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foote mary hallock 1847 1938 illustrator

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"Free Seats"
Slavery in South Carolina and the ex-slaves, title page
Walking away from plantation house
Freed slave escorting her children to school.
Sitting outhouse looking forlorn
Belongings seized while under restraint
Woman weeping as man goes away
Public whipping - their fate equal sodom's
In the field where sugar cane grows
Black Mother being separated from her baby
Carrying bushels of corn
A black family being separated
A South Carolina minister and his slave running along his horse and buggy
Massah's hatred - seperation of families
Slavery in South Carolina and the ex-slaves
Whipping a restrained slave
Attempted escape
A white man whipping a black man tied to the trunk of a tree
Seize him! Seize him!
A white man threatening a black man with a bottle
I take care of um," said Peter
A black man being physically restrained and whipped by two white men on horseback
A black woman pleading for the return of her two small children
A black man with chains surrounded by two white men
A black man being tortured with whips by white men