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Free Trade, 1888.
Mr. Henry George; Supplement to the "Christian Commonwealth", January 3rd, 1889.
National single taxes, January 1899; Thomas G. Shearman; Henry George.
National single taxes, February, 1899; Richard McGhee, M.P.; Edward McHugh.
National single taxes, January 1899; [Portraits of] James H. Barry; William M. Hinton; Joseph Leggett; Hon. James G, Maguire.
American Industries. May 19, 1894; Henry George has won his right to be placed among the tariff reformers...
Henry George.
Henry George and his wife.
Henry George and the dragon.
Everybody works but the vacant lot", Henry George. [A postcard.]
Enquirer. December 31, 1913; Mrs. Henry George, Jr.
Ajax defying the lightning; A new attraction at the George-M'Glynn show.
Henry George and sister Caroline.
Leslies, October 28, 1897; Mr. Henry George; Copyright by Schaidner.
Henry George.
Henry George.
The movement for tenement reform in manwork - discussion of the committee report by Richard Watson Gilder; [Portraits of R. W. Gilder and Henry George].
Henry George.
Henry George.
Henry George with his grandaughters Mary and Ruth, children of his son Richard F. George.
Henry George.
The Topeka Daily Capital; Henry George [Bust of H. George].
Henry George.
Henry George.
Henry George.
Henry George, single tax enthusiast; A bust of Henry George, presented to the New York Public Library.
Henry George; From the oil portrait by Harry Thurston See.
"The mission of Henry George"; addresses by John S. Crosby.
Henry George.
Henry George.
Henry George.
Henry George.
Henry George.
Henry George, Jr. [H. George in England.]
House in which Henry George was born, Sept. 2nd 1839. Tenth Street near Lombard, Philadelphia, Pa.
Henry George while in Australia.
Henry George.
H. M. & Co's Henry George:Tradeamark of Hirschhorn, Mack & Co.,  manufacturers of cigars.
Henry George.
Henry George.
Henry George.
[A memorial vignette to Henry George designed by George Brunswick, New York.]
Henry George's father; Henry George.
Henry George; Supplement to The Public of October 21, 1910.
Henry George, when writing "Progress and Poverty", San Francisco, 1879.
Henry George from a photograph by Mayall, London, 1884.
Thos. Briggs, England, 1885.
Henry George from a photograph made in England in 1885.
Henry George; Taken during campaign, 1886.
Wm. F. Croasdale, 1890.
August Lewis, 1894.
Edwin Markham.
Camping at Budd's lake.
Henry George.
Thos. Dawson. Othcote, England.
Henry George, 1839 - 1897; From Harper's Weekly.
Dr. Walter Mendelson; Mrs. August Lewis (Emma Mendelson Lewis).
Henry George; Last picture, 1897.
James A. Herne, playwright - actor.
Henry George in his study, Fort Hamilton, a few months before he died.
Stanton cottage - Fort Hamilton, 1896 - 97.
Wm. Lloyd Garrison. October, 1895.
Henry George.
Austin or Patrick Ford?
Orchard St. from Rivington St.
Richard [Cobden], England.
Henry George; Last picture 1897.
Austin or Patrick Ford?
Old Stanton cottage at Ft. Hamilton.
August Lewis.
John Valentine, president? of Wells Fargo Co.
Henry George, last photograph taken; From a photograph by Schaidner, New York.
Henry George.
Henry George when writing "The science of political economy".
James G. McGuire, when a member of Congress.
Henry George.
Henry George; Drawn and engraved by Peter Aitken.
Henry George, 1897.
Hon. Tom L. Johnson, Cleveland, Ohio.
Joseph Silberwitz; Adolf Damaschke; Dr. S.S.D. Simmonds.
Henry George as he appeared when writing "A perplexed philosopher"; From a photograph by Rockwood, New York.
Mary & Louis Prang, Boston, January, 1901.
Bust of Henry George, by his son Richard F. George, completed May, 1897.
Professor Wm. Irvinton.
John Paul, editor of "The single tax", Glasgow, Scotland; Mrs. Thos. F. Walker, Birmingham, England; Thos. F. Walker, Birmingham, England.
John Emmeluth of Honolulu...a strong advocate of the single tax.
Old Stanton cottage.
Single tax conference: [Picture of the participants of the conference].
Henry George, 1897.
Henry George at age 19
Henry George, aged 25 (just before the proposed stationing on the Mexican Expedition)
Second National Single Tax Conference
On the lake in Merriewold Park
Henry George in a boat
A wagon with signs promoting single tax.
Henry George at 32 when he wrote "Our Land and Land Policy"
Home of the late Henry George, Shore Road, Fort Hamilton, N.Y.
Henry George, writer on sociological topics
Henry George.

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