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Pascaerte van Nova Hispania, Chili, Peru, en Gvatimala.
A plan of part of the provinces of Pennsylvania, and East & West New Jersey : showing the operations of the Royal Army under the command of their Excellencies Sir Willm. Howe, & Sir Henry Clinton, Kts. B. from the landing at Elk River in 1777, to the embarkation at Navisink in 1778
A map of the country from Rariton River in East Jersey to Elk Head in Maryland : shewing the several operations of the American and British armies, in 1776 & 1777
East York militia.
Springfield O. from the N. East.
East front of the House of the Dwarf.
Funeral of Col. Ellsworth, East Room, White House, Washigton, D.C., 10[:00] a.m.; 25 May ['61]
Summer house East from 8th Ave. August 28, 1862.
Plate 32: Town of East Chester, Westchester Co. N.Y.
Plate 70: Patterson, Town of Patterson & Brewesters Station, Town of South East, Putnam Co. N.Y.
Plate 67: Cold Spring - Nelsonville - Mill Town - South East Centre - Towners Station.
Frank E. Downs. Trip to Nome, Alaska, May to Sept. 1900: Frank's sluice looking toward sea; Tent and logs, windmill etc. Frank was near here; Interior of camp, looking East toward bunks of Friedel, Muzzy, and Pomeroy; Interior of camp looking West, toward Buckingham and Downs' cots. Frank's home-made bread just from oven, on table.
No. 12 East 87th Street. At Fifth Avenue.
The Fullerton Apartments. No. 116 East Fifty-eighth Street.
No. 144 East Fortieth Street. Near Lexington Avenue.
No. 59 O.T. Luis & Co., East 13th St.- Manhattan Hair Works - East 14th St.
No. 23 Daniel E. Sickles- No. 41 Miss M.L. Kennedy, East 10th St.
[No. 1 Wm. Butler Duncan, East 7th St. - No. 19 Dr. E.L. Partridge, East 8th St.]
[Metropolitan Tower - Madison Square Garden - Brunzwick Building, East 26th St.]
No. 99 Cohen Bros. & Co. - Bamberg & Risser - Lord & Taylor, East 19th St.
No. 49 John Dallert, East 12th St.-No. 61 Wernz & Koehne, East 13th St.
East 14th St. No. 90, Ed. Pinaud - Peerless Film Ex. Naething's Restaurant -West 18th St.
No. 155 Chas. Scribner's Sons, publishers - O.J. Dude Co. - Flatiron Building - East 23rd St.
No. 3 East 85th Street. Overlooking Central Park.
No. 103 East 75th Street. Near Park Avenue.
No. 118 East Fifty-fourth Street. Near Park Avenue.
Kensico reservoir. View from Upper West pavilion showing completed East pavilion, Terrace wall and  paving, Lower pavilions, main pool and driveways.Contract 9.  January 4, 1917.
Ashokan reservoir. Dividing weir with foundation piers for Ashokan bridge. West basin and Winchell hill at right and Discharge channel to East basin at left. Contract 3. October 26, 1914.
Hudson pressure tunnel. View looking east across Hudson river towards Breakneck mountain with plant at East test-shaft at base of mountain. Contract 90. May 28, 1909.
Ashokan Reservoir. View of Glenford dike showing relocated Ulster and  Delaware railroad and water in East basin of reservoir. Contract 60. June 25, 1916.
Organization. Hudson pressure tunnel. Mayor William J. Gaynor firing blast to connect East and West headings. In group, left to right, are Consulting Engineer John R. Freeman, Commissioner Charles Strauss, Chief Engineer J. Waldo Smith, Mayor Willian J. Gaynor and Commissioner John F. Galvin. Contract 90. January 30, 1912.
Ashokan Reservoir. View of old town of West Hurley, included in territory taken for the East basin of Ashokan resevoir. December 7, 1906.
Hill View reservoir. Placing 6-inch concrete lining on reservoir bottom of East basin. ... Contract 30. June 25, 1914.
Ashokan Reservoir. Uppper gate-chamber from East Inlet channel. Upper and Lower pressure aqueducts for drawing water from reservoir under Dividing Weir dike; 60-inch gate -valves in place. Contract 3. June 15, 1911.
Kensico reservoir.  East pylon, fountain and cascade basin, showing architectural details. Note arrangement of granite facing. Contract 9. September 20, 1917.
Gas tank and Queensboro Bridge, East 62nd Street & York Avenue, Manhattan.
Oldest apartment house in New York City, 142 East 18th Street, Manhattan.
Firehouse, Park Avenue and East 135th Street, Manhattan.
A chart of the Eems of Old West Eems and East Eems; A chart of the FLIE and part of Ameland gat
A chart of LYF LAND and East Fynland between Der Winda and Revel with Islands of Aland
Habit of an East Indian in [sic] Habitant des Indes Orientales.
Habit of a woman of East India in 1581. Femme des Indes Orientales.
Bronx, Topographical Map Sheet 11; [Map bounded by Union Ave., Tinton Ave., Westchester Ave., Eacle Ave., St. Ann's Ave., Rae St., Cerman PL., Brook Ave., Bercen Ave., 3rd Ave.; Including 153rd St., Rail Road Ave. East, Sheridan Ave., Mott Ave., Walton Ave., Cerard Ave., River Ave., Sedcwick Ave., Bremer Ave.]
Kings County Business Notices. [East New York - Flatlands.]
Flatbush, Kings Co. L.I. - East Astoria, part of Long Island City, Queens Co.
Maspeth. Town of Newtown, Queens Co. - East Williamsburgh. Town of Newtown, Queens Co. L.I. - Woodside. Tn. of Newtown, Queens Co.
Portion of East New York. New Lots Tn. Kings Co. L.I. [Jamaica Plank Road to Liberty Avenue, Eldert Avenue to Eldert Lane.]
Oyster Bay, Queens Co. - Lattingtown, Town of Oyster Bay. - East Norwich, Town of Oyster Bay. - Oyster Bay Harbor, Town of Oyster Bay.
Portion of East New York. New Lots Tn., Kings Co. L.I.
Map of the U. S. and Territories…North East.
The  Mannados, No. 17 East  Ninety-seventh Street, northwest corner Madison Avenue; Plan of first floor; Plan of upper floors.
The Nottingham, 33-35-37 East 30th Street; Plan of first floor; Plan of upper floors.
No. 40 East 62D Street. Between Park and Madison Avenues.
No. 104 East Fortieth Street. At Park Avenue.
No. 728 Chas. M. Morse - Mrs. C.P. Huntington - Mrs. Herman Oelrichs - No. 743 S.R. Guggenheim -  East 58th St.
No. 991 Daniel C. clark - no. 993 Louis Stern - East 81st St. - No. 1009 James B. Duke
East 43rd St. - Temple Emanu-el - Harriman National Bank - East 44th St. - Delmonico's.
No. 811 Frances Loring - Mrs Frederock Baker - East 63rd St. - No. 826 Henry M. Brooks
No. 874 Mrs. C.F. Stickney - Mrs Harriman - Mrs. Adolph Lewisohn - No. 883 Mrs. John Sloane - Lenox Library, East 70th St.
No. 972 Payne Whitney - Isaac D. fletcher - East 79th St. - Isaac Broakaw - No. 986 W.J. Curtis - 80 N.E. Cor.
No. 507 Mrs. C.H. Gardner - East 49th St. - Belgravia Apartments - No. 621 Buckingham Hotel - St. Patrick's Cathedral.
No. 1053 George Leary - Chas. P. Pevin - Henry Phipps - No. 1069 Mrs. J. B. Reynolds - East 88th St.
East 38th St. - Hardman Piano Co. - Benson & Hedges, tobacconists - Union League Club.
East 66th St. - Mrs. H.O. Havemeyer - Mrs.B. Thaw - Geo. J. Gould - No. 858 Thos F. Ryan
St. Patrick Cathedral - East 51st St. - Union Club - No. 647 Robert Goelet
[No. 391 C.G.Gunther & sons, Furriers - Tiffany & Co. jewellers - William Schaus, art dealer - East 38th St.]
East 90th St. - Andrew Carnegie's Residence - East 91st St.
[East 35th St. - Costikyan & Co, rugs - Chas. C. Kurzman, millinery - No. 391 C. G. Gunther & Son, Furs.]
East 58th St. - Plaza Bank - Ramsdell Drug & Co. - Hotel Savoy - Netherland Hotel
Theoline, Pier 11, East River, Manhattan.
Tugboats, Pier 11, East River, Manhattan.
Sutton Place: Ann Morgan's Town House on Corner, northeast corner of East 57th Street, Manhattan.
Theoline, Pier 11 or 12, East River, Manhattan.
Doorway: Tredwell House, 29 East 4th Street, Manhattan.
Bronx: Fordham Road (East) - Kingsbridge Road (East)
A new map o East Indies, taken from Mr. de Fer's Map of Asia, shewing their chief divisions, cities, towns, ports, rivers, mountains &c.
A new mapp of East and West New Jarsey. nautical chart
East Haddam, Boston Committee of Correspondence Records
Orient, Town of Southold. - East Marion, Town of Southold, Suffolk Co. - New Suffolk, Town of Southold, Suffolk Co. - Village adjoining Southold, New Suffolk, Tn. of Southold, Suffolk Co.
Yaphank, Tn. of Brookhaven. - Brookhaven, Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk Co. - Millers Place, Tn. of Brookhaven, Suffolk Co. - East Patchogue, Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk Co.
Centre Moriches, Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk Co. - East Point, Town of Brookhaven & Southampton, Suffolk Co. - Blue Point, Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk Co.
Bellport, Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk Co. - East Moriches, Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk Co. - Moriches, Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk Co. - Manorville, Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk Co.
Suffolk County Business Notices. [Southampton - Shelter Island - Southold Town - Southold - Patchogue - Sag Harbor - East Hampton.]
Setauket, East Setauket, Tn. of Brookhaven, Suffolk Co. - Mount Sinai, Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk Co. - Lakeland, Town of Islip, Suffolk Co.
East Hampton, Suffolk Co. L.I.
Plate 23: [Bounded by E. 110th Street, (East River) First Avenue, E. 98th Street and Fifth Avenue.]
Plate 6: [Bounded by Rutgers Slips, Cherry Street, Jefferson Street, Monroe Street, Clinton Street, Avenue B, Fourth Street, Tompkins Street, Rivington Street, East Street, Water Street, Corlears Street and (East River) South Street.]
Plate 7: [Bounded by Avenue B, E. 14th Street, Avenue A, E. 23rd Street, (East River) Avenue D, E. 8th Street, Lewis Street and E. 4th Street.]
Plate 34: [Bounded by 156th (Melrose) Street, Port Morris Branch Railroad, Long Island Sound, East River and Harlem River.]
Plate 24: [Bounded by E. 120th Street, Madison Avenue, E. 122th Street, (East River) Pleasant Avenue, E. 110th Street and Fifth Avenue.]
Plate 19: [Bounded by W. 59th Street, Fifth Avenue, E. 62nd Street, (East River) Avenue A, E. 50th Street, W. 50th Street and Sixth Avenue.]
Plate 22: [Bounded by E. 98th Street, (East River) Avenue B, E. 86th Street and Fifth Avenue.]
Plate 20: [Bounded by E. 74th Street, (East River) Avenue B, E. 62nd Street and Fifth Avenue.]
Plate 21: [Bounded by E. 86th Street, (East River) Avenue B, E. 74th Street and Fifth Avenue.]
Plate 41: [Central Park bounded by Eight Avenue, 110th Street, Fifth Avenue and 59th Street; Blackwells Island bounded by West Channel and East Channel.]
Plate 5: [Bounded by Bowery, Rivington Street, Clinton Street, Monroe Street, Jefferson Street, Cherry Street, Rutgers Slip, (East River) South Street, James Slip and New Chambers Street.]
Plate 2: [Bounded by Broadway, New Chambers Street, James Slip, (East River) South Street and (Battery) State Street.]
The Buffs. East Kent. Cigarette Card
Plate 4: [Bounded by Cromwell Ave., E. 150th St., River Ave., E. 149th St., Gerard Ave., E. 144th St., Morris Ave., E. 154th St. Railroad Ave. East, E. 153rd St., Railroad Ave. West, and Sedgwick Ave.]
The King, 56-58-60 East 87th Street; Plan of first floor; Plan of upper floors.

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