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jesus christ

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Column of illustrations of Creation. Rubric
Leaf with miniature of the Entry into Jerusalem
Christ as Man of Sorrows, [Title page]
Apocalipsis cum figuris, [Title page]
Ergo ignominium, ciui quam nulla notat lex, Hanc Regi aterno crimina nostra ferunt?
Aeternum laudanta piis, memorandáque planctu Aeterno prauis, una eadémque dies
Christ commends the poor widow who puts money in the Temple Treasury
Crucifixion with the penitent St. Peter
David and Bathsheba
The Virgin of Sorrows, seated among angels holding the implements of Christ's passion
Full-page miniature of Christ, and opening of text, with rubrics, large initial with flower decoration
Die leichnam Christi.
Die Anbetung der Hirten.
Die heilige Familie.
Pierre Paul Rubens - Et inclinato capite, tradidit spiritum. Joan. XIX. 30.
Christus als Knabe.
Die heilige Familie.
La Madonna di tempi.
Die grabelgung Christi.
The child Christ ("Christ Engel") a bas relief in white marble by Rietschel of Dresden.
Kasauli. Christ Church
Botticini, British museum, 589. [Study for coronation, with Christ.]
School of Pollajuolo, [sic] Christ church, Oxford, 1948. [Man wearing drapery holding a book.]
Resurrection. By Henri Bataille and Michael Morton from Tolstoi's novel
The Crucifixion, anonymous printmaker, German
Christ Before Pilate
Christ Delivered to the Jews
Christ Taking Leave of His Mother
Christ Among the Doctors
Christ Taking Leave of His Mother
Christ among the Doctors
The Entry into Jerusalem
Christ Delivered to the Jews
Christ Before Caiaphus
Christ Appears to the Magdalen
Vendeur d'herbe de Ruda; Chevalier de Christ exposé dans son cercueil ouvert.
Négresses allant à l'église, pour être baptisées; Chevaliers du Christ, en grand costume de l'ordre.
Die heil. Maria mit dem Jesus Kinde.
Pierre Paul Rubens - Christus und die fier Sünder.
Die Kreuzabnahme.
Kreutzschleppung Christi.
Die dornenkrœnung Christi.
Pierre Paul Rubens - Saul's [sic] Bekehrung.
Die heilige Jungfrau.
Jesus heilet einen Gichtbrüchigen.
Fra Bartolommeo, M. Léonn Bonnat, Paris, 496. [The entombment.]
Garbo, Christ church, Oxford, 768. [Study for a Madonna with St. Catherine and the Magdalen.]
Neri di Bicci, Uffizi, 1767. [The blessed virgin with Christ child.]
Leonardo, Louvre, 1068. [Study for the entire composition of the adoration.]
Albertinelli, Uffizi, 13. [Trinity with cherubs and saints.]
Garbo, British museum, 764 [The resurrected Christ.]
Fra Bartolommeo, Louvre, 468. [The Madonna seated, visible to below the knees with the child in her lap--study for the altar-piece in S. Martino at Lucca.]
Fra Paolino, Uffizi, 1785a. [Study for crucifixion.]
P. di Cosimo, British museum, 1859a. [Studies of blessed virgin with Christ child.]
Leonardo, Louvre, 1069. [The Madonna, turned to right, holds in her right hand a vase, from which the child takes fruit, while he caresses her cheek.]
P. di Cosimo, Albertina, 1863. [Christ child adored by blessed virgin and angels.]
Leonardo, M. Léon Bonnat, Paris, 1073. [Sketch for a nativity.]
Leonardo, Uffizi, 1015. [Madonna holding the child, who fondles a kitten.]
Filippino Lippi, Uffizi, 1287. [Study of blessed virgin and child enthroned, with figures adoring the child.]
Amico di Sandro, Uffizi, 45. [Adoration of Magi.]
The Crucifixion
Jesus und der Mutterbrust.
Ecce Homo.
Die dornenkroenung Christi.
Die Auferstehung Christi.
Die Flucht nach Egypten.
Die grablegung Christi.
Die taufe Christi.
Der leichnam Christi.
Christ's Entry into Jerusalem
Just as I am
Crucifixion with Four Angels
Christ in Limbo
Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalene
Felix Bracquemond - Christ couronné d'épines..., d'après Joseph Guichard.
Crucifixion [from the Eichstädt Missal]
The Resurrection of Christ
The Small Crucifixion
Felix Bracquemond - Christ aux roseaux.
Felix Bracquemond - Christ aux roseaux.
The Resurrection.
Command to St. Peter ("feed my sheep").
The Nativity.
Bethany; House of St. Veronica; Rocher des apostles et lieu de la trahison de Judas; 205 Mer Morte; 209 La fontaine d'Élisée (Palestine); Tomb of David; Holy Sepulchre: interior; 206 Le Jourdain (Palestine)
Monument of the tomb of Christ
XIV Station, intérieur du St. Sépulcre, le sarcophage. =  XIV Station, interior of Holy Sepulchre, the tomb
The Shrine of the Holy Sepulchre. The enormous candles at the entrance are lighted only on important festivals
Church of the Ascension, Mount of Olives
Risen indeed
Plan and section of land surrounding the Church of the Resurrection and the Hospital of the Knights of S. John.
Front of the Church of the Resurrection.
View of the Pool Amygdalon [Pool of Hezekiah], and of the domes of the Church of the Resurrection.
Gate of the entrance-door to the Church of the Resurrection..
Interior views of the Church of the Resurrection, viz. Great Dome (fig. 1), Calvary (fig. 2), Greek Chapel (fig. 3), Chapel of S. Helena (fig. 4).

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