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Entrée de Monseigneur Henry de Lorraine, Marquis de Moy soubs le nom de Pirandre.
Sloughter, Henry. Fort William Henry. To Matthew Clarkson
Ingoldsby, Richard. Fort William Henry
Fletcher, Benjamin. Fort William Henry. To Col. Wm. Markham
Sebastien Cabot explaining his discoveries to Henry VII.
Moore, Sir Henry. New York
A plan of part of the provinces of Pennsylvania, and East & West New Jersey : showing the operations of the Royal Army under the command of their Excellencies Sir Willm. Howe, & Sir Henry Clinton, Kts. B. from the landing at Elk River in 1777, to the embarkation at Navisink in 1778
Henry Knox correspondence: Henry Jackson
Chart of the coast of America : From Cape Henry to Albermarle Sound.
Henry Knox correspondence: Henry Jackson
Henry Timmerman and his wife Elizabeth to James Ludlow for tracts of land in Rochester, Ulster Co., N.Y.
Henry IV. Henry V. Henry VI. Edward IV
Tilden, Henry A., undated - Samuel J. Tilden papers
Adelheid von Frankreich: grosses Ballet von Henry, (die berühmte Kerkerscene)
Natural Cascades SE from Cape Henry : Seasick Gentry.
Original order suspending the writ of habeas corpus between New York and Washington. Countersigned by William Henry Seward
[Title page] The monuments of Nineveh, from drawings made on the spot. By Austen Henry Layard, Esq., D.C.L. Illustrated in one hundred plates.
Bertha Henry.
Henry Alken. Original drawings. (Cover title)
[Title page] A second series of the Monuments of Nineveh; including bas-reliefs from the palace of Sennacherib and bronzes from the ruins of Nimroud. From drawings made on the spot, during a second expedition to Assyria, by Austen Henry Layard, M.P.
Bright, [Henry A.], ALS to. Nov. 22, 1854.
[Bright, Henry A.], letter to. Jan. 7, 1854. Copy in unknown hand. [Previously: Unknown recipient.]
Chorley, [Henry Fothergill], ALS to. [Mar. 5, 1860]. With ALS by Sophia Peabody Hawthorne.
Napoleon Sarony - Henry E. Dixey
H.T. Loomis, W.K. Neal, W.G.M. [i.e. W.J.M.] Thompson, [W.T.] Coombs, [J.B.] Abbott, A.O. Stoddard, J.B. Brown, Henry Brown, G.B. Randlette.
Tilden, Henry A., 1832 - 1885 - Samuel J. Tilden papers
Mr. Henry George; Supplement to the "Christian Commonwealth", January 3rd, 1889.
National single taxes, January 1899; Thomas G. Shearman; Henry George.
American Industries. May 19, 1894; Henry George has won his right to be placed among the tariff reformers...
Henry George.
Henry George and his wife.
Henry George and the dragon.
Everybody works but the vacant lot", Henry George. [A postcard.]
Enquirer. December 31, 1913; Mrs. Henry George, Jr.
The movement for tenement reform in manwork - discussion of the committee report by Richard Watson Gilder; [Portraits of R. W. Gilder and Henry George].
Henry George.
Leslies, October 28, 1897; Mr. Henry George; Copyright by Schaidner.
Henry George.
Henry George and sister Caroline.
Henry George.
Henry George.
The Topeka Daily Capital; Henry George [Bust of H. George].
Henry George with his grandaughters Mary and Ruth, children of his son Richard F. George.
Henry George.
Henry George.
Henry George.
Henry George.
Henry George.
Henry George; From the oil portrait by Harry Thurston See.
"The mission of Henry George"; addresses by John S. Crosby.
Henry George, single tax enthusiast; A bust of Henry George, presented to the New York Public Library.
Henry George.
Henry George.
Henry George.
Henry George.
House in which Henry George was born, Sept. 2nd 1839. Tenth Street near Lombard, Philadelphia, Pa.
Henry George, Jr. [H. George in England.]
Henry George while in Australia.
Henry George.
H. M. & Co's Henry George:Tradeamark of Hirschhorn, Mack & Co.,  manufacturers of cigars.
Henry George.
Henry George.
Henry George.
[A memorial vignette to Henry George designed by George Brunswick, New York.]
Henry George's father; Henry George.
The "king's room," Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk. The property of Sir Henry Paston Bedinfield. With its furniture and accessories re-arranged to show its court cupboard, "thrown" chair, linenfold panelling, bedstead, and other appointments.
Carved and inlaid oak court cupboard. The property of Mrs. Henry Branston, The Friary, Newark.
Henry George; Supplement to The Public of October 21, 1910.
Henry James, Rye, June 12th, 1906.
Private Henry Johnson; Private Needham Roberts; The New York National Guards (now the 369th).
Sergt. Henry Johnson, of Albany N.Y., the outstanding hero; Single-handed he routed 36 Huns, killing 4 of them and wounding the remainder; Sergt. Johnson of the 369th Colored Infantry (old 15th of N.Y.), was the first man in his regiment to win the French War Cross.
Henry Highland Garnet.
Image of Henry I. Chanin from a page in the souvenir program for Chanin's Royale Theatre for its dedication.
Henry Street, Manhattan.
Bill of sale for mulatto man for $1000. Top reads 'The state of South Carolina...signed Henry Trescot.'
Arlington, Henry Bennett, Earl of. To King Charles II
Bradstreet, John. Albany. To Henry Glen
Bradstreet, John. Albany. To Henry Glen
The royal family of George III : George, prince of Wales, Frederick, duke of York, W. Henry, duke of Clarence, Prince Edward.
Letter to Henry Lloyd, Boston
James Madison correspondence: Letter from Henry Dohrman
James Madison correspondence: Letter from Henry Dohrman
James Madison correspondence: Letter from Henry Waddell
James Madison correspondence: Letter from Benjamin Henry Latrobe
[Thoreau, Henry David], ANS to. [Jun. 7?, 1841? (Tilton)] or [Nov. 12?, 1838? (Rusk)].
[Thoreau, Henry David], ANS to. [Feb.? 15?, 1839?] or [Fall 1845].
Seward, William Henry. Albany
[Thoreau], Henry [David], ANS to. Thurs. [Jun.? 3?, 1841?]. Previously [Jun.? 7?, 1841?]
Thoreau, Henry D[avid], ALS to. Oct. 25, 1843.
Thoreau, Henry D[avid], ALS to. Jan. 28, 1848.
Thoreau, Henry D[avid], ALS to. Jun. 10 and 15, 1843
Thoreau, Henry D[avid], ALS to. Feb. [9, 10, 11], 1843.
[Thoreau], Henry [David], ALS to. Mar. 25, 1848.
Thoreau, Henry D., ALS to. Oct. 21, 1848.
Thoreau, Henry D[avid], ALS to. Feb. 6, [1850].
Stoddard, [Richard Henry], ALS to. Oct. 11, 1858.
Barnes, William Henry Linow, 1861 - Samuel J. Tilden papers
Redeemed in Virginia by Catherine S. Lawrence. Baptized in Brooklyn….by Henry Ward Beecher, May, 1863. Fannie Virginia Casseopia Lawrence, a Redeemed Slave Child, 5 years of age.
Barnum, Henry A., 1858, 1865-1886, undated - Samuel J. Tilden papers
William Henry Drayton. - Henry Bryan Hall

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