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Rev. Samuel Osgood, D.D. Pastor of the Church of the Messiah. (Unitarian). New York City
Form of roof girder (wrought iron) at Kensington Station under construction now (September 1866).
The New York City depressed railway.
Open cutting behind a portion of Victoria street.
Arrangement of arch for support of Brewery floors.
Sketch of the heaviest cast iron girder used on Craven Hill Street.
Metropin Railway Station
Sketch of middle level sewer as carried over open cutting; sketch of form of the fleet street sewer as carried over the line near Kings Cross Station.
Form of arch on the new line; constructing between Kings Cross Station & Smithfield.
Cross secional view of proposed patented system of elevated railway, at the intersection of Broadway and Chambers street.
Perspective view on exact scale of proposed patent elevated railway, when erected in front of A. T. Stewart's brock on Broadway, between Chambers and Reade Streets, New York.
Form of arch on Metropolitan District Railway now under construction.
Sketch of wrought iron girde4rs used at Pembroke Square.
A. H. Caryl's elevated atmospheric railway.
Sketch shewing size and form of that part of the metropolitan railway, now in use.
A plan for an elevated railway for New York City, from Chambers Street to Kings Bridge.
Bike race, Major Taylor - Marshall "Major" Taylor
59th Street circle
Broadway & 49th Street.
59th Street circle.
Broadway & 99th Street.
Broadway & 132nd Street.
New York City subway construction.
Broadway & 142nd Street.
59th Street circle.
60th Street Station.
Central Park.
Broadway & 122nd Street.
42d Street between 5th & 6th Avenue.
Broadway & 89th Street.
Bryant Park.
33rd Street & 4th Avenue.
59th Street circle.
60th Street Station.
Broadway & 62nd Street.
Broadway & 62nd Street.
Broadway & 62nd Street.
Broadway & 50 Street.
60th Street station.
Cable car for taking soil.
Broadway & 139th Street.
Another view of Ellis Island from the harbor, but showing a front view of the Immigration Station.
View of garden and greenhouse on Ellis Island.
The pens at Ellis Island, Registry Room (or Great Hall). These people have passed the first mental inspection.
A group of immigrants, most wearing fezzes, surrounding a large vessel which is decorated with the star and crescent symbol of the Moslem religion and the Ottoman Turks.
View of garden with greenhouse and arched trellises adjoining Ellis Island structure.
View of fountain in garden adjoining Ellis Island building.
Large dining hall, empty except for about ten members of the dining hall staff. The place settings consist of a worn porcelain-enameled plate, a fork and knife.
Ellis Island, May, 1902 : a view of the grounds adjoining one of the buildings, stewn with rubble, debris and building materials.
View of Ellis Island buildings.
Immigrants seated on long benches, Main Hall, U.S. Immigration Station.
An excellent view of the front facade of the Immigration Station; a boat is docked in front.
Dining hall on Ellis Island.
View of one wing of the Immigration Station, Ellis Island, showing New York skyline in the distance.
Ellis Island, May, 1902.
Ready for travel and going north, south and west. Immigrants with baggage lined up at teller's windows marked money exchange.
A view of the front facade, Immigration Station, Ellis Island.
View of harbor from Ellis Island.
View of part of the front facade of the Immigration Station; the New York skyline is barely discernable through the haze in the background.
Uncle Sam, host. Immigrants being served a free meal at Ellis Island.
A derby-topped gentleman observing the harbor form the observation roof on one wing of the Immigration Station. The gentleman is possibly William Williams, Commissioner of Immigration at Ellis Island form 1902-5 and 1909-13, from whose estate these photographs came. The New York skyline, showing the nearly-completed Woolworth Building tower, is at the left.
Immigrants undergoing medical examination.
Similar to preceding view, but showing more of building at left.
View of a long corridor within one of the Ellis Island buildings; a booth marked post office stands on the left.
Large hall with tellers' cages marked 'money exchange' and 'railroad tickets to all points.'
View of Ellis Island lawn, with New York skyline in distance.
View of Ellis Island buildings.
Ivy-covered exterior of Ellis Island building.
Another view of the ferry boat, as it nears Battery Park. The building under construction (right of center) is the U.S. Customs House, built from 1902-1906.
View of one wing of the Immigration Station, Ellis Island.
Detail of front entrance, U.S. Immigration Station, Ellis Island.
View of Ellis Island grounds with plantings; buildings to rear.
A view of Ellis Island taken from the harbor. At the center is the Immigration Station; one of the boats in the pier is the John E. Moore.
Leonard Bailey, New York City, Vol. 9, p. 26
Gypsy family
Three Dutch women
Russian Cossacks
Norwegian woman
Slovak woman and children
Scottish boys
Romanian women
Three women from Guadeloupe
Rev. Joseph Vasilon, Greek-Orthodox priest
Lapland children, possibly from Sweden
Italian woman
Girl from Rättvik, province of Dalarna, Sweden
Polo Grounds, 1906, "World's Championship Series, Second game of series, played at the Polo Grounds, New York City, Athletics in the field, Bender pitching
Dutch woman
Slovakian women
Cossack man from the steppes of Russia
Albanian soldier
Algerian man
Romanian piper
Alsace-Lorraine girl
Romanian shepherd
Lapland children, possibly from Sweden
Romanian woman
Bavarian man

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