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Cabin on Milton McCloskey's ranch. Up Animas Valley, Durango, Colo. Sept. 1892, F.E.D.M.; Animas City, 1892, "Up the Valley from Durango"; Milton's Bachelor's Hall at Animas City (before the R.R. built Durango and ruined Animas); Mountain cabin, a few miles from Durango, vacation view, Mabel McCloskey, Downs hidden by armful of flowers, Fan Barbour, Reese McCloskey.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Front Street; Boat hotel in Snake River. Taken at Nome, midnight June 21, 1900; Ships before Nome. There is no harbor, all supplies coming ashore on lighters. 1 to 1½  miles out; Beach and sea.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Looking down Snake River from Nome. Boat hotel; Looking up Snake River; Looking across Snake River to "Spit". Nome this side; Looking east down Snake River, "Spit" on the right.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Transportation, pack horses; Beach scene, dog team. Another method of transportation; Expressman. Frank's camp, distant mountain; Man-power, dog team.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Front Street, after storm, where houses were carried across street by surf; Wrecks in front of Nome; Pumping plant, before and after storm; Frank's camp near windmill.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Esquimaux kids watching bags of flour; Esquimaux skin-boats pushing off from shore; Esquimaux skin-boat. Contrast with ships in distance; Esquimaux skin-boat; Esquimaux kids at play.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Barge "Skookum" beached by Sept. storm. The Skookum carried one and one half million feet of lumber, over six hundred head of livestock, and a lot of passengers, to Nome; In front of Nome, after storm. Skookum in distance. Sept. 1900; Rear of Front Street, Nome after Sept. storm of 1900, the same lighter, on beach, appears in these three pictures (?); Remains of gasolene plant, Sept. 1900.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Torn up by miners; Gasolene plant, made money. Beach before washing; Carrying sand to partner, who is rocking; All the comforts of home.
Mr. Buckingham with Eph's wife, Elsie Downs, and two children, at Sutter, 1900; Uncle Rob's "Oneida" gold mine, Sutter, Cal., 1900; Same mine; Same, Frank descended 2000 feet into this mine.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Wrecks of steamer and dredge building on beach, when crushed together by September storm; After Sept. storm, lumber, boats, small tents, "cold feet"; Remains of a plant after a bout with Bering Sea; This schooner driven ashore, lumber piles, etc.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Dutch Harbor (?), men near boulder, at right; Olympia approaching Nome, the disembarking; Unloading on beach at Nome. Loaded lighter in distance; Crowded to water's edge.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: On the Spit, after storm, smaller wreck protected by larger; This schooner was driven ashore, June 1900. Also smaller boats at right. Note guy ropes to shore, June storm 1900; Lighter washed up by storm. Wrecked lumber pile; tug cast ashore in Sept. storm. The lighter coming in is the only one that outrode gale, being held by anchored steamer, three miles out. About 100 lighters got away.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Cemetery at Nome. Two men digging grave. Found ice at 10 inches below surface; Anvil Rock, from which Anvil Creek was named. The Anvil is perhaps 20 ft. high, 15 ft. wide, 30 ft. long; Near Discovery Claim, looking south-west. Placer Claim, No. 1, Anvil Creek, 6 miles from Nome. Where gold was first discovered. Rich Claim, noted.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Unloading on beach; Unloading on beach; Frank's first camp, with Frank at left of crowd in middle distance. Waiting for supplies. Miner "panning" in front.  Tent, stove, box, etc. Camp going up; "We" & Idaho men.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: The old world from the new; Bering Sea and Siberia, from Nome, Alaska; Across Bering Sea on an especially clear day, Siberia can be faintly seen (once or twice during summer); Effects of storm, "cold feet", going home, boarding of lighter for ship, Sept. 1900; "I'll leave my happy Nome for you".
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Nearest smoke is Frank's camp; Frank's camp, large tent 34 ft. long, "Tired" miner with shovel and pan at company's well, on tundra; Frank's camp; Frank's camp and sluice; Frank's sluice, looking toward sand.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Sod house, edge of tundra near Nome; Plants on beach, long pipe, engine; Wave; Two women miners on beach at Nome, Summer 1900. One in pit shovelling.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Dog team; Dog team; Push-cart for transporting the "ruby sand".  Man "rocking" on beach. Distant Mts, tents; Transportation. Only engine (locomotive) at Nome, Summer, 1900.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Dutch Harbor, taken from old Russian military cemetery looking north to two settlements, one back of hills.  Large flat-bottomed boat being built for Yukon River; Dutch Harbor; Dutch Harbor. Olympia and other ships taking water and supplies. Olympia could not get through ice 600 miles north and had to put back here for water; Dutch Harbor (?) view.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Front Street, Nome.  Parallel with beach and 2 or 3 miles long; Midnight. June 21, 1900. Nome street; Street scene - Front; Nome mud. After the thaw began horses would sink to the body in mud. Shows beginning of plank road, 1900.
Durango, Col., Fall 1900: Frank with Downs McCloskey, Mabel. Third Avenue; Durango, Mabel's sitting room, 1900; Mabel's dining room; Mable in her sitting room, Reese holding Downs.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: For theft of this totem pole the Seattle govt. had to pay over $5000.00 damage to the Natives, totem pole; Seattle looking toward Puget Sound. Land in distance is peninsula between sound and ocean, showing wharf from which Frank sailed on Olympia to Nome - May 23, 1900; Seattle Harbor, as above; Distant boat starting for Nome. Frank's boat, the Olympia, near pier.
Pagosa Hot Springs, 45 ft by 75 ft. Largest boiling springs in world. Steam shows; Tame cinnamon bear enjoys hot water at Pagosa; A ghost; In the plunge at Pagosa, in the dense steam, taken by flashlight, three people (Mabel, Downs, Nettie)
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Reflections in mud, Front St.; Nome street, Front; Temporary barracks; Another view of barracks.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Boat in trough of sea. Olympia's hold; Ice floating in Behring Sea; Iceberg; Deck of Olympia
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Beach torn up by miners, 4 miles from Nome; "One of the patent machines"; Two men who made thousands with their plant; Sluice,"There were others".
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Sluice; Boats and dredge building on beach. Washed away by Sept. storm; Hand machine for washing sand; Esquimaux.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Seattle, looking toward harbor and wharves; Seattle, combination car; Seattle, cable [bob car] for up hill; Seattle, car starting up grade.
Durango, 1900: Downs and Percy. "Cause we love each other so"; Downs and Percy in McCloskey's back yard, sand pile, "Capt. Kidd", a relic, hanging from fence; Pagosa, Colorado, 1900: Near Pagosa Hot Springs, the white is a mineral crust. Below Downs' feet is boiling water. Misty look is steam. Nettie, Reese, Mabel, Downs, Frank.
Tabernacle, Salt Lake City; Temple, Salt Lake City, 1900; Rico, Colorado, Oct 1900; Indians sitting on log, at Fair, Durango, Colorado, Oct. 1900, Frank, Nettie and Buckingham at Durango, Colo., at the park.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Pomeroy, Muzzy, Friedel, Buckingham, Downs.  On the Olympia, Behring Sea. May 1900; Horses on the Olympia; Same old crowd; A wave. Cattle on the Olympia.
Tom Livingstone's Ranch near Frank's farm in Guadaloupe Mts., N.M.; Capt. Shattuck's ranch, top of Guadaloupe; Dark Cañon. New Mexican pebbles, stream runs four miles and then sinks into the earth (over); Guadaloupe Mts., New Mexico, typical rock formation, lime and sandstone bluff near Frank's house on ranch; See same on opposite page.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Esquimaux camp, Buckingham on right, note open mouth near left; Same group, man with fish; Esquimaux woman hustling child so it will not be photographed (superstitious). Fish drying on poles in the rear; Esquimaux camp.
Same. Cabin door, Downs with his flowers, back of tree stump; Stream near cabin coming from a gulch. Downs taking a drink of Adam's Ale. Fan standing, Mabel at right, Reese between; Downs, "Good night"; "Good morning".
Salt Lake City, Brigham Young's house center of picture, on corner of street. Mormon College; Salt Lake City, Brigham Young's house and Eagle Gate (see eagle 2/3 way up picture); "Amelia House", residence of B's favorite wife; Tabernacle and Temple, Salt Lake City.
Inscription on inside cover: Florence E. D. Muzzy, Bristol, Connecticut; Book made 1903-04.
Near entrance to New Mexican cave. Frank is sitting on the stalagmite a little at left. Three figures in view, Frank; N. Mex. rocks in Dark Cañon; Spring Lake and distant ranch. Rheinboldt and "Grover"; Dark Cañon, New Mexico. Stream runs four miles and then sinks into earth, near Frank's farm.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Frank's sluice looking toward sea; Tent and logs, windmill etc. Frank was near here; Interior of camp, looking East toward bunks of Friedel, Muzzy, and Pomeroy; Interior of camp looking West, toward Buckingham and Downs' cots. Frank's home-made bread just from oven, on table.
Dark Cañon stream, New Mexico; N.M. mts., boulder, ranch, horses, man, etc.; Ranch, N.M. top of Gaudaloupe, orchard behind house, cleared spot around. Morgan Livingstone's ranch; The "Rush" ranch, New Mexico, called Geyser Springs Ranch. Irrigation ditch.
Photographs from Frank Teeter, Durango, Colorado: Ranch, New Mexico; Mines near Cumberland Peak, S.W. Colorado. Where F.E.D.M., Marguerite, Adrienne, in care of Reese and Mabel, spent night at miner's cabin, Aug. 1892. Climbed peak next day, nearly as high as Pike's Peak. Mr. Teeter supt. of mines, presented this group of pictures, marked T., same place above; To the gold diggings.
Frank wishes he was on the other side, Geyser Springs; Marooned, in the mountains; Happy Frank in the Guadaloupe Mountains; Treasure seeking.
Geyser Springs Ranch, Stanley, hound, Miss Rush (Lucy); Dolph Shattuck and his pony in the backyard of Downs' ranch, Dark Cañon Farm, Guadaloupe Mts., New Mex.; At the McLenathen's home, New Mex. Tom McL. on horse, Rob Love at head, Mrs. McLenathen on right, "Marie" on steps; At Geyser Springs - Miss Rush, Mrs. Rush, waterwheel, firing from hammock, New Mexico 1898.
Views, near Eddy, now Carlsbad, New Mexico: The "Rush children" at ranch, dog in front, fowl in distance; Rush family, younger members; "A thorn" etc. Frank in clover, at the Rush ranch, New Mexico; Lucy and Evelyn Rush at home; Part of camping party in N.M., at the ranch, Frank was one of the crowd.
"Moving" street scene; Patio of "Grand Hotel of the Cave", two dogs, interior court of hotel at Sante Rosalia, Mexico, dining room sign; After the ball, 6 a.m., hotel at Santa Rosalia, Mex.; Types, Mexican family and home near Eddy, N.M., note house drappery and "baby buggy", 1898.
Oklahoma Ranch, the Barret's; Oklahoma; Group at the Oklahoma Ranch of Henry Frass; Oklahoma school, 1898, stove, two back rows, or more, with desk. Front, only benches.
A quiet hour; High lights, Geyser Spring Falls; Mrs. Riddick with Peggy and Patsy, wading at Geyser Springs, 1898, "don't go near the water"; Same, the happiest days in life.
Kinney, 1899: Shore of Mount Desert, Atlantic Ocean; Shore of Mt. Desert, F.E.D.M. as Robinson Crusoe, Cathedral Rocks, Islesford lies a few miles away; Day's trip on steamer from Islesford.
Two pages sent by Mrs. Sara T. Kinney from New Haven, after her trip in Holland, and to the Paris Exposition, 1900: Canal, Leiden, Germany; Vineyards opposite Bingen on the Rhine; From Delft to Rotterdam; The wood at the Haag; Scheveningen, Holland.
Dr. Rand and pups, at Higgins, Texas. Saloon in distance with cowboy and pony; Angoras, Schermayer and goats "at home"; Mexican hut at R.R. station on Tampico branch, Mexican Central; From car window, New Mexico. The International R.R.
"Capt. Shad", (hired girl), kids, (Mrs. Thayer Thayer), (Texans in New Mexico, table, organ in corner behind drapery, bed); Same family; Texan types; Oklahoma Ranch, log cabin with grass growing on roof.
Geyser Springs Ranch; Reflections, headwaters of Geyser Springs; Scrubby foot-hill and rocks; Palms in the tropics (upside down), Raton Mts. Mex.
Texas family in Guadaloupe Mts., N.M.; Kid's parent, ornaments to veranda, kid, Oklahoma; Clara Barret, at the Oklahoma Ranch with her dog and cat; Clara Barret among the morning glories, Oklahoma.
Dick and Sims; Cattle, Oklahoma; Blue Springs, a typical New Mexico spring, 25 or 30 ft across, and a river from the start; Ranch cattle, New Mexico; At Geyser Springs; Method of yoking oxen.
Santiago, Mexico. Mexicans bathing and washing clothes in river; Cattle feeding, Oklahoma; Rush parlor, Lucy F. Rush at piano, Mrs. Rush, Stanley R.; Fred Schermayer at "headwaters" where Dark Cañon stream rises. Schermayer's ranch.
We three" Mules, Kit and Pete. Downs ranch, Guadaloupe Mts., New Mexico; Horses ridden and driven by Frank Downs in Guadaloupe Mts., New Mexico for many years. And others, Pete, Don, Star, Kit; Horses in corral at Frank's farm. House and stone chimney at top left; Rush boy (Stanley), burros, note size, as compared with boy, Geyser Spring Ranch.
Not idolatry, just taking a drink from Geyser Spring; Stone building, doors on right; Camp in McKittrick Cañon.
[Photographs from Frank Teeter, Durango, Colorado]: The courting. The girl is called a "Cyotta"; Cherubs; "Poe-wan-ne-missie"; Matador's thrust of sword, killing the bull. From Frank Downs.
Dark Cañon; "German Carp" in Rheinboldt's Lake, thousands of fish in solid mass, from surface to bottom, swimming at end and side of boat; "A thorn" etc.; Geyser Springs Ranch.
Band of beggar musicians, Mexico; Near cars, Mex. Cent. R.R.; Mexico; Ancient Mexican bridge.
A halt, "Star" and "Don" dining at Blue Spring; Cactus century plant. Rush girls and pet "Tom", Geyser Springs Ranch; Geyser Springs, Edgar Knowles, Miss Lucy Rush in riding habit, Stanley Rush on horseback; Miss Rush, French coach horse.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Bergs; Bergs; Dutch Harbor, Aleutian Islands, Wake of ship leaving harbor; Bergs.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Frank's camp; "Gopher" beach - beach washed rough by miners; Cemetery near Nome. See cross on horizon. Ice 10 inches below surface in summer; Sod houses near edge of tundra.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: One armed miner pumping while others carry sand and throw into machine. Before Sept. storm; Long wave on smooth sand; Plant on rails to draw up sand from the sea; Three miles from Nome.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Looking across Snake River to Anvil Mts.; "In line" at temporary post office waiting for the mail. The trench at right holds wooden pipe being laid (1900) for Nome waterworks; Street in Nome. Dog team; Front Street, Nome. "Lawyer Green" and office in foreground. "Freshly picked bananas". Small boy.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Discovery Claim, Anvil Mt. in distance; Tundra, Lake on tundra. Taken from beach, 4 miles from Nome; One method of transportation. Buckingham starting on a a prospecting tour; Large machine on wheels, destroyed by storm. Dredging plant, goods covered by tent-cloth. Tents. Another method of transportation, this plant cost $50,000, cleaned up 24[?]
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Hospital, church; Beach swept clean. The great storm - Sept. 12, 1900. A wave striking Frank's tent on the beach tipped it over, sending stove and everything across floor. Being partly prepared, they carried (between the highest waves) tent and all, up on to the tundra. After the storm, Buckingham and Pomeroy putting up temporary tent for Pomeroy to live in. Others were going by first boat. Remains of Frank's plant at extreme left; Remains of Frank's plant. All but Buckingham in picture. Trying to get the suction pipe. Engine and pump in foreground. 1600 - boiler gone out into Bering Sea; The Sequoia, Puget Sound, Came ashore in September storm - upright, with all sails set. Cannot be floated, with profit.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: "So say we all" Taking lighter for return boat, the Ohio; Likewise; Horses on lighter, returning to ship; In "God's Country" once more.
Head of Sacremento River, California, R.R. on right; The "Shasta Water Company" 1900. Falls at Mt. Shasta, California, spring house on right; At home of R.C. Downs, Sutter Creek, California, Oct. 1900, Uncle Rob a "forty-niner"; Buckingham, Fred, Aunt Gertrude, Uncle Rob, Eph., Elsie, Frank.
Downs and Percy Rider, Durango, 1900: Downs McCloskey, Fall of 1900; Percy is Downs' most intimate friend, Going to Sunday school; After Sunday school: Downs and Percy; Downs and Percy.
Pagosa, from distance. Colorado, Fall of 1900; Pagosa, bath houses etc., Downs; Pagosa, Downs; Frank and Nettie at Pagosa, Colorado, 1900, Fall.
Georgia; Blue Spring, near the "W.T." Ranch, Black River, New Mexico. Typical New Mexican spring that gushes out a river from start; Corral near ranch (Frank's) In rock cave of water formation, New Mexico, Rocky Arroya; Dark Cañon, near Frank's ranch, N.M. Horsemen at foot of cliff. Typical southwestern rock formation, lime and sandstone.
Camping party on the road, New Mexico, Guadaloupe Mts.; The "Wayside Inn", camping party; Same party; Same, the living spring.
Same, at Geyser Spring Falls, 1898. Lucy, Eva, Peggy, Patsy, Mrs. Riddick. Person perched on rock (Stanley); Same party, walking a plank, exploring, flower gathering; Same, Frank is in it again; Frank is modest. Camping party in Guadaloupe Mts., after ferns.
Corral at Barret's, Oklahoma, Frank, lasso!; Cow-boy; Bucking horse and cow-boy; Taking it easy, looking backward, cattle in corral, cattlemen, Oklahoma.
Station scene on Mexican Central R.R., about 40 miles from Tampico. River in background is navigable for six hundred miles; In the tropics, near Tampico, Mexico; Mexican courtyards: Dogs, people near and far; Same; Palms, people, paths, etc. Patio or inner courtyard in Govt. Art Museum, City of Mexico.
Suburbs of Monterey, Mexico: Maguey plant. The maguey plant is that from which the Mexicans get their national drink, mescal and pulque (whiskey and beer); Mexican home. Cactus fence about 20 feet high grown around enclosure. When ready to give sap the maguey is about six feet tall; Weaving; The fibre of the maguey is worked into rope strands and cloth. Cliff dwellers used the same fibre. Spinning the thread.
Shore residence near lighthouse on the Gulf of Mexico near Tampico. Coconut palms, etc., cars; Suburbs of Tampico, about six miles from the Gulf of Mexico. At a R.R. station (?) on Tampico branch of Mexican Central (?), palms, enclosed huts; Thatch roof, store! Near station Mexican Central R.R., the ladies; Pond in park.
Mules packing timbers, City of Mexico; Burros packing bundles of hay. National Palace in background, City of Mexico; San Luis Potosi, Mexico, 1898. Second class street car, first class street car; Cathedral in City of Mexico, over 400 years old.
Hotel at Santa Rosalia, Mex., "Grand Hotel of the Cave" (see the picture "After the ball"); Birdseye view of hotel at Santa Rosalia, Mexico, showing central courtyard; The "Hot Springs Nine" playing with women's baseball team; Querétaro, where Maximilian was executed. Taken from top of Govt. building where he was tried and sentenced.
Plaza and cathedral, Monterery, Mexico. Mountains showing "hog-backs" palms, walks, seats, street lamps, etc.; Market place, Tampico, New Mexico; "Imperial" bathhouse; Army and Navy hospital, Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Hotel Eastman at Hot Springs, Ark. Contains over 500 rooms; Maurice bath house, sign on dome. Stone bandstand in the distance. Entrance to the Govt. Reservations, Hot Springs, Ark.; Main St., Hot Springs, from the observatory of Hotel Arlington. Bath House Row at left. The Hill, back of Row contains about 70 hot springs; Alleged "divine healer" on a train through Kansas, 1897.
Dick and Frank at Hot Springs, Arkansas, Army and Navy hospital. 1898; Government bandstand of stone on the hill, Dick Smith, Frank Downs, 1898, at Hot Springs, Arkansas; Bird's eye view of Geyser Springs Ranch; Wardman's residence, near McLenethan's, at La Huerta Eddy, N.M.
Res. of C.H. McLenethan; Residence of C.H. McLenathen, at Eddy (now Carlsbad) New Mexico. Note young trees; Spring Lake at Rheinboldt's ranch, Eddy, N.M.; Dwight and Lucretia Downes, Eddy, N.M., at home; Shattuck(?)
F.E.D.M.'s cattle! on Dick Smith's ranch, Oklahoma; Near farm, Dark Cañon, New Mexico.
Eva and Lucy Rush at Geyser Spring's Ranch; A "holdup" at Geyser Spring's Ranch; Mrs. McLenathen, Tom, Mr. C.H. McLenathen, Mrs. Roberts, Judge Roberts, at Eddy, New Mexico; Frank and his Mexican "boutonniere",  one stalk.
Photographs from Frank Teeter, Durango, Colorado:Caves; Caves.
Photographs from Frank Teeter, Durango, Colorado: Beginning on preceeding page the photos are taken from Frank Teeter, Durango, Colorado: Rocks and caves; Ready for a trip; Ruined pueblo.
Photographs from Frank Teeter, Durango, Colorado: "Ania-bi" from afar; The chief's home; A home; A street in "Ariabi".
Photographs from Frank Teeter, Durango, Colorado: "Tow-wiman" a favorite pupil; The mission school, at home; The chief's son and daughter.
Views at Ilesford near Maine. Taken by Mrs. Sara T. Kinney. Summer 1900: Mrs. Kinney at Islesford, Maine; A lighthouse, Florence E.D. Muzzy, Ilsesford; The town from tower of Hotel Islesford, Islesford; Double exposure of plate by Mrs. Kinney and F.E.D.M. alternately. Mrs. Kinney reclining as in above picture. Ghosts.
Kinney 1899: Islesford from hotel tower with Mount Desert in distance; Shore at Islesford, point of Great Cranberry Is., Mt. Desert afar, Seal harbor showing; Shore at Islesford, Gt. Cranberry Is & Mt. Desert, sailboat entering Harbor. Wharf is behind evergreens, stony beach.
Kinney 1899: The only pegasus. Party leaving station for Hotel Islesford [by F.E.D.M.]; Adrienne, F.E.D.M., (Gertrude Pierce), Mrs. Freeman; At Islesford, Gertrude, Adrienne; Prof. Cary, A.J.M., Freeman, Adrienne, Gertrude.
Taken by Mrs. Kinney, 1899: Through the pine border of Islesford; Islesford, abandoned. Great Cranberry Island across harbor; Islesford, looking toward wharf and Mount Desert, Maine coast; From Hotel Islesford, looking toward pine border and the sea.
Two pages sent by Mrs. Sara T. Kinney from New Haven, after her trip in Holland, and to the Paris Exposition, 1900: Mrs. Kinney at Roman ruins, Trave, Germany; Base of Nat. Monument, Rudesheim, Rhine; A state regent caught napping, Nantucket; A woman of Marken Island, Holland, Aug 15, 1900; From a canal boat, Holland; Orwell cottage, summer home of Mrs. Kinney's friend, Scotch friend Agnes Smith, where Geo. McDonald visits.