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history of the coronation of james ii king of england scotland france and ireland and of queen mary in westminster the 23 of april 1685

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A ground plott of Westminster Hall, shewing the position and dimensions of the severall tables, seats, cupboards, galleries &c on the day of their Majesties coronation. 23 Apr. 1685.
A prospect of the inside of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster, from the Quire to the East End, with the furniture thereof, as it apeared before the Grand Proceeding entred; shewing the position of the altar, theatre, thrones, chairs, pulpit, benches, seats and galleries.
A prospect of the inside of Westminster Hall, shewing how the King and Queen, with the nobility and others, did sit at dinner on the day of the coronation, 23 Apr. 1685, with the manner of serving up the first course of hot meat to their Majesties table.
The inthronization of their Majesties King James the second and Queen Mary.
The sub-dean & confessor; the prebemdaroes pf Westminster, in number 12; the dean of Westminster; the master of the tewell house; privy councellors, not peers.
The first plate of the regalia : the open pall, the supertunica of cloath of gold, the surcoat of crimson sattin, a armilla, the colobium sindonis, a buskin, a sandall, the spurrs, the ampulla or eaglet, the anointing spoon, King Edwards Chair in which his Majestie was crownd, curtana or the sword of mercy, the second sword, the third sword.
Barons in number thirty six; bishops, in number nine; portcullis pursuivant; blewmantle pursuivant.
The Queens vice chamberlain; two gentlemen ushers; the Queens lord chamberlain; the queens ivory rod, borne by the Earl of Dorset; the Queens scepter with the cross, borne by the Earl of Rutland; the Queens Crown, borne by the Duke of Beaufort.
The choir of Westminster in number 16; the groom of the vestry; the organ blower; two sackbuts, and double courtal; gentlemen of the Chapel Royal, in number 32.
The Queens Majestic; the Bishop of London; the Bishop of Winchester; the Dutchess of Norfork; four earls daughters; sixteen barons of the Qnaue ports; a lady of the Bed chamber; two of her majesties women; gentlemen pensioners.
The orb, borne by the Duke of Someset; the crown, borne by the Duke of Ormond; the scepter with the dove, borne by the Duke of Albemarle;...gentlemen pensioners.
Viscountesses, in number three; Viscounts, in number five; Chester herald, Somerset herald; countesses, in number twenty nine.
The Kings Herb-woman, & her 6 Maids, with baskets of sweet herbs & flowers, strewing the way; the deans beadle of Westin; the high constable of Westminster; a fife; drums; the drum major.
A marchioness; York herald alone, Windsor herald supplying the place of Garter; Duchesses, in number eight; a duke.
Aarenceux King of Armes; Norroy King of Armes; The Lord Privy Seal; The Lord Archbishop of York; The Lord High Treasurer; The Lord Archbishop of Canterbury; the Lord Keeper of the great Seal; The Duke of Normandy; The Duke of Aquitaine.
Children of the choir of Westminster in number 8; the sergeant porter; the sergeant of the vestry; children of his Majesty Chapel Royal, in number twelve.
A perspective of Westminster-Abby from the high-altar to the west end, shewing the manner of His Majesties crowning.
The closet keeper of the Chapell Royal; the Kings chaplains having dignities, in number 14; Aldermen of London, in number 21.
The history of the coronation of ... James II ... King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, and of ... Queen Mary ... in ... Westminster ... the 23 of April ... 1685 ... [Title page]
Gentlemen of the privy chamber, in number twenty seven; Judges, in number 9; the Lord chief justice of the Kings bench; the Lord chief Baron of the exchequer.
The ground plot of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster with two profiles relating thereunto...23 Apr. 1685.
The manner of the champions performing the ceremony of the challenge.
The ground plot of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster with two profiles relating thereunto...23 Apr. 1685.
The second plate of the regalia : St. Edward's crown, The crown of state, the orbe, the queens circle, the crown wherwith the queen was crowned, the rich crown, the king's coronation ring, St. Edward's staff,..., the Queen's scepter.
A groundplot of part of the citty of Westminster.
Masters in Chancery, in number 10; the Kings sergeants at Lan, in number 5; the Kings attorney; the Kings solicitor; the Kings antient sergeant; esquires of te body.
Rougecroix pursuivant; rougedragon pursuivant; baronesses, in number twenty one.
Earles, in number thirty three; Lancaster herald, Richmond herald.
The scepter with the cross, borne by the Earl of Peterboron; the golden spurrs, borne by the Lord Grey; ...The Earl Marshall of England.
A gentleman of the Bedchamber; two gromes of the Bedchamber; lieutenant of the yeomen of the guard; ensign of the yeomen of the guard;yeoman of his Majesties guard of his body in number one hundred.
A representation of the fire-works upon the River of Thames, over against Whitehall, at their Majesties coronation Apr. 1685.