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Slavery and enslavement are both the state and the condition of being a slave, who is someone forbidden to quit their service for another person and is treated like property. Slavery relies heavily on the enslaved person being intimidated either by the threat of violence or some other method of abuse. In chattel slavery, the enslaved person is legally rendered the personal property (chattel) of the slave owner. In economics, the term de facto slavery describes the conditions of unfree labour and forced labour that most slaves endure. In the course of human history, slavery was often a feature of civilisation and legal in most societies, but is now outlawed in all countries of the world, except as punishment for crime.

In 2019, approximately 40 million people, of whom 26 percent were children, were enslaved throughout the world despite it being illegal. In the modern world, more than 50 percent of enslaved people provide forced labour, usually in the factories and sweatshops of the private sector of a country's economy. In the industrialised countries, human trafficking is the modern variety of slavery; in the unindustrialised countries, enslavement by debt bondage is a common form of enslaving a person, such as captive domestic servants, forced marriage, and child soldiers.

Slavery Media

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Population of Albany County & Indians 1689 - 1698.
Comparative table of populations in the Province of New York, 1703-1712.
An account of the families of Germans settled on Hudson's River in the Province of New York, 1718.
An account of the number of people in the Province of New York, A.D. 1723.
Le code noir ou Edit du roy
Relation d'une conspiration tramée par les nègres : dans l'îsle de S. Domingue
Appraisal of Property -- Samuel Turner Estate. [Appraisal of slaves from the estate of Samuel Turner, listing names of slaves and their values, 1772]
Statistics of the population of the Province of New York, 1647-1774. [Cover page]
Revolutionary War [Request for compensation to be paid to Nathaniel Seely for his slave, Amos Seely, who was killed in the Revolutionary War, 1783. Top reads "pay-table office, July 30th, 1783..."]
Lafayette, James Armistead [Facsimile of the Marquis de Lafayette's original certificate commending James Armistead Lafayette for his revolutionary war service with portrait after John B. Martin.]
An inquiry into the causes of the insurrection of the Negroes in the island of St. Domingo : to which are added, observations of M. Garran-Coulon on the same subject, read in his absence by M. Guadet, before the National Assembly, 29th Feb. 1792
Jack attacked by Quashe and Sam
Birth Certificate for child named Charity, born to Nanny, signed by Elizabeth Maunsell, Harlem, New York
Birth Certificate for child named Jane, born to Maria, signed by Roger Parmele, City of New York
Caty Ann Birth Certificate
Begins "I certify that negro named Jenny is at liberty to hire herself for an honest livelihood..."
Royal Portuguese Decree
Letter begins, "We William Bryan Anderson Rice and Matthew Rice being first sworn..." Lists slaves, animals, etc and values for each.
Begins "I John Gassaway register of wills..."
A Thanksgiving sermon: preached January 1, 1808 in St. Thomas's, or the African Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, on account of the abolition of the African slave trade on that day, by the Congress of the U.S. [Microform]
Negroes just landed from a Slave Ship.
Freedom paper for Noah Powers.
Certificate from County of NY of manumission for John Moore, dated April 28, 1813.
Letter stating that $500 was paid for the purchase of Joseph Boswell, signed by Langhorne.
Manuscript of an officer of the highest class moving to Portugal
Certificate by City and County of New York for Peter Seaman, dated April 23,1814.
Aprais [Appraisal]; Bill of the Estate of John Epperson.
Aprais [Appraisal]; Bill of the Estate of John Epperson.
State's conveyance of $500 to Edmund Bacon for slave, Maria.
Georgia Estate Appraisal
[Manumission certificate for William Steward, mariner granted citizenship. Ship and dock scene at top.]
Official Decree Issued in Mendoza, Argentina
Mode in which the young Memnon's head, (now in the British Museum,) was removed by Belzoni.
[Will and testament of Daniel Juzan.]
[Will and testament of Daniel Juzan.]
Black Society of the Tauza Nation, Argentina
Gendarmerie des Coloniel
Fletcher, Elizabeth [Affadavit certifying that Elizabeth Fletcher is a free woman. Top reads "District of Columbia, Washington County..."]
A fact with a short commentary
The Anti-slavery record, Vol. II, no. IX, [Front cover]
List of estate items, including slaves. Top reads 'And appraisement Bill of the estate of Lucy Bryan...'
To the Anti-Slavery Electors of Dutchess County
[Letter from abolitionist soliciting for Cradle of Liberty distributors. Top says "Boston, March 25, 1839, Dear Friends..." signed Maria Chapman.]
[Letter from abolitionist soliciting for Cradle of Liberty distributors. Top says "Boston, March 25, 1839, Dear Friends..." signed Maria Chapman.]
Schematic drawing of an English slave ship, possibly the Brookes, showing the layout of the cargo hold areas for transporting African slaves
Instructions to the captain of the Portuguese schooner Tamega from the Secretary of Marine and Portuguese Overseas
Bill of sale of slaves to settle estate debt. Top of letter says "Coleman Fund(?)".
Theworks of William E. Channing, volume 2
Theworks of William E. Channing, volume 6
Poems by John G. Whittier, title page
Henry Box Brown
Narrative of William W. Brown: an American slave
The blast which Freedom's Angel blew
De slavenhandelaar Walker en de schryver dryven slaven naar de markt. De schryver en zyne moeder worden gevangen genomen en in slaverny teruggevoerd.
Lottie Grimke
Habesh or Abyssinian slave
Poster warning Blacks in Boston - kidnappers.
Slaves proceeding to the South to be sold
The Schoolmaster
Barbarous mode of punishing a slave with the paddle
Scene in the slave pen at Washington.
Receipt for $12,500 for slave purchase. Top reads 'Received December 19th, 1854, of D.W. Goodman...'
Slave traders branding an African woman at the Rio Pongo (in Guinea, West Africa). Taken from "Captain Canot, Twenty Years of an African Slaver," published 1854
View of chained African slaves in cargo hold of slave ship, measuring three feet and three inches high
Josiah Henson
Manumission certificate for Nathan Johnson from "State of Maryland, Baltimore City, Sct".
White Man Purchased Meat from Enslaved Person
Slavery tax receipts for State of Virginia : 1860 and 1862. For Peter S. Roller.
If any one had ever envied Mrs. Helm in her drawing-room, richly attired and sparkling with jewels, or as she moved with the stately step of a queen among her trembling slaves, they should have beheld her on her death-bed."
Slaves building Confederate Army fortifications at James Island, Charleston, South Carolina, in 1863.
Nat Turner's insurrection
Davidson, F. L., [Note from Davidson of Water Valley, offering his slave blacksmith for hire. Top reads "Water Valley August 23, 1861..."]
"Free Seats"
The Scourged Back - The furrowed and scarred back of Gordon, a slave who escaped from his master in Mississippi and made his way to a Union Army encampment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1863.
Bill of sale for 3 slaves sold to Jacob Adler in Jonesboro for $4500.
Owner's proof on claim for slave lost in public service, December 4, 1863.
Certification of witnesses that Laurens was worth $2,000; April 6, 1863.
Doctor's certificate on death of slave Laurens while in the service of Confederate States building fortifications on James Island, S. C., March 26, 1863.
Nat Turner & his confederates in conference
Petition for compensation for slave impressed into military service ; Civil War.
Original receipt for $2,000 compensation obtained by L. Warren Nelson; Columbia, South Carolina, 15 October, 1864.
[A valuation on Larens, a slave, by a witness who knew him; December 4, 1864.]
Negro Slavery in Georgia. Shivery family papers
Slavery. Shivery family papers
Thompson, Alfred. [Application of Eliza Mercer of Howard County, Maryland, for compensation for the war service of her slave, Alfred Thompson, an enlistee in the 39th Regiment, U.S. Colored Troops, Company D., 1865.]
An Evil of Slavery. Shivery family papers
One of the Evils of Slavery. Shivery family papers
Letter from Speaker of the House Schuyler Colifax to Mrs. Jane Hoge concerning the House's vote to abolish slavery
Roll call of the House of Representatives' vote on the Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution abolishing slavery
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Jose
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Benito; Maria
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Tom; Rita
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Maria S; Domingo; Frelila; Belen
Clotelle; or, The colored heroine, a tale of the Southern States
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Pedro; Gregoria; Carman; Franaico
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Narciro; Narciro; Pedro; Juan
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Aquiles; Baldomero; Catalino; Crispin
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Elenterio
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Andres; Carlos
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Polonia

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