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Papyrus plant Figs. 3 & 4
Stefano Della Bella - [Horse ballet].
Pastoral dance scenes of the eighteenth century
Les Liliacees: Femme Caffre.
Lachenalia tricolor, Pierre Joseph Redoute
The grasshopper and the ant.
The wolf and the lamb.
Madame Saqui, the celebrated performer on the rope, at Vauxhall
Exterior view of the two temples at Ybsambul [Abu Sunbul].
Mazurier, rôle de Joko.
Mademoiselle Taglioni
Vallee da Serra do Mar (Chaine de montagnes pre de la mer).
Melle. Fitz-James, de l'Académie royale de musique, rôle d'une asperge dans un ballet de légumes.
Die Herren Lawrence und Redisha: erste Mimiker des Covent-Garden Theaters in London, in ihren Vorstellungen auf dem Theater an der Wien
La Cerrito. [Lithograph] F. Sorrieu. Lith. Magnier
Fucus serratus., cyanotype
sylph of the forest, the song of the fairy butterfly. J. Brandard. M. & N. Hanhart Impt.
Scène des fleurs: Mlle. Taglioni
Churches of our Lady and of the Messiah, highlands of Ethiopia
M'elle Carlotta Grisi dans Giselle.
Hy Somauli Congress, highlands of Ethiopia
Cerito [sic] in the Sylphide. [Lithograph by N. Currier]
The three Graces
The Flower dance of the Viennoise children
Madelle Marie Taglioni, La fée aux fleurs
Island of jewels quadrilles by J.H. Tully
Le bal Mabile, Champs-Elysées (social dancing)
Silk brocades - by Campbell, Harrison & Lloyd, of Spitalfields, for Howell James & co. of London and by Vanner & son of Spitalfields.
Berberi playing on the kisirka
Route des pyramides de Gîzeh.
Abraham's Oak at Hebron, Palestine
View of Chambersburg Turnpike from Gettysburg, showing a portion of the first day’s fighting-ground, including Oak Ridge, occupied by Rebel batteries on the second and third.  The small stone house, near the summit of the hill, was occupied [sic] by Gen. Lee as his headquarters.
U.S. Christian Commission, at the General Hospital, Gettysburg, Pa.
Iceberg, showing the action of the water, washing and wearing it into its present shape
View of Yenoshima
Glycine, Maurice Pillard Verneuil
Iris, Art Nouveau Poster
Muguet, Art Nouveau Poster
Cyclamen, E. Hervegh. Eugene Grasset, compiler
Pavot, Art Nouveau Poster
Carib Indians making Baskets, Dominica
Maple leaf rag
Cultivation of Sugar-Cane, Jamaica
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Torn up by miners; Gasolene plant, made money. Beach before washing; Carrying sand to partner, who is rocking; All the comforts of home.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Front Street, after storm, where houses were carried across street by surf; Wrecks in front of Nome; Pumping plant, before and after storm; Frank's camp near windmill.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Barge "Skookum" beached by Sept. storm. The Skookum carried one and one half million feet of lumber, over six hundred head of livestock, and a lot of passengers, to Nome; In front of Nome, after storm. Skookum in distance. Sept. 1900; Rear of Front Street, Nome after Sept. storm of 1900, the same lighter, on beach, appears in these three pictures (?); Remains of gasolene plant, Sept. 1900.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Wrecks of steamer and dredge building on beach, when crushed together by September storm; After Sept. storm, lumber, boats, small tents, "cold feet"; Remains of a plant after a bout with Bering Sea; This schooner driven ashore, lumber piles, etc.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Beach torn up by miners, 4 miles from Nome; "One of the patent machines"; Two men who made thousands with their plant; Sluice,"There were others".
Wool prints (slubbing prints).
Giuliano da Sangallo, Uffizi, 2469. [Studies of man wearing draped garment, and architectural elements.]
A merry Christmas.
Starfish costume
Plant at Trenton, N.J.
Young Fijian warriors.
Camps. Chemical dosing plant for treating the tunnel drainage and spoil-bank run-off from the South portal of Hunters Brook tunnel. Contract 23. May 13, 1910.
Hudson pressure tunnel. View looking east across Hudson river towards Breakneck mountain with plant at East test-shaft at base of mountain. Contract 90. May 28, 1909.
Ashokan Reservoir. Down-stream face of Olive Bridge dam with concreting plant for placing plug in stream-control conduit. Contract 3. November 18, 1913.
Kensico reservoir. View of up-stream face of dam. Derricks handle all masonry; cableways move derricks and other articles of plant. Contract 9. May 28, 1914.
Coagulating plant. ... Contract 159. September 19, 1917.
Ashokan Reservoir. View of Olive Bridge dam showing down-stream face of masonry section. Stone crusher and concrete mixing plant in left background. Contract 3. June 21, 1910.
Kensico reservoir. General view of foundation and cut-off trench for Kensico dam and contractor's plant. Old dam at right of center and flume for controlling water of Bronx river. Contract 9. March 28, 1913.
Bonticou tunnel. General view showing the South portal with stone-crushing plant in background. ... Contract 47. April 5, 1912.
Ardsley cut-and-cover. Concrete mixing plant. Contract 53. December 7, 1911.
Shorter Hall, Wilberforce University.
Not only for December greetings do I send...
Curtiss Wright-er; about the Buffalo plant production soldiers. Vol. 2, No. 1-25
Studies of a modern manufacturing plant. [Title pg.]
Restaurant for office and shops - accomadates 1500 ; Driveway between offices and Plant.
C.F. Braun & Co. Plant site plan.
Virginia, Nieu Neder-landt, Nieu Englandt.
Jean Baptiste Vanmour - Marriage turc
Habit of a nobleman of Rome. Ancien noble Romain.
Habit of Moorish pilgrims returning from Mecca in 1568. Pelerins Maures revenant del Mecque.
Pancratium maritimum, Pierre Joseph Redoute
Hemerocallis fulva, Pierre Joseph Redoute
Rideau d'avant scène exécuté au Théâtre de la Cour, pour réprésesntation d'apparat, à l'occasion du couronnement de l'Empereur D. Pedro I-er.
Ptilota plumosa ß capillaris.
Paper hangings by Mader fréres [sic] of Paris.
Block printed table cover by Evans & co. of London.
Statuette in ivory, and objects in gold and silver, by Froment Meurice of Paris.
Thèbes. Médinet-Habou, ruines de la ville de Papa.
Preparation for Winter. Army of Cumberland going into Winter Quarters, Dec. 1863
Hospital on Roanoke Island. Febr. 8, 1862
Turdus musicus. Thrush.
The Tombs of the Prophets, Jerusalem
Kinkakuji Garden, at Kioto
Eugene Grasset - Aconit, Maurice Pillard Verneuil
Eglantier, Maurice Pillard Verneuil
Eugene Grasset - Chardon, Art Nouveau Poster
A halt, "Star" and "Don" dining at Blue Spring; Cactus century plant. Rush girls and pet "Tom", Geyser Springs Ranch; Geyser Springs, Edgar Knowles, Miss Lucy Rush in riding habit, Stanley Rush on horseback; Miss Rush, French coach horse.
Exhibit number eleven. Oxford nonpareil.
Chinese child holding bouquet.
Old Iron Bracket--hand-forged from iron made at Coalins Forest and Game Reservation, between Cumberland and Tennessee Rivers, in Kentucky. Resettlement now owns the land and site of the old iron furnace which was built by slave labor and a chief source of iron for Confederate Army during Civil War.
Habit of King Henry VIII in 1520. Le Roi Henry VII.
Ligustrum vulgare = Troëne commun. [Common privet]
Allium straitum, Pierre Joseph Redoute
Polysiphonia fastigiata., cyanotype
The Shiukoji Temple, Hyogo.

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