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Novi Belgii Novaeque Angliae nec non partis Virginiae tabula
A chart of the sea coast of New Foundland, New Scotland, New England, New York, New Jersey, with Virginia and Maryland.
Southwest view of Fort George with the City of New York.
Carte de la Nouvelle Angleterre : New York, Pensilvanie et Nouveau Jersay suivant les cartes angloises.
A Map of the country round Philadelphia : including part of New Jersey, New York, Staten Island, & Long Island.
A chart of Delaware Bay and River
An Accurate map of New York in North America, from a late survey.
A map of the country in which the army under Lt. General Burgoyne acted in the campaign of 1777 : shewing the marches of the army & the places of the principal actions
A map of the country from Rariton River in East Jersey to Elk Head in Maryland : shewing the several operations of the American and British armies, in 1776 & 1777
View of New York from taken from Weahawk
Map of the state of New York.
Map of the route of the proposed New York & Erie Railroad, as surveyed in 1834
Map of New York exhibiting the post offices, post roads, canals, rail roads &c.
Distance map of the state of New York : containing all the towns in the state.
The old Billop house
Gus Hills Minstrels, 1890-1898 Park Avenue, Manhattan.
New York march
Broadway, West Side. 10th to 12th St.
Broadway, East Side. Exchange Pl. to Wall St.
Broadway, East Side. City Hall Park.
John Brisben Walker, Proprietor and Editor "The Cosmopolitan Magazine"
Broadway, West Side. Trinity Church to Liberty St.
Broadway, East Side. Liberty to John St.
Broadway, West Side. Franklin to Walker St.
Broadway, West Side. Morris St. to Exchange Alley.
Broadway, West Side. Waverly Place to 8th St.
Broadway, West Side. Third St. to Waverly Pl.
Broadway, West Side. Chambers to Thomas St.
Broadway, East Side. Chambers to Pearl St.
Broadway, East Side. Pearl to Franklin St.
Broadway, East Side. Walker to Howard St.
Broadway, East Side. Post Office. Ann St. to City Hall Park.
Broadway, West Side. Broome to Spring St.
Broadway, East Side. Spring to Prince St.
Broadway, East Side. Houston to Bleecker St.
Broadway, West Side. Howard to Grand St.
Broadway, East Side. Bowling Green to Hudson Bldg.
Broadway, West Side. Grand to Broome St.
Broadway, East Side. John to Ann St.
Sapolio Housework. [Sapolio cleaning product ad]
Broadway, East Side. 3rd St. to Old London Bldg.
Broadway, West Side. Thomas to Franklin St.
Broadway, East Side. Grand to Broome St.
Publisher's Department.
Broadway, East Side. Wall to Liberty St.
Broadway, West Side. Bleecker to Third St.
Publisher's Department (continued).
Broadway, West Side. Liberty to Dey St.
Broadway, West Side. 8th to 10th St.
Broadway, East Side. Broome to Spring St.
Companie Générale Transatlantique. [Shipping companie of France ad]
Broadway, West Side. Spring to Prince St.
Broadway, West Side. Bowling Green to Morris St.
Broadway, East Side. Bleecker to Third St.
Broadway, East Side. Franklin to Walker St.
Broadway, West Side. Vesey to Murray St.
Broadway, East Side. 8th to 10th St.
Broadway, West Side. Walker to Howard St.
Real Estate Loans No. 11
Coat-of-Arms, with Fifth Avenue, 1911 New York, engraved below. [Opening page]
No. 59 O.T. Luis & Co., East 13th St.- Manhattan Hair Works - East 14th St.
No. 143 Park & Tilford - Bonwit, Harris & Co. ladies wear - No. 159 O.J. Gude Co.
No. 24 Charles de Rham - No. 42 Wm. Brockie, West 10th St.
No. 23 Daniel E. Sickles- No. 41 Miss M.L. Kennedy, East 10th St.
[No. 1 Wm. Butler Duncan, East 7th St. - No. 19 Dr. E.L. Partridge, East 8th St.]
[Metropolitan Life Ins. Building - Long Beach Estates - Brentanos, books - No. 233, Pickslay & Co.]
No. 126 Johnson Cowdoin & Co. - No. 140 Hardman Piano Co.
No. 222, Lingerie Shop - Peck & Peck, hosiery - No. 240, The 5th Avenue Linen Store.
Fifth Avenue, New York, from start to finish 1911. [Title page with illustrations of Washington Arch, The New York Public Library and Richard Morris Hunt Memorial]
[Washington Arch - No. 12 Apartment house, West 8th St.]
[Metropolitan Tower - Madison Square Garden - Brunzwick Building, East 26th St.]
West 11th St - No. 62 Mrs. Geo. L. Kingsland, West 12th St.
West 23rd St. - United Cigar Co. - Albemarle Hotel - Hoffman House - No. 202 Berlitz, School of Languages
No. 152 F. Schumacher & Co., West 20th St. - Crouch & Fitzgerald, trunks - West 21st St.
No. 99 Cohen Bros. & Co. - Bamberg & Risser - Lord & Taylor, East 19th St.
No. 236-8, Smith, Gray & Co. - Second National Bank - No. 258 Marceau, Photographer,  Rice & Duval, Tailors.
No. 49 John Dallert, East 12th St.-No. 61 Wernz & Koehne, East 13th St.
East 14th St. No. 90, Ed. Pinaud - Peerless Film Ex. Naething's Restaurant -West 18th St.
No. 155 Chas. Scribner's Sons, publishers - O.J. Dude Co. - Flatiron Building - East 23rd St.
No. 251, Coleman, Tailor, Little Shop - Pennsylvania Railroad Co. - No. 265 Calumet Club.
[West 15th St. - The Union Skirt Co. - West 16th St. No. 112 Louis Meyers & Son.]
Big Negro Excursion [January 3, 1925, advertisement in the Negro World announcing  the sailing of the S.S. Booker T.  Washington to Central America, the West Indies, Panama, and the South of the United States]
[Advertisement in the Negro World, January 17, 1925, announcing  the launching of the  ocean liner  S. S.  Booker T. Washington ]
Some of the wounded in the New York parade; The 369th Colored regiment.
Ferry, West 23rd Street, Manhattan.
Palisade Avenue No. 2505, Spuyten Duyvil, Bronx.
Country Store: interior, Ewen Avenue, Spuyten Duyvil, Bronx.
Huts and unemployed, West Houston and Mercer St., Manhattan.
Grove Street, No. 45, Manhattan.
Gas tank and Queensboro Bridge, East 62nd Street & York Avenue, Manhattan.
Seventh Avenue looking south from 35th Street, Manhattan.
Waterfront, South Street, Manhattan.
Oldest apartment house in New York City, 142 East 18th Street, Manhattan.
Murray Hill Hotel, 112 Park Avenue, Manhattan.
Murray Hill Hotel, Manhattan.
Cliff and Ferry Street, Manhattan.
Unemployed and huts, West Houston -- Mercer St., Manhattan.
Firehouse, Park Avenue and East 135th Street, Manhattan.
Huts and unemployed, West Houston and Mercer Street, Manhattan.

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