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Studio portrait of John C. Napier
Bronx, V. 13, Plate No. 52 [Map bounded by Mount Vernon Ave., Kepler Ave., E. 233rd St., Napier Ave.]
Bronx, V. 13, Plate No. 51 [Map bounded by E. 233rd St., Napier Ave., E. 233rd St., Jerome Ave.]
Bronx, V. 14, Plate No. 97 [Map bounded by Napier Ave., Van Cortlandt Park East, Kepler Ave., E. 236th St.]
Bronx, V. 14, Plate No. 94 [Map bounded by Napier Ave., E. 236th St., Kepler Ave., E. 233rd St.]
Queens, Vol. 1, Double Page Plate No. 7; Part of Ward 4, Jamaica; [Map bounded by Rockaway Turnpike, Vanderbilt Ave., Foley Ave., Campion Ave., Rose Ave., Mc.Auley Ave., Van Wyck Ave., Lester Ave., Agnolia Ave., Johnson Ave., Chichester Ave., Atlantic Ave., Beaufort Ave., Broadway, Whittier Ave., Bryant Ave., Lowell Ave., Longfellow Ave., Remington Ave., Liberty Ave., Wells Ave., Bandman Ave., Humboldt Blvd., Sylvester Ave., Shore Ave., Lincoln Ave.; Including Fulton St., Alsop St., Tyndall St., Guilford St., Clinton St., Carll St., Archer St., Jefferson St., Beaufort St., Elm St., Jay St., Henry St., Wyckoff St., Dean St., Baltic St., Allen St., West St., Swale Road, South St., 1st St., 2nd St.; Including Kissam PL., Archer PL., Hanson PL., Clifton PL., Bath PL., Irving PL., Napier PL., Blanco PL., Otto PL., Lux PL.]
Queens, Vol. 1, Double Page Plate No. 3; Part of Ward Four, Jamaica; [Map bounded by Atlantic Ave., Napier Ave., Ocean Ave., Hopkinton Ave., Woodhaven Ave., Flushing Ave., Grafton Ave., Hatch Ave., Shattuck Ave., Oakley Ave., Lawn Ave., Union Ave., Mc. Cormick Ave., Wyckoff Ave., Clinton Ave., Washington Ave., Hoffman Ave., Grant Ave., Myrtle Ave., Greenwood Ave., Grove Ave., Cedar Ave., Linden Ave., Hamilton Ave., Jefferson Ave., Broadway, Belmont Ave., Liberty Ave., Rockway Plank Road, Chester Ave., Vanwicklen Ave., Metropolis Ave., Stoothoff Ave.; Including South St., Concord St., Elm St., Oak St., Walnut St.; Including Vanderveer PL., University PL., Welcome PL.]
Queens, Vol. 1, Double Page Plate No. 4; Part of ward 4, Jamaica; [Map bounded by Manor Ave., Willard Ave., Magnolia Ave., Park Ave., Prospect Ave., Waterbury Ave., Garfiled Ave., Grant Ave., Cleveland Ave., Orchard Ave., Lincoln Ave., Washington Ave., Division Ave., Myrtle Ave., Central Ave., Brooklyn and Jamaica Plank Road, Napier Ave., Ridgewood Ave., Diamond Ave., Greenwood Ave., Grove Ave., Maple Ave., Stoothoff Ave., Hamilton Ave., Jefferson Ave., Stewart Ave., Briggs Ave., Fulton Ave., Atlantic Ave.; Including Ashland St., Avondale St., Ferris St., Elmwood St., Branson St., Tulip St., Walnut St., Chestnut St., Amber St., Oak St., Welling St., Cherry St., Maple St., Elm St., Walnut St., Park St., Market St., FultonSt., Popular St., Linden St., Beech St., North St., Lexington St., Pierce St., Scott St.; Including Union PL., Vanderveer PL., Guion PL., Napier PL., Pitkin PL.]
Bronx, V. 14, Plate No. 93 [Map bounded by Napier ave., E. 233rd St., Van Cortlandt Park East]