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Letter to Gen. [Sir William] Johnson
A plan of New York Island, with part of Long Island, Staten Island & east New Jersey : with a particular description of the engagement on the woody heights of Long Island, between Flatbush and Brooklyn, on the 27th of August 1776 between His Majesty's forces commanded by General Howe and the Americans under Major General Putnam, shewing also the landing of the British Army on New-York Island, and the taking of the city of New-York &c. on the 15th of September following, with the subsequent disposition of both the armies
Plan of the operations of General Washington against the Kings troops in New Jersey : from the 26th of December, 1776, to the 3d January, 1777
Thomas Pownall Esqr., member of Parliament, late Governor Captain General and Commander in Chief, and Vice Admiral of his Majesty's Provinces Massachusetts Bay and South Carolina, and Lieut. Governor of New Jersey.
A map of the country in which the army under Lt. General Burgoyne acted in the campaign of 1777 : shewing the marches of the army & the places of the principal actions
Drafts relating to a petition respecting the Court of General Sessions
Gilbert Stuart - George Washington (The Constable-Hamilton portrait)
General Alexander William, British
View of the spot where Gen. Ross fell near Baltimore.
General view of the ruins of the Great Temple at Carnac [Karnak].
General View of the Military School West Point
General view of Niagara from the Canada side.
General view of the Hudson at Adley's
Spot where General Burgoyne surrendered to General Gates.
A.L.S. to General Franz Sigel
Encampment of the Kandahar army, under General Nott, outside the walls of Caubul, on the evacuation of Afghaunistaun by the British
Jugdelluk, the last stand made by General Elphinstone's army in the calamitous retreat
Gen. Garnett's death [July 13, 1861].
Death of General Lyon, August 10, 1861
View of Chambersburg Turnpike from Gettysburg, showing a portion of the first day’s fighting-ground, including Oak Ridge, occupied by Rebel batteries on the second and third.  The small stone house, near the summit of the hill, was occupied [sic] by Gen. Lee as his headquarters.
The barn and orchard attached to Gen. Meade’s Headquarters.  During the terrific artillery firing of Friday both house and barn were perforated by shot and shell, and from fifteen to twenty staff horses were killed immediately around them.
General N. P. Bank's headquarters near Edward's Ferry.
Northern portion of Gettysburg, with General Hospital in the Distance, from a position near the Seminary.
Gen. Smith's Brigade--from Fort Marcy. Chain Bridge, Va.
U.S. Christian Commission, at the General Hospital, Gettysburg, Pa.
Occupation of Baltimore by General Butler. Union troops passing down Lee Street, May 12, 1861. Portion of Boston artillery flanked by Infantry of the 6th Mass. regiment to Federal Hill
The Boston battery at General Butler's camps, Relay House. Commanding the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad by Patapsco River
The Theological Seminary, used as a hospital.  The battle first commenced a short distance in the rear of this building; and here may be seen the spot upon which the brave and gallant Gen. Reynolds fell.
Gen. Butler's experiments with the Sawyer rifled cannon. . .
General Hospital, near Gettysburg, Pa.  This hospital was established by the Government soon after the battle, and furnished accommodation for about three thousand wounded soldiers.
General Meade’s Head Quarters. : A position of great peril, occupied by the General during the heaviest part of the conflict. It is situated on the west side of the Taneytown road, a short distance south of the National Cemetery.
Banks, Major General [Nathaniel Prentiss], ALS to. Sep. 29, 1862.
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Jose
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Benito; Maria
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Tom; Rita
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Maria S; Domingo; Frelila; Belen
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Pedro; Gregoria; Carman; Franaico
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Narciro; Narciro; Pedro; Juan
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Aquiles; Baldomero; Catalino; Crispin
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Elenterio
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Andres; Carlos
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Polonia
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Hermencjildoz
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Ivana; Fomal
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Hilario; Baldomero; Benito; Ricardo
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Bartolo; Celedonio; Aurelio; Agustino
Empadronamiento General de Esclavos: Maria A; Mariam S
Peddlers, and Stores : General merchandise, A Dry-Goods Store, Drawing Water etc
General plan, showing the arrangement of the machinery, the air-flue, the tunnel, and the mode of operating the pneumatic passenger-car.
General view of Temple area
Martha Barrett Dana Greene; General George Sears Greene opp. page xii
Hudson pressure tunnel. General view at top of Drainage shaft. ... Contract 90. October 27, 1913.
Aerators. General view showing Ashokan aerator, Gaging chamber, Screen chamber and Lower gate-chamber. Contract 10. May 25, 1916.
Kensico reservoir. General view of excavation and foundation for Kensico dam. Cut-off trench being excavated at right. Contract 9. December 31, 1912.
Police. Broadhead, N.Y. Patrolmen-on-Aqueduct. General inspection. May 19, 1910.
Kensico reservoir. General view of foundation and cut-off trench for Kensico dam and contractor's plant. Old dam at right of center and flume for controlling water of Bronx river. Contract 9. March 28, 1913.
Kensico reservoir.  General view of Kensico dam and reservoir with pool and fountain below dam. Lower Effluent chamber in background. Contract 9. October 25, 1917.
Bonticou tunnel. General view showing the South portal with stone-crushing plant in background. ... Contract 47. April 5, 1912.
Hudson pressure tunnel.  General view looking north at site of tunnel crossing. Breakneck mountain on right, Storm King on the left. Contract 90. August 29, 1916.
Aerators. General view from Middle dike of Ashokan reservoir shoeing the Lower gate-chamber in foreground and aerator in full operation beyond. ... Contract 10. June 20, 1917.
Ashokan Reservoir.  General view up-stream from Olive Bridge dam, showing Esopus creek and reservoir basin after clearing. Note Bishop's Falls on left. Contract 72. September 9, 1913.
Ashokan Reservoir. General view of West basin of ashokan reservoir showing Olive Bridge dam and earth wings. Note McClellan triangulation monument in right background. Contract 3. November 3, 1916.
Kensico reservoir. General view of Kensico dam looking west. Contract 9. May 4, 1916.
General view of sub-marginal farmland 50 miles west of Ithaca, New York. Tompkins County.
General view of Coal Hollow, Pennsylvania, about twelve miles south of Saint Marys City, Pennsylvania
Population - 1647; Gov. Stuyvesant to the States General; An account of the number of inhabitants in ye Several Counties of New Yorke taken by the High Sheriffs and Justices of the Peace in each respective county; as p order of His Excell. the Earl of Bellomont Governr &c. anno 1698.
Military uniforms: Austria, General?. 1630
A new mapp of the Island of St. Christophers, being an actuall survey taken by Mr. Andrew Norwood, survey.r Gen.ll ; A new mapp of the Island of Guardalupa ; A New mapp of the Island Martineca.
An abstract of the whole amount of duties of the several commodities hereunder mentioned, from 5th June 1721, until the 5th day of June 1725 inclusive; [From Journals of the General Assembly.]
Lataste Estates – General Account, Grenada plantation records
General list of inhabitants in the Province of New York, extracted from the returns of the sheriffs of the several counties, in pursuance of warrants to them, dated 16th February, 1756.
Major General Charles Cotesworth Pinckney.
Burton, General. London. To Sir William Johnson
Major General John Sullivan, a distinguished officer in the Continential Army.
Act for the gradual Abolition of Slavery from the General Assembly of the Governor and Company of the state of Rhode Island, February 1784.
Taylor, John. Schenectady. To General Elias Dayton
Monbilly to General Ferrand. Haiti
Lewis, Morgan. Staatsburgh. To General Samuel Smith
General summary for years 1830-1835, Grenada plantation records
General Karte von Theben [Thebes].
Peaslee, Gen. Charles H., ALS to. Mar. 21, 1853.
Passage down the Ohio of Gen. Negley's Penn. brigade consisting of 77th, 78th and 79th regiments. Col's Hamright, Stambaugh & Serrell, bound for service in Kentucky
Burnside's expedition assembling at Annapolis
The Mississippi River --The Autocrat, flagship of Brigadier General Ellett's marine brigade, patrolling the river
Battle of Pittsburgh Landing. Charge of 1st Ohio, Sunday April 6, 1863. Recapture of artillery by the 1st Ohio and other regiments under General Rousseau, Monday April 7, 1862. [check dates]
General view of Pamlico Sound and the vessels of the Burnside from Hatteras Inlet
Army of the Potomac marching through the wilderness to attack the rebel army under Gen. Lee.
Battlefield of Gettysburgh [sic]: U.S. General Hospital.
The Iowa 2nd Regiment storming the rebel entrenchment at Fort Donelson, Febr. 15th, 186-? Gen. Smith on horseback
Gen. Patrick riding around Richmond
General Post Office : Army of the Potomac.
Gen. McClellan reconnoitring at Mechanicsville
Retreat of Gen. Lee's army, July 13th, 1863, crossing the Potomac above Williamsport, Md.
Col. Bassett French, aid to Gen. Smith of Va., 1864
General Gage. - Henry Bryan Hall
An "Old Soldier," left by Gen. U. S. Grant, at Houseworth's Photographic Studio
D6. Nsebin.
D4. Adana.
Review of 33 Division by Gen. Pershing at Ettelbruck.

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