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mid manhattan picture collection

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A Xmas Shopper.
Michael "King" Kelly
Immigrants At Ellis Island, N.Y.
Fijian druas.
"It brings the world's greatest pianists into my home"
Impregnable New York: Why worry about Invasions?  From April 29, 1915 issue.
"Give Your Vacation to Your Country"
Help them - keep your war savings pledge
Your Liberty Bond will help stop this - Sus bonos de la libertad ayudarán á dar fin con esto
Joan of Arc Saved France
Office of the Freedmen's Bureau, Memphis, Tennessee
Selling a freedman to pay his fine, at Monticello, Florida
Prayer meeting in a contraband camp, Washington, 1862.
The lost colony
Landing negroes at Jamestown from Dutch man-of-war, 1619
Landing of Hendrick Hudson
The settlers at Jamestown
The maypole of Merry Mount, 1625
Father Marquette and his symbol of peace
Marquette's reception by the Illinois
Oglethorpe's interview with Tomo-chi-chi.
The Acadians driven into exile
The embarkation of the Acadians
Siege of Boston.
Battle of Saratoga. Gen. Arnold wounded in the attack on the Hessian Redoubt.
Battle of Saratoga.
The march to Valley Forge.
Henry Bryan Hall - Valley Forge--Washington & Lafayette.
The Battle of Eutaw Springs.
Reception of Washington at Trenton, New Jersey, April 21, 1789.  ("Columbian magazine," May, 1789.)
Battle of the Thames--death of Tecumseh.
Genl. Harrison & Tecumseh.
Fall of Major Ringold.
Scenes in Memphis, Tennessee, during the riot--burning down a freedmen's school-house ; Shooting down negroes on the morning of May 2, 1866.
Maryland and Pennsylvania farmers visiting the battlefield of Antietam, while the federal troops we[re] burying the dead, Friday, September 19th, 1862.
Across Country In A Thunder Storm.
After canned goods.
Attacked by bushwhackers.
Battle of Gettysburg, July 2.
Lieutenant Bayard Wilkeson holding his battery (G, 4th United States artillery) to its work in an exposed postion.
Grant's army crossing the James River
Outer view of the lower limb
Common Bat ; Vampire Bat ; Common Bat ; Dog Headed Bat ; Horseshoe Bat ; Fruit Eating Bat.
The Rousette Of Dussumier ; The Rousette Of Keraudron ; Cephalote Of Pallas ; The Molossus Bat ; The Hare-Lipped Bat.
Rats And Mice.
Rats On Board Ship--A Midnight Fantasy.
An Old Play-Bill Of Performing Monkeys.
Spectres on the stage
Roman Horseman.
Grant'S Headquarters In The Wilderness.
Michael "King" Kelly
The international swimming match at Long Branch, between Messrs. J. B. Johnson and Andrew Trautz.  The contestants going out for practice.
Trochilus Stokesii.
A merry Christmas
Hark!  What mean those holy voices?
Christmas greetings!
Christmas greetings
A hearty Christmas to you all!
House Coat. coat of arms
House Coat. coat of arms
The Rose.
A Most Alarming Swelling!
Women And A Girl At A Train Station, United States, 1866.
Autumn And Winter Street Suits.
Women'S Capes And Jackets, France, 1890s.
A Stroll In Central Park.
Bathing Dresses.
Dr. Scott'S Electric Corset.
Something New! Dr. Scott'S Electric Summer Corset.
Woman And Children In Corsets.
Deux costumes de sport
Liberty Bell.
Mexican Century.
Fourth Of July Festivities At Faneuil Hall, Boston.
Mlle Lilian Greuze, du Théâtre Sarah-Bernhardt
Bonnets and head-dresses of the time, 1806-1830.
Betrayed With A Smile.
Emigrant Life In British North America.
Delaware Indian family.
Gigantic Beetle (Female), Hercules Beetle, Shining Beetle, Macleay'S Beetle, Prodigal Beetle, Elephant Beetle, Fiery Beetle, Clubbed Beetle, Gigantic Beetle (Male).
The shipload of wives
Massacre of the Christian Indians
Massacre of Wyoming
The massacre of Wyoming.
Marshall & Rose superb grand & upright pianofortes.
The presidential mansion, Franklin Square, 1789.
The last of Kissing Bridge on the Old Boston Road, 1860, 50th St. & 2d Ave.
American Museum Of Natural History (Temporary Building).
American Museum Of Natural History, Central Park 8th Ave. And 77th Street.
American Museum Of Natural History, New York, N.Y.
New York City, Reception-Day At The New York Museum Of Natural History, Central Park.
Opening of the American Museum of Natural History.
A Bowery soubrette.
Prospect Park, Brooklyn.
Old cottages at the junction of Canal (late Walker St.) & Division St, 1861.

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