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palmer w william 1739 1812 engraver

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Chart of the N.W. coast of America and the N.E. coast of Asia, explored in the years 1778 and 1779.
Geographae antique tabula
A map of America or the New World : wherein are introduced all the known parts of the Western Hemisphere, from the map of D'Anville, with the necessary alterations, and the addition of the discoveries made since the year 1761
Atlas minimus universalis... , [Title page]
Modern geography
Graeciae antiquae et aegaei maris tabula
The Old World: Eastern Hemisphere
The New World: Western Hemisphere
Chart of the world on Mercator's projection
Southern Hemisphere
Europe and its general divisions
Spain and Portugal
France, divided into military governments
British Isles or Great Britain and Ireland with the adjacent islands
England and Wales or South Britain
Scotland, or North Britain
Ireland divided into provinces and counties
VII United Provinces, Netherlands, and Principality of Liege
Denmark and Holstein
The Germanic States or Empire of Germany
Italy divided into its respective states
Greece and Archipelago with part of Anadoli
Poland with its dismemberments and Prussia
European Russia or Moscovy, or Russia; divided into its governments
The Gulfs of Arabia and Persia with the adjacent regions
New Holland, with the adjacent Polynesia
Nigritia and Guinea; with the African Coast from Cape Blanco to Cape Lopo-Gonsalvez
British possessions in North America and United States with Vermont, Kentucky and Tennassee
Western Coast of North America with Behring's Straits
West India Islands
South America from the latest Spanish and Portuguese surveys
Nea-Polynesia, or the islands newly discover'd in the Pacific Ocean