V. 2, Double Page Plate No. 24 [Parts of the borough of Midland Park TWP., of Franklin and Village of Ridge Wood]
Remains of village. Camouflaged trench in foreground; camouflaged road.
Village de vanou. (Vanikoro.).
Vanikoro.: 1. Plan d'une grande pirogue du village de Manerai; 2. Elevation de cette pirogue.
Vue du village de nama. (Vanikoro.).
The Kachina dance to the rain-god, Hopi Indian village, Shonghopavi, Arizona.
The Kachina dance to the rain-god, Hopi Indian village, Shonghopavi, Arizona.
The Kachina dance to the rain-god, Hopi Indian village, Shonghopavi, Arizona.
South to the picturesque village of Wolpi [Walpi], first mesa, Hopi Indian Reservation, Arizona.
South to picturesque Wolpi, a mesa village of Hopi Indians, Arizona.
The mask of Kachina (Hopi Indians "rain maker"), village of Shonghopavi, Arizona.
Southold and Shelter Island, Suffolk Co. L.I. - Village, North of Greensport, Town of Southold, Suffolk Co. - Part of Town of Southold.
Orient, Town of Southold. - East Marion, Town of Southold, Suffolk Co. - New Suffolk, Town of Southold, Suffolk Co. - Village adjoining Southold, New Suffolk, Tn. of Southold, Suffolk Co.
Chief of the Kachina dance at the Moki (cliff dwellers), village of Sichomovi, Arizona.
The plaza, "Pueblo" of Mishonginovi, the second largest village of the cliff dwellers, Arizona, U.S.A.
Government well, sole water supply for indian village of Oraibi, Arizona.
Ruines du palais de Ferrâhbad, près Ispahan; Village de Chêhristân, près Ispahan.
Village de Sultânièh. Irak-Adjemi.
Village de Cheheristân, près Ispahan.
Village de Siadèh ; Interieur d'une maison, Cazbin [Qazvīn].
Grottes et village de Tâgh-i-Bostân, près de Kermânchâh.
Essex County, Left Page Plate: [Village of South Orange]
Essex County, Left Page Plate: [Village of South Orange]
Two men in Renaissance dress conversing by a river, a village in the distance.
Photographs depicting ruins of a French village.(Toul, France?)
Photographs depicting ruins of a French village. (Toul, France?)
High Bridge [Village]; East High Bridge or Everettsville. [Village]
La noce de village
Basse Égypte. 1.3.4. Vues des tombeaux de Damiette [Damietta]; 2. Vue d'un village ruiné, environné de tombeaux.
Map of the village of Peekskill, Westchester County, New-York
The village of Urghundee.
Village of Siloam, Jerusalem, 1857
Washoe Indians - The Chief's Family. [no. 604].
Long Beach Business Notices. ; Leedsville [Village]; Tinton Falls [Village]; Tinton Falls Business Notices. ; Shrewsbury [Village]; Monmouth Park and Oceanport [Villages]; Oceanport and Vicinity Monmouth Park Business Notices.
Howell Business Notices. ; Turkey P.O. [Village]; Fairfield [Village]; West Farms [Village]
Howell Business Notices. ; Jerseyville [Village]; Lower Squakum [Village]; Farmingdale [Village]
Wall [Township]; Squan Village [Village]; Wall Business Notices. ; New Bedford [Village]
Navesink [Village]; Parkerville [Village]; Shrewsbury Township Business Notices. ; Oceanic [Village]; Fair Haven [Village]
Holmdel [Village]; Marlboro [Village]; Edinburg [Village]; Atlantic Township Business Notices. ; Colts Neck [Village]
Malay - village Pulo Brani Singapore.
Singapore.  Road to Tanjong Pagar.
Malay village, Singapore.
Felix Bracquemond - Le grand village., Adriaen van Ostade
Felix Bracquemond - Les demoiselles du village [d'après Courbet].

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