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The wolf and the mastiff.
The miller, his son, and his ass.
The sun and the wind.
Fables ancient and modern [Title-page].
Washing the blackamoor white.
The fox and the mask.
The shepherd's boy and the wolf.
The good-natured man and the adder.
The fly in the mail-coach.
The grass-green cat.
The waggoner and Hercules.
The fox and the raven.
The fox without a tail.
The fox and the stork.
The bear and the bees.
The grasshopper and the ant.
The lion and other beasts hunting.
The dog and the shadow.
The daw and borrowed feathers.
The belly and the members.
The old man and the bundle of sticks.
The hermit and the bear.
The goose with golden eggs.
The labourer and his sons.
The country-maid and her milk-pail.
The horse-dung and the apples.
The horse and the stag.
Industry and sloth.
The town mouse and the country mouse.
The fox and the grapes.
The wolf and the lamb.
The weasel in the granary.
The travellers and the money-bag.
The mouse, the cock, and the cat.
The mountain in labour.
The poor farmer and the justice.
The mice in council.
The young man and the lion.
The dying eagle.
The ape and her cubs.
The dog and his clog.
The faggot-binder and death.
The hart and the vine.
The travellers and the bear.
Ignoramus and the student.
The ass and the lap-dog.
The murderer and the moon.
The lynx and the mole.
The astrologer in a pit.
The satyr and the traveller.
The lion, the cock and the ass.
The lion and the gad-fly.
The contractor and the cobler.
The dog in the manger.
The stag drinking.
The miser and his treasure.
The lion and the mouse.
The disputed oyster.
The boys and the frogs.
The ass in the lion's skin.
The frog and the ox.
The lion and the man.
The leap in Rhodes.
The cock and the precious stone.
The oak and the reed.
The lark and her young ones.
The two jars.
The crab and her daughter.
The herdsman and Jupiter.
The old woman and her maids.
The cock and the fox.