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J. Belcher, governor of New Jersey.
Col. Peter Schuyler.
[Donz?]ella Fiorentino, MCCC.
Knight on horseback, MCCCC.
A deacon Cloisters Leige [sic], 1460; Roman deacon, c. 1450; English priest, 1480.
Under the Red Cross flag at home and abroad [Title page].
Metcalf Bowler, Cong. 1765.
Robert R. Livingston, Sen'r., member of the Stamp Congress.
George Wyllys, 1710-1796, Secy of Conn. 1734-1795.
Carpenter's Hall, Phil.
Passo parmi, 1300.
[Woman playing harp,] 1300.
Français, 1300.
Casting off the hawk; Luring the hawk.
Man with falcon standing over a large bird, and man with horse.
[Woman in bonnet and long dress with full sleeves, with back view shown in mirror,] 1300.
Cosimo Padre della Patrea, died 1464.
Petrarca 1300.
[Man wearing bonnet with ax and knife sheathed within purse attached to his belt.]
Six half length studies of various figures, male and female, and a child, the fourth dated 1400,  and the fifth and sixth described Venice, and dated 1200.
The residence of Metcalf Bowler, near Newport, R.I., as standing, 1886.
J. Jackson.
Geo. Partridge, mem. Cont. Congress Mass.
Geo. Thatcher, M.C.C. from Mass.
Isaac Low.
J. D. Heart.
Rich[ard] Smith.
Stephen Crane.
Sturges. coat of arms
Ezra L'Hommedieu, mem. Cont. Congress N.Y.
Your humble ser. Samuel Jones mem. Old Congress, N.Y.
Front of the house of Joseph Coolidge Esqr. in Boston
[Samuel Dick; house and office of Dr. Sam. Dick.]
Green Hill, the residence of Samuel Meredith, MOC.
Residence of Timothy Matlack, in 1777, East Orange St. Lancaster, Pa.
John Vining, M.O.C. [member of the old Congress], Delaware.
The monument [to Caesar Rodney] erected at Dover, Del. by the Rodney Club.
[John Hall.]
The Grove, the residence of Gov. Jones of N.C.
Richard Potts, mem. Con. Congress.
James Mercer, M.O.C. 1779-80.
William Fitzhugh M.O.C. Va.
Dan[iel] of St. Thos. Jenifer.
Baseball players - When the game reached Silvertown
Henry Middleton, 2nd president of the Continental Congess.
[Isaac Motte.]
Cyrus Griffin the president of the last Cont. Congress.
On allume les cierges...
Je fis ce qu'on appelle un bon marché.
À cette lueur soudaine...
Rev. Charles Nisbet D.D., first president of Dickinson College.
John Wilcocks Jr.
Gunning Bedford.
Charles-Émile Jacque - Landscape (battlefield?).
Charles-Émile Jacque - Landscape.
W. Short.
John Cabot and his three sons from the picture in the Palace of the Doges, Venice.
John Winslow.
Robert Livingston I.
Chief Justice Benjamin Lynde.
Peter Faneuil.
Metcalf Bowler, member, Congress of 1765.
Camille Pissarro - Self portrait.
James McNeill Whistler - Sketches for the Peacock Room.
H.D. Sewell.
John Beale Bordley.
Wm. Markham.
Seals of the Penn and Baltimore families.
Wm. Penn.
S.W. corner Penn and South Sts., Phila.
Front of the house of Joseph Coolidge Esqr. in Boston
Baseball players - When the game reached Silvertown
Alpha & Omega! (Elizabeth, Willow-Grove, August 16th, 1795)
Translation: 'Every pleasure is not real, ...' Eliza, North Hall, April 8th, 1795.
Plato, etc.
Compound of juices fraught with good! Be balm of life, be pleasant food! (Elizabeth)
Lorenzo de Medicis!
Peace be thy lot my amiable Friend, ...' (B. Lake, Liverpool, April 19th, 1796)
The Moon. 'A News- Paper, surnam'd The Moon, ...' (Friday, August 21, 1795)
Scuola della Misericordia, Venezia.
Anna, may ev'ry Bliss be thine, ...' (Felicia aged twelve to her aunt Anne Wagner)
Nec aspera terrent.
[The Bird of prey. (By M. Casson, artist. March 1809)]
What is sweeter than all sweets? ...'
Truly, darling, child, receive; ...' (Madonna del Altana)
Portrait silhouette; "Ah! the shadow mocks our hearts! Flit, O deaden'd Shade! away..." [signed] E. 1795
Mother and angels. 'Now Mama, give Holiday, ...' (Madonna del Altana, Willow-Grove, August 13, 1795)
Willow-Grove, Oct. 6th, 1795. Madonna del Altana (artist).
Portrait silhouettes.
Prince of Wales's emblem
Ragland Castle.
To Miss Anne Wagner. (Elizabeth Venables, Abergele, 29th July 1803)
[Sea shell on seaweed, watercolor, varnish, and pencil.]
La Madonna dell'Orto, dei Padri Ambrosiani, Venezia.
Cliefden - Spring. Bucks.

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