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Big Negro Excursion [January 3, 1925, advertisement in the Negro World announcing  the sailing of the S.S. Booker T.  Washington to Central America, the West Indies, Panama, and the South of the United States]
What 'Back to Africa' Means [title for  Marcus Garvey's letter appearing in the  January 30, 1926 issue of the Negro World]
[Advertisement in the Negro World, January 17, 1925, announcing  the launching of the  ocean liner  S. S.  Booker T. Washington ]
Front page of Negro World; Volume 8, Number 24, July 31, 1920.
Group of experts sent by the UNIA to Liberia, June 1924, to prepare the way for colonists; The group was deported by Liberian authorities immediately upon arrival; The Negro World]; James N. Walcott, Ship carpenter and builder; James c. Roberts, electrical engineer; Reginald Hurley, carpenter and builder [new in Africa]; William W. Strange, supervising and directing civil and mining engineer; J. Nicholls, mechanical engineer; Rupert Christian, executive secretary and paymaster.