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A river is a natural flowing watercourse, usually freshwater, flowing towards an ocean, sea, lake or another river. In some cases a river flows into the ground and becomes dry at the end of its course without reaching another body of water. Small rivers can be referred to using names such as stream, creek, brook, rivulet, and rill. There are no official definitions for the generic term river as applied to geographic features, although in some countries or communities a stream is defined by its size. Many names for small rivers are specific to geographic location; examples are "run" in some parts of the United States, "burn" in Scotland and northeast England, and "beck" in northern England. Sometimes a river is defined as being larger than a creek, but not always: the language is vague.

Rivers are part of the hydrological cycle. Water generally collects in a river from precipitation through a drainage basin from surface runoff and other sources such as groundwater recharge, springs, and the release of stored water in natural ice and snowpacks (e.g., from glaciers).

Rivers and streams are often considered major features within a landscape, however, they actually only cover around 0.1% of the land on Earth. They are made more obvious and significant to humans by the fact that many human cities and civilizations are built around the freshwater supplied by rivers and streams. Most of the major cities of the world are situated on the banks of rivers, as they are, or were, used as a source of water, for obtaining food, for transport, as borders, as a defensive measure, as a source of hydropower to drive machinery, for bathing, and as a means of disposing of waste.

Potamology is the scientific study of rivers, while limnology is the study of inland waters in general.

River Media

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Seimei shoka zukan = The River Festival
Pascaarte van Engelant, van't voorlant tot Blakeney waer in te sien is de mont van de Teemse ; Rivier van London.
An account of the families of Germans settled on Hudson's River in the Province of New York, 1718.
A draught of Virginia from the Capes to York in York River ....
Etow Oh Koam, King of the River Nation.
A view on the Mohawk River.
Hardy, Sir Charles. Hudson River 8 miles from Albany. To James Alexander and members of His Majesty's Council at New York
A chart of Delaware Bay and River
Three men on river structures with ladders and levers
River festival procession of floating green barge with red temple, polers, musicians, aristocrats, attendants, and white temple in background
A plan of part of the provinces of Pennsylvania, and East & West New Jersey : showing the operations of the Royal Army under the command of their Excellencies Sir Willm. Howe, & Sir Henry Clinton, Kts. B. from the landing at Elk River in 1777, to the embarkation at Navisink in 1778
A plan of the northern part of New Jersey : shewing the positions of the American and British armies after crossing the North River in 1776
A map of the country from Rariton River in East Jersey to Elk Head in Maryland : shewing the several operations of the American and British armies, in 1776 & 1777
Passaic River, below the falls.
Falls on the Flint River.
Falls of Cohoes, of the River Mohawk
Mills on the Black River.
View of the Hudson and the Catskill Mountains
Bridge on the Hudson River near Luzerne
Palisades - Hudson River.
Iron Works on the Licking River Near Zanesville Ohio.
Poughkeepsie Landing Hudson River.
Travelling in Cuba : crossing the Hibar [Men crossing river at night on horse and by foot.].
Embarcation of chariot and warriors preparing to cross a river.
King  crossing a river.
Fugitives crossing a river to a castle.
Map illustrating the general geological features of the country west of the Mississippi River: compiled from the surveys of W.H. Emory and from the Pacific Railroad surveys & other sources
Flotilla of the Potomac River; Freestone Point; ---- --- Creek
The Boston battery at General Butler's camps, Relay House. Commanding the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad by Patapsco River
Souvenir of Fall River Line. Shivery family papers
Plate 57: Town of Lewisboro, Westerchester Co. N.Y. - Golden's Bridge - Gross River - South Salem.
Plate 24: Northern part of Town of Yonkers, adjacent to the River.
Plate 21: Town of Yonkers, Westchester County. (River Dale.)
Green River Valley, looking down the river.
On the mountains of Green River.
Castle Rock, Green River Valley.
No. 6. Black Cañon, Colorado River, looking below, near Camp 7.
No. 1. Cañon of Kanab Wash, Colorado River, looking south.
No. 12. Looking across the Colorado River to mouth of Paria Creek.
No. 5. Black Cañon, Colorado River, looking above from Camp 7.
No. 4. Black Cañon, Colorado River, looking below from Big Horn Camp.
No. 8. Black Cañon, Colorado River, from Camp 8, looking above.
No. 3. Bluff opposite Big Horn Camp, Black Cañon, Colorado River.
No. 13. Grand Cañon of the Colorado River, mouth of Kanab Wash, looking west.
No. 4. Cañon of Kanab Wash, Colorado River, looking south.
No. 9. Black Cañon, Colorado River, looking above from Mirror Bar.
No. 12. Grand Cañon of the Colorado River, mouth of Kanab Wash, looking east.
No. 7. Grand Cañon, Colorado River, near Paria Creek, looking west.
No. 6. Grand Cañon, Colorado River, near Paria Creek, looking west.
No. 10. Entrance to Black Cañon, Colorado River, from above.
No. 9. Looking south into the Grand Cañon, Colorado River, Sheavwitz [Shivwits] Crossing.
No. 2. Cañon of Kanab Wash, Colorado River, looking north.
No. 15. Iceberg Cañon, Colorado River, looking above.
No. 3. Cañon of Kanab Wash, Colorado River, looking south.
No. 7. Black Cañon, Colorado River, looking below near Camp 7.
No. 13. Cañon of the Colorado River, near mouth of San Juan River, Arizona.
No. 11. Wall in the Grand Cañon, Colorado River
No. 11. Grand Cañon of the Colorado River, mouth of Kanab Wash, looking west.
No. 5. Colorado River, mouth of Kanab Wash, looking west.
No. 8. Grand Cañon, Colorado River, near Paria Creek, looking east.
View of Watarase River, at Omama
Scene Sumida River at Mukojima, Tokio
Hot Water River) Yusawa, at Ikao
The Taj at Agra, view from the river.
The Kern River Trout, Salmo irideus gilberti.
How the work was done (Painting the Montana Grayling on the banks of the Gallatin River, Montana).
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Front Street; Boat hotel in Snake River. Taken at Nome, midnight June 21, 1900; Ships before Nome. There is no harbor, all supplies coming ashore on lighters. 1 to 1½  miles out; Beach and sea.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Looking down Snake River from Nome. Boat hotel; Looking up Snake River; Looking across Snake River to "Spit". Nome this side; Looking east down Snake River, "Spit" on the right.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Dutch Harbor, taken from old Russian military cemetery looking north to two settlements, one back of hills.  Large flat-bottomed boat being built for Yukon River; Dutch Harbor; Dutch Harbor. Olympia and other ships taking water and supplies. Olympia could not get through ice 600 miles north and had to put back here for water; Dutch Harbor (?) view.
Mouth of the "Troandik" (plenty fish) River, from which the Klondike mining region takes its name, Alaska.
Profile of Harlem River Tunnel and approaches; section of Harlem River Tunnel during construction.
Showing concrete over iron work - Harlem River Tunnel.
Assembling iron work on Pontoon - Harlem River Tunnel.
River cargo, Chiang Chin, Amoy Interiour.
Lami River, near Suva, Fiji.
Part of United States west of the Mississippi river. Prepared under the direction of I.P. Berthrong chief of drafting division, G.L.O.
Vilosnes : how shells make large windows out of small ones ; small chapel used by the Germans as a shelter and machine gun nest ; Bridges over the Meuse River, canal and section of the valley flooded by the Germans in their retreat.
Borings. Dimond drill mounted on platform at Hudson Pressure Tunnel crossing of the Hudson river. June 26, 1908.
Hudson pressure tunnel. View looking east across Hudson river towards Breakneck mountain with plant at East test-shaft at base of mountain. Contract 90. May 28, 1909.
Moodna pressure tunnel. View at top of Shaft 7. Hudson river about 150 feet below. Contract 20. February 16, 1910.
Surveys.  Precise tape measurements on ice across the Hudson river between Storm King and Breakneck mountains. January 29, 1907.
Kensico reservoir. General view of foundation and cut-off trench for Kensico dam and contractor's plant. Old dam at right of center and flume for controlling water of Bronx river. Contract 9. March 28, 1913.
Hudson pressure tunnel. View around the East test-shaft on east side of Hudson river. Shaft sunk by Board of Water Supply forces.  April 27, 1910.
Kensico reservoir. View showing excavation for foundation of Kensico dam in progress. Note wooden flume for controlling water of Bronx river. Contract 9. July 30, 1912.
Sham'un, a Companion of the Prophet, heals a man on the bank of a river.

Sham'un, a Companion of the Prophet, heals a man on the bank of a rive...

Life of the Prophet Muhammad written at the order of the Mamluk sultan al-Mansûr 'Alâ' al-Dîn 'Alî (d. 778/1376). The work was first illustrated during the reign of the Ottoman sultan Murâd III.

A chart of the WHITE SEA with the River Dwina
The coast of BRETAGNE and POITOU including Crozic, the River Loire, with the islands of Noirmoustier and Dieu
The River of BOURDEAUX and Bay of ARCASSON nautical chart
The sea-coasts of FRANCE from Calais to the River Seine
the Island of Keduyn; the River of Kola in the Great Besteck; the coast of Lapland from the River Kola to ye the Island of Swetnoes.
The SOUTH-WEST coast of IRELAND from Dungarvan to the River Shannon
The Coast of NORWAY and Lap Land from North Kyn to the River Kola
A distant view of Schenectady on the Mohawk River.
Water works on the Schuylkill River.
New travelling and commercial map of the Canadas : from the Sault of St. Marie to the river Saguenay, and a large section of the United States of America
Scene of the river Sutledge, near Pauk-Puttun in the Punjaub.
Lavilleb[...]'s old plantation house on the Mississippi River 4 miles above New Orlean
Mississippi River 4 miles above New Orleans.
View across the river looking over the present custom house, N.O.

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