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illustrated bible

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front cover
inside front fly leaf, [2v]
Large miniature with text, initials, and linefiller, fol. 1v
Large miniature of angels, with text, initials, linefiller., fol. 2v
Text in narrow column, flanked by images of God addressing Eve and the Serpent.  2-line initials, placemarkers, linefillers, fol. 7v
Three miniatures:  Cain and Abel make offerings; Cain slays Abel; God confronts Cain.  With text, initials, linefillers, placemarkers, fol. 9r
Three miniatures, with text, initials, linefillers, fol. 9v
fol. 10r
Noah's ark, fol. 11r
fol. 12v
fol. 13v
Two miniatures:  the Tower of Babel, and God and Abraham.  With text, initials, linefillers, placemarkers, fol. 14r
fol. 14v
Two miniatures, with text, initials, linefillers, fol. 15v
fol. 16r
fol. 17v
fol. 18v
fol. 22r
fol. 23v
Large miniature of Jacob's Ladder.  With text and initials, fol. 25r
fol. 25v
fol. 26r
fol. 27r
fol. 27v
fol. 28r
fol. 28v
fol. 29v
fol. 30v
fol. 33r
fol. 35v
fol. 36v
fol. 37v
fol. 38r
fol. 38v
Scenes from the book of Exodus, fol. 40r
Three miniatures of plagues. With text, initials, linefillers, fol. 42r
Pharaoh's army following the Israelites; Moses bearing the bones of Joseph, fol. 43r
fol. 46v
fol. 47v
fol. 51r
fol. 51v
fol. 54v
fol. 55v
fol. 61r
fol. 61v
fol. 64v
fol. 65r
fol. 69r
fol. 70r
fol. 70v
fol. 71v
fol. 72r
fol. 73r
fol. 75r
fol. 77r
fol. 78r
fol. 79r
fol. 79v
fol. 80r
fol. 82v
fol. 84v
fol. 87v
fol. 88r
fol. 88v
fol. 90v
fol. 94r
fol. 95v
fol. 98v
Judith and Holofernes, fol. 99r
fol. 99v
fol. 102v
fol. 103v
fol. 104r
fol. 105r
fol. 105v
fol. 106r
fol. 106v
fol. 107v
fol. 109r
fol. 109v
fol. 111r
fol. 111v
fol. 113r
fol. 113v
fol. 115v
fol. 116r
fol. 117r
fol. 117v
fol. 119v
fol. 121r
fol. 123r
fol. 124r
fol. 124v
Two miniatures:  Christ leading souls out of Hell.  With text, initials, placemarkers, linefillers, fol. 126v
fol. 128v
fol. 129v
fol. 130r
fol. 130v
fol. 131v
fol. 134r

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