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oriental album twenty illustrations in oil colors of the people and scenery of turkey with an explanatory and descriptive text by rev henry j van lennep

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Armenian Lady (At Home)
The Oriental Album by H. J. Van-Lennep
Bandit Chief
Armenian Piper
Druse Girl
Gypsy Fortune-Telling
List of illustrations
Turkish Woman (Unveiled)
Albanian Guard
Turkish Cavass (Police Officer)
A Turkish Effendi
Armenian Bride
Jewish Marriage
Jewish  Merchant
Armenian Marriage Procession
Armenian Ladies (At Home)
Circassian Warrior
The oriental album: twenty illustrations, in oil colors, of the people and scenery of Turkey, with an explanatory and descriptive text. By Rev. Henry J. Van Lennep.
Turkish and Armenian Ladies Abroad
Turkish Scribe
Turkish Lady of Rank (At Home)
Armenian Peasant Woman