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erie county

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Map of the county of Erie
"Classified Business Directory of Erie County, New York (City of Buffalo)"
Erie County
"Classified Business Directory of Erie County, New York (City of Buffalo)"
"Classified Business Directory of Erie County, New York (City of Buffalo)"
"Classified Business Directory of Erie County, New York (City of Buffalo)"
"Classified Business Directory of Erie County, New York (City of Buffalo)"
Cheektowaga [Township]
West Falls [Village]; Spring Brook [Village]; Griffins Mills [Village]; West Falls Business Directory.; Griffins Mills Business Directory.; Willink Business Directory.; Willink [Township]
Clarence Center [Village]; Clarence Center Business Directory.; Clarence Hollow [Village]; Clarence Hollow Business Directory.; Getzville [Village]; Gowanda Business Directory.; Gowanda [Village]
Clarence [Township]
Mill Grove [Village]; Mill Grove Business Directory; Mill Port Business Directory; Mill Port [Village]; Snyderville Business Directory; Snyderville [Village]; Town Line Business Directory; Town Line [Village]; Farnham Station Business Directory; Farnham Station [Village]; Lower Ebenezer Business Directory; Lower Ebenezer [Village]
Map of Erie County
Eden Valley [Village]; Eden Valley Business Directory.; East Eden Business Directory.; East Eden [Village]; Eden [Township]
North Boston [Village]; Boston [Village]; Boston Business Directory.; East Aurora Business Directory.; Boston Center [Village]; North Boston Business Directory.; Boston Center Business Directory.; Glenwood Business Directory.; Glenwood [Village]; East Aurora [Village]
"Acres of Land, Population, Dwellings, Families, Live Stock, Agricultural Products, and Domestic Manufactures of Erie County.; Post Offices in Erie County, New York.; Table Showing Number of Miles of Public Road in Each Township."
Marilla [Village]; Marilla Business Directory; Marilla [Township]
Tonawanda [Township]
Table of Distances
Akron [Village]; Akron Business Directory; Sardinia Business Directory; Kerr's Corners Business Directory; Kerrs Cor's [Village]; Transit Business Directory; Transit Amherst P.O.; Sardinia [Village]
Newstead [Township]
Sardinia [Township]
Colden [Village]; Colden [Township]; Colden Business Directory.
Buffalo Business Directory. [cont.]
North Evans [Village]; North Evans Business Directory; Evans Business Directory.; Clarksburgh [Village]; Evans [Village]; East Hamburgh Business Directory.; Clarksburgh Business Directory.; East Hamburgh [Village]; Angola Business Directory; Angola [Village]
Pontlac [Village]; Pontlac Business Directory.; Eden [Village]; Eden Business Directory.; Whites Corners Business Directory. Whites Corners [Village]
Elma [Village]; Upper Ebenezer [Village]; Elma [Township]; Elma Business Directory.; Upper Ebenezer Business Directory.
North Collins [Township]
Brant [Township]
Evans [Township]
"Aurora Woolen Mills, Torry & Bartlett Bro's."
Wales Center [Village]; Wales Center Business Directory; South Wales [Village]; South Wales Business Directory; Wales [Township]; Wales Business Directory; Wales [Village]
Springville [Village]; Springville Business Directory.
Tonawanda [Village]; Tonawanda Business Directory
Grand Island [Township]; Grand Island Business Directory.
Buffalo Business Directory.
Lancaster [Village]; Lancaster Business Directory
Buffalo Business Directory. [cont.]
Middle Ebenezer [Village]; Middle Ebenezer Business Directory; West Seneca [Township]
Collins Center [Village]; Collins Center Business Directory.; Collins [Township]
Map of a Part of the City of Buffalo. Showing the Location of the Principal Public Buildings.
Protection [Village]; Protection Business Directory.; Holland [Village]; Holland [Township]; Holland Business Directory.
Concord [Township]
Boston [Township]
Shirley [Village]; Shirley Business Directory.; New Oregon [Village]; New Oregon Business Directory.; Egertsville [Village]; Egertsville Business Directory.; Looneyville [Village]; Looneyville Business Directory.; Brant Center [Village]; Brant Center Business Directory.; Crittenden [Village]; Crittenden Business Directory.; Langford P.O. [Village]; Langford P.O. Business Directory.
City of Buffalo [Township]
Bowmansville [Village]; Lancaster [Township];
Abbotts Corners [Village]; Abbotts Corners Business Directory.; Water Valley [Village]; Water Valley Business Directory.; Hamburgh [Township]
New Topographical Atlas of Erie Co., New York
Amherst [Township]
Williamsville [Village]; Williamsville Business Directory.
Alden [Village]; Alden [Township]; West Alden [Village]; Alden Business Directory. Alden Center [Village]; Alden Center Business Directory.; West Alden Business Directory.
Erected bt Rev. Francis S. Uhrich, 1862. ; St. Francis Roman Catholic Church, Adams Street, Tonawanda, Erie County, N.Y. ; Aloysius A. Bachmann, Rector. 1879.
City and Town Histories. [cont.]
City and Town Histories. [cont.]
City of Buffalo
Providence Lunatic Asylum, Sisters of Charity, Cor. Of Main St. Humbolt Park, Buffalo, N.Y.
View from Falconwood ; Entrance from Falconwood ; View from Piazza ; "River Lawn".
Plan of the State of New York.
Town Histories. [cont.]
Windemere", Residence of R. M. Choaye, Abbott road, Buffalo, N.Y. ;Buffalo Park Parade House, Louis A. Buehl, Proprietor, Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Also Hot and Cold Lunch Will be Served Promptly at all Hours. ; Buffalo Hospital, Sister of Charity, Main Street, Buffalo. ; "Edgewood", Residence of Dr. D. B. Wiggins, West Senea, N.Y.
Town Histories. [cont.]
Table of Air-Line Distances for Erie County, N.Y.
Town Histories. [cont.]
City and Town Histories. [cont.]
City and Town Histories. [cont.]; Town Histories.
Map of Erie County New York
Tonanda [Township]
Bishop's House. ; St. Joseph's Cathedral, Buffalo, N.Y.
History of Erie County, New York. [cont.]
Ervin H. Ewell. ; Residence of J. C. Greene, M. D., cor. Elm and Swan Streets, Buffalo, N.Y.
Town Histories. [cont.]
Town Histories. [cont.]
Bishop Ryan.
Yeoman's Hotel, East Aurora, N.Y. ; "Niagara View"
The United States of America
The Great cash one price andd low price house of Barnes Bancroft & Co. 260 to 268 Main Street, Buffalo, Iron front.
History of Erie County, New York. [cont.]
Town Histories. [cont.]
Grand Island [Township]; South Buffalo [Village]; Buffalo Plains [Village]
City and Town Histories. [cont.]
Table of Contents. ; Maps. ; Illustrations.
Town Histories. [cont.]
History of Erie County, New York.
Residence of Capt. B.K. Buxton, Town of Hamburg; Braley K. Buxton. ; Geo. M. Pierce. ; Mrs. Geo. M. Pierce ; Residence of George M. Pierce, Pierce Ave, Hamburg, N.Y. ; Homestead of Maurice Osborn "Degeased" Town of Hamburg, N.Y., Built 1841, Sketched 1879; Maurice Osborn, Mrs.Laura Osborn
Res. of Dr. David Drysdale, Abbott's Corners, Erie Co., N.Y. ; Custom & Flouring Mills, Hamburg, N.Y., Isaac Long, Propr. Sketched 1879; Res. of Mr.Isaac. ; Residence of L. A. Banks, near Abbott Road Station, Town of Hamburg, N.Y. ; Residence and Meat Market of Andrew Stein, Hamburg, N.Y.
Residence of Mrs. A. K. Dart, Hamburg. ; Residence of S. H. Allen East Elma, N.Y. Residence of E. S. Allen. ; Farmers' Hotel Hamburg, N.Y. Grocery and Provision Store. John Kloepfer, Proprietor. ; O'Brian's Hotel, Big Tree, Town of Hamburg, N.Y.
Factory and Electrotype Foundry ; First Residence 1857; St. Joseph's Asylum, St. John's Protectory West Seneca, N.Y., St. Patrick's Church. , Factory
Colden [Township]
Boston [Township]
Williamsville [Village]
East Part of Lancaster [Village]
Illustrated historical atlas of Erie Co., New York from actual surveys and records.
Gardenville [Village]; New Ebenezer [Village]
Res. of David C. Oatman, Angola, N.Y., County Clerk of Erie Co. ; Res. of James J. Ayer, Evans Centre, Erie Co., N.Y. ; Residence of Mrs. John Bedford, West Seneca. ; David C. Oatman, Angola, N.Y. Manufacturer of Clothing, Dealer in Dry Goods Groceries and General Merchandise also shipper of produce ; Res. of John Slada, Esq. Evans Tp. Erie Co., N.Y. ; Res. of M. G. Ingersoll, Evans Centre Erie Co., N.Y.
Erie County Business and Personal Notices.
West Falls [Village]; East Hamburg [Village]
Residence of Hon. Burt Chaffee, Springville, N.Y. ; Residence of E. D. Bement No.55 Main St. Springville N.Y. ; Residence of Mr. S. Blood, Marilla, N.Y. ; Furnture Flour & Feed, Store., Residence of Mr. A. W. Gould, Dry Goods and Grocery Store. ; Philip D. Riley; Residence of Mr. Philip D. Riley, Holland, N.Y.

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