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Ertinger Franz - Alceste
James the First, king of Great Britain.
Cunne Shote, the Indian chief, a great warrior of the Cherokee Nation.
Les Liliacees: Femme Caffre.
The methods of carrying the Nobility and Comonality of Congo.
Rope dancing - Marguerite Antoinette Lalanne Saqui
Costumes de Mazilier et de Mme. Alexis dans Guido et Ginevra: ou La peste de Florence, Opéra
Flore et Zéphire
Danakil Women, highlands of Ethiopia
Valse de Paquita, composed by Deldevez, arranged for the piano forte by Charles Coole.
La sicilienne. Valse redowa. Music de Pugni pour le piano, par Fred. Burgmüller. Printed in colors by Sarony & Major
Palacio Nacional de México, entrada del Ejército federal el 1-o de Enero de 1861 = Palais National de Mexico = National Palace of Mexico.
Williams and Walker Nature's Black-Face Comedians in a Series of Specially Posed Facial Stunts. Left page.
Kelly Miller's history  of the World War for Human Rights: A wonderful array of striking pictures made from recent official photographs, illustrating and describing the new and awful devices used in horrible methods of modern warfare, together with remarkable pictures of the Negro in action both in Army and Navy. [Title page]
Wien, Wien nur du allein
Fashionable ladies
Ladies of fashion, Qing Dynasty
Model No. 714. Three-button sports style.
Dreissigjäriger Krieg.  Arkabusier zu Pferd, Trompeter, Fähnrich, Officier, Musketier, Pikenier. 1630
Male spice/salt vendor holding a balance
Le chirurgien nègre; Boutique d'un marchand de viande de porc.
Esclaves nègres, de différentes nations.
Human figure with head of a lion [Quyunjik];  King placing his foot of the neck of a captive [Calah]; Two women riding on a mule [Quyunjik].
E. Lewis. Sculptor.
1870 [Women's fashion in nineteenth-century Paris]
Fashionable ladies
Dresses, Rome
Fashionable ladies., Qing Dynasty
Fashionable ladies
Coats coat of arms
The history of the feminine costume of the world. The beautiful lines of the Greek costumes .
Gerson as a Pilgrim
William Hogarth - Freemen degraded and sold into slavery
The Author run Mad [A Satire on Hogarth, by Paul Sandby]
Workman at quitting time. Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
Malay natives.  Penang.
Ueberschiffung von Tragtieren über den weissen Drin in Albanien.
Assai ben balla, a cui fortuna suona
Lurka Cole, aboriginal ('Fighting cole'), Chota Nagpoor.
Washoe Indians - The Chief's Family. [no. 604].
Oesterreich-Ungarn : Rittmeister, Escadronstrompeter : Jaczygier und Kumanier Freiwilligen-Hussaren; Hussar, Lieutenant : Kecskemeter-, Arader-, Debrecziner- und Zala Egerszger Freiwilligen-Hussaren.
Gen. Warren.
My first and only love - love song
The brave old Hendrick, the great Sachem or chief of the Mohawk Indians, one of the six nations now in alliance with, and subject to the king of Great Britain [reproduction].
Hello ma baby
Interior section of the Chicago Lake tunnel.
Military uniforms: Germany, Prussia, 1771-1779
Children. Taos Land Use Project, New Mexico.
Wife and children of sharecropper. Arkansas
Smithland, Kentucky
Religious meeting, Nashville, Tennessee
Sunday in Scotts Run, [Monongalia County,] West Virginia
Sunday in Omar, West Virginia
Roman Empire.
[Art Gallery, Vassar College, with Apollo Belvedere.]
Apache Indians, as they appear ready for the war-path.
Behold what God hath wrought! Grand Canyon of Arizona, U. S. A.
Venus and Washington Monuments, Public Garden, Boston, Mass, U.S.A.
Family of a striking miner. Pennsylvania
Outdoor religious meeting, Nashville, Tennessee
Smithland, Kentucky
Religious meeting, Nashville, Tennessee
Pursglove Mine, Scotts Run, West Virginia
Trische family, tenant farmers, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana
Cotton pickers, Pulaski County, Arkansas
Children of migrant fruit worker, Berrien County, Mich.
Svirsky, Thamara de - Aime Dupont photographer
Svirsky, Thamara de - Aime Dupont photographer
Constituent letters, 1878 - Samuel J. Tilden papers
Constituent letters, 1880 July - 1881 December - Samuel J. Tilden papers
Overseas woman. v. 1 (Oct. 1945-Jan. 1946)
Hand two.  Human face embellishes opening initial.  1-line and 2-line red initials.