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Abraham Ortelius his epitome of the theater of the worlde ... [Title page]
Poictov., Abraham Ortelius
America., Abraham Ortelius
Hispania., Abraham Ortelius
Britannia., Abraham Ortelius
Hibernia., Abraham Ortelius
Guasconiæ descriptio.
Valentiæ Regnum.
Abraham Ortelius his epitome of the theater of the worlde ... [Title page verso]
Scotia., Abraham Ortelius
Portugallia., Abraham Ortelius
Anglia., Abraham Ortelius
Gades., Abraham Ortelius
The generall historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer isles: with the names of the adventurers, planters, and governours from their first beginning ano: 1584. to this present 1626. With the proceedings of those severall colonies and the accidents that befell them in all their journyes and discoveries. Also the maps and descriptions of all those countryes, their commodities, people, government, customes, and religion yet knowne. Divided into sixe bookes. By Captaine Iohn Smith sometymes governour in those countryes & admirall of New England.
America: or An exact description of the West-Indies [Title page].
Nouvelle carte de la Pensylvanie, Maryland, Virginie, et Nouvelle Iarsey.
Nova Svecia
A new generall chart for the West Indies of E. Wright's projection vul. Mercators chart
D'Engelze volkplanting in Virginie
North America : corrected from the observations communicated to the Royal Society at London and the Royal Academy at Paris
A draught of Virginia from the Capes to York in York River ....
A new generall chart for the West Indies....
A generall chart of the Western Ocean.
Virginia, Maryland, Pennsilvania, east & west New Jarsey
A new map of Virginia from the best authorities
A new projection of the Western Hemisphere of the Earth on a plane : (showing the proportions of its several parts nearly as on a globe)
A Map of the country round Philadelphia : including part of New Jersey, New York, Staten Island, & Long Island.
Carte de la Pensylvanie et du Nouveau Jersey.
Carte de la Nouvelle York : y-compris les terres cédées du N. Hamp-Shire, sous le nom d'etat de Vermont.
Plan de la ville de Washington en Amèrique
State of New-York for Spafford's gazetteer
Marca Anconitana.
Saxonia, Thuringia, Misnia., Abraham Ortelius
Romanum Teritorium., Abraham Ortelius
Siena., Abraham Ortelius
Forumiulii., Abraham Ortelius
Zara, & Sebenic., Abraham Ortelius
Provincia., Abraham Ortelius
Austria., Abraham Ortelius
Aegyptus., Egypt, Abraham Ortelius
Burgundiae Duc., Abraham Ortelius
Leodiensis Episcopatus., Abraham Ortelius
Oropitum., Abraham Ortelius
Aniov., Abraham Ortelius
Lutzenburg., Abraham Ortelius
Silesiae Typus.
Presbiteri Iohannis sive Abissinorum Imperium., Abraham Ortelius
Bohemia., Abraham Ortelius
Histria., Abraham Ortelius
Italia., Abraham Ortelius
Helvetia., Abraham Ortelius
Burgundia Comitatus., Abraham Ortelius
Salisburgensis Archiepiscopatus., Abraham Ortelius
Pedemontana Regio., Abraham Ortelius
Picardia., Abraham Ortelius
Caletum et Bononia., Abraham Ortelius
Germania., Abraham Ortelius
Tirolis Comitat., Abraham Ortelius
Gallia Belgica., Abraham Ortelius
Veromandui., Abraham Ortelius
Hungaria., Abraham Ortelius
A new map of the north parts of America claimed by France under ye names of Louisiana, Mississipi, Canada and New France, with ye adjoyning territories of England and Spain ...
Romania, Bulgaria, Walachia et Syrfia., Abraham Ortelius
Virginia and Maryland.
Newengland and New York.
North America divided into its principall parts where are distinguished the severall states which belong to the English, Spanish, and French
Part of North America : comprehending the course of the Ohio, New England, New York, New Jersey, Pensilvania, Maryland, Virginia ...
A new map of Virginia
A new map of New England and New York
A new map of the islands of the Ægean Sea, together with the island of Crete, and the adjoining isles.
A new map of France, shewing its principal divisions, cheif cities, townes, ports, rivers, mountains &c.
A new map of ancient Italy, together with the adjoyning islands of Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica, shewing their principal divisions, cities, towns, rivers, mountains &c.
A new map of Ipresent Spain & Portugal, shewing their principal divisions. cheif cities, townes, ports, rivers, mountains &c.
Present Asia distinguisht into its general divisions or countries together with their capital cities, chief rivers, mountains &c.
A new sett of maps both of antient and present geography ... [Title page & Content]
A new map of Gallia Cisalpina & Græcia Magna, shewing their chief divisions, people, cities, towns &c.
A new map of the north part of  antient Africa shewing the chiefe people, cities, towns, rivers, mountains &c. in Mauritania, Numidia, Africa Propria, Libya Propria, and Egypt.
A new map o East Indies, taken from Mr. de Fer's Map of Asia, shewing their chief divisions, cities, towns, ports, rivers, mountains &c.
A new map of Germany, shewing its principal divisions, cities, towns, rivers, mountains &c.
A new map of North America shewing its principal divisions, chief cities, townes, rivers, mountains & c.
A new map of Sarmatia Europæa, Pannonia and Dacia, shewing their principal divisions, people, cities, towns, rivers, mountains &c.
A new map of the most considerable plantations of the English in America
A new map shewing the travels of the patriarchs, as also of the children of Israel, from Egypt through the wilderness to the land of Canaan.
A new map of Great Tartary, and China, with the adjoyning part of Asia, taken from Mr. de Fer's map of Asia.
A new map of Europe according to its ancient general divisions and names of its countries together with their chief cities, rivers, mountains &c.
A new map shewing all the severall countries, cities, towns and other places mentioned in the New  Testament [1 - in Greece Cyprus, Asia and parts adjoining; 2 - in Italy, Mesopotamia &c.;  3 - in the Holy Land and parts adjoining.]
A new map of the British Isles, shewing their ancient people, cities, and towns of note, in the time of the Romans.
A new map of Africk shewing its present general divisions, chief cities or towns, rivers, mountains &c.
A new map of the Netherlands or Low Countries, shewing their principal divisions, cities, towns, rivers &c.
A georgraphical table containing the principal countries, kingdoms, provinces, islands, cities, towns, rivers, &c. of the now known World, the whole adjusted to ancient geography , and so contrived, as that it may serve for a georgaphical dictionary.
A new map of Latium, Etruria, and as much of ancient Itally, as lay between Gallia Cisalpina and Græcia Magna, shewing their principal divisions, cities, towns, rivers, mountains &c.
A new map of ancient Thrace, as also of the northern parts of Old Greece, viz. Macedonia, and Thessalia.
A new map of present Poland, Hungary, Walachia, Moldavia, Little Tartary, shewing their principal divisions, chief cities, towns, rivers, &c.
A map of Florida and ye Great Lakes of Canada
A new map of Libya or old Africk shewing its general divisions, most remarkable countries or people, cities, towns, rivers, mountains &c.
Tabula geographica universi terrarum orbis ...
A new map of the terraqueous globe according to the latest discoveries and most general divisions of it into continents and oceans.
A new map of ancient Germany, Rhætia, Vindelicia, and Noricum, shewing their principal people, tribes, cities, towns, rivers, mountains &c.
A new map of ancient Gaul or Gallia Transalpina, shewing the divisions thereof by Augustus Cæsar together with its principal people, cities, townes, rivers, mountains &c.

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