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livingstone college

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Library of Livingstone College.
Sketch book of Livingstone College and East Tennessee Industrial School, Cover page
The late Dr. Joseph Chas. Price, founder of Livingstone College, Educator Theologian and a Prince of Orators
Bird's-eye view of Livingstone College and E. Tenn. Industrial School; Buildings and grounds.
A group of officers and teachers.
Pioneers in Livingstone College work; Rev. Wm. H. Goler, A.M., D.D., President.
Pioneers in Livingstone College work; Edward Moore, Ph.D., M.D., Secretary.
Prof. W. H. Hannum, Treasurer.
Huntington Hall.
First year Normal - 1902-3.
Middle year Normal - 1902-3.
At work in the Blacksmith Shop.
Class A, Grammar, Division Second - 1902-3.
Nurse Training class 1900, in E. T. I. School.  Some of these nurses have seen service and given the highest satisfaction.  Their services is in constant demand.
Class B, Grammar Department - 1902-3.
Class in Primary Department.
A Class in Cooking, E. T. I. School.
Interior view of Printing Department, E. T. I. S.
Cosmopolitan Hall.
Mr. J. A. Taylor, Agriculturalist.
Jas. C. Moore, Principal and Founder of E. T. I. School.
This log cabin, its puncheon seats, a plenty of keen switches, and the old blue black speller, are the earliest recollections of the school life of Jas. C. Moore, Principal and Founder of East Tennessee Industrial School, and prime mover in bringing about a consolidation of said school with Livingstone College.
State Normal School, connected with Livingstone College, 1903 - of which Rev. J. O. Crosby, Ph.D., is Principal.
Battalion on dress parade.
J. E. Kwegyir-Aggrey, Financial Secretary; [Prof. Kwegyir-Aggrey, Financial Secretary is a graduate of the Classical Department of Livingstone College; He is native born, full-blooded African, whose intellectual brilliancy and high Christian character is the admiration of all who know him.]
Picking cotton back of Dodge Hall.
Dodge Hall - the generous gift of the late Wm. E. Dodge.
Prof. E. S. Melton, Supt. of Industries.
Ballard Hall.
Stanford Hall.
Junior Normal class - 1902-3.
Senior Normal Class - 1902-3.
Class A, Grammar, First Division - 1902-3.
Shoe Shop.
A Class in Sewing, E. T. I. S.
A corner of Cosmopolitan Library, E. T. I. S.
Hon. M. J. R. Gentle, First President of Board of Trustees, E. T. I. School.